Angry screams of defiance echoed through the stone walls. Struggling could be heard as well. He knew what was going to happen, as did everyone else around him, and he wasn't about to go down without a fight. Yet all his efforts were hopeless. He was no match for the guards and, even if he was, he had no where to go. Hyrule had become a death trap; monsters ravaged the fields leaving citizens with no means of transportation, the "trained" knights were clearly not prepared, law enforcement had pretty much fallen apart and who even knew what was going on in the capital above. No one could escape this chaos except the dead. To some of his fellow prisoners, this guy was lucky.

The prison was nothing more than a dark corridor beneath the palace with cells on either side. Only two torches illuminated its dreary existence; one by the door and one on the opposite end. It was mostly empty thanks to the number of executions lately and the fact that everyone was too focused on other things to even care.

In one of the cells sits a girl, no more than sixteen. As the door slams shut and the final echoes dissipate into silence, she shivers. Not from the fear, but from a sudden wave of coolness. The rags she uses as clothing don't work well for keeping her warm. She couldn't remember the prison ever being this cold before, even being underground. It was as if someone had blocked out the sun.

She sighed, thinking of the new fatality and wondering when her turn would come. She had certainly been there enough; Hylians don't look too kindly upon stealing, or beating up their knights for that matter. Not that she could blame them, but she didn't have a lot of options. With no parents and no one willing to hire her for her freakish appearance, it was the only way for her to obtain food- and real food, not the gross slop they served her now.

Perhaps she'd been cursed, it certainly made sense. Her parents could've royally pissed off the goddesses or a sorcerer or something, so he killed them and made their daughter a freak who was destined to have bad luck. Not that knowing if this was true would help her situation at all; it was just something she could think about during her endless hours. She'd come up with hundreds of reasons for her appearance; a house fire, her parents were tattoo artists, she was part fish. Each one only got cornier and more fantastical

She wasn't sure how much time had passed when the door opened again. A shift change already, she wondered? No, she could here the guard jump nervously to his feet.

"What're yo…" but he didn't finish before his armor banged against the stone floor, indicating he'd been knocked out.

Footsteps followed. They were slow and heavy with no sign of hesitation. He certainly wasn't your average fellow if he could walk amongst the scum of Hyrule with such composure. The girl rearranged her hair so it would lie on front of her face, trying to look as if she were asleep.

The intruder stopped in front of her cell. She hoped with every ounce of her being that the darkness concealed the fear she felt at that moment. He was maybe twice the size of any normal man and at least five times as intimidating. In the light, which was rather poor, she could make out the dark red color of his dreaded hair that was pulled back in some form of headband. He had abnormally dark skin that highlighted his piercing, yellow eyes. He was dressed as a warrior of high class, cape and all. He crossed his arms, the slightest hint of a scowl on his face.

"And you must be Sora," not the slightest hint of a question.

She nearly jumped out of her skin. How could this man know her name? She had to get a hold of herself and keep herself from spitting out one of witty comebacks as he certainly didn't appear to be in the mood and she was sure he could break her tiny body like a twig. So she settled for the traditional, "Yeah. Who are you?"

"He's looking for you," he said.

She, too, crossed her arms, although she wasn't sure how effective that was while slumped in a corner. "That's not an answer, and who's looking for me?"

"The one who put you here."

Sora stood up suddenly, agitated by his avoidance of her questions. She turned toward the back wall of her cell so he couldn't gage her emotions, a habitual defense mechanism. "You mean Ben?" She shrugged. "Thanks for the warning but there's not much he can do to me with or without these steel bars, but if you see him, tell him I'd rather not deal with his bullshit right now."

The man behind her chuckled, no it was more of a cackle. It echoed unpleasantly against the stone walls, sending a chill up Sora's spine. She took a deep breath to remain calm and risked a glance over at him. His face had pulled itself into a devilish smile, a frightening sight on such a burly man. "You don't remember, do you?" He asked, his voice filled with wicked delight mixed with the tiniest hint of disbelief.

Sora had a bad feeling about the direction this conversation was headed. This guy obviously belonged in a nut house, but since she had no power to do anything about that fact, she had no choice but to play along. Well, play along or get her spine snapped in half as she was pretty sure that, if provoked, he would have no problem getting through her cage with his bare hands to do so. "Remember what?" She asked cautiously.

This only made him laugh more. Then, manifesting Sora's greatest fear- at least at that moment as her actual greatest fear was falling forever into a black abyss like those dreams she sometimes had while half asleep but that was irrelevant. He reached out and broke the lock with his bare hands. She leapt into a fighting stance as the door swung open. She didn't have any chance of beating him, but she thought maybe she could distract him enough to make an escape. But he just stood there, gesturing toward the door with his thumb.

"Go on and get out of here." He commanded. "Memory or not, I can't take a chance on him finding you."

"I-I don't understand." Sora said, confused. Her fists remained clenched in a ready position.

"There is a prophesy," the man elaborated. "One that speaks of a being who will bring destruction to both worlds. My subordinate," he spat the word. "Seems to think that you are this being and plans to use your power to overthrow me."

Sora's eyes widened as she dropped all of her defenses. What did he mean? What power? Was she really the one from this prophesy? Did such a prophesy even exist? No, it couldn't. This man was crazy, she told herself, he didn't know what he was talking about. She took a deep breath to recompose herself and tried to shrug off his warning, but still it bothered her.

Suddenly, a great pressure filled the air. It was almost like a great concentration of power. The large man looked at the ceiling, trying to find the source of it. Then, just as suddenly as it came, it was gone and a crackling sound came with it, like glass has broken on the floor above. He scowled and took off down the hallway. "Just, be on your toes Sora." He called back.

Sora scooted out of her cell and watched him leave. The prison was once again in its hushed state. Everyone else was asleep, completely oblivious to the scene that had just played out there. She shivered again, but not from the cold this time. A bad feeling had taken root in her stomach and she knew it was far from over, whatever it may be.

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