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An alarm-clock went off in the once quite apartment. Ellie shot upright and looked around her confused. The sound of the alarm was way too loud and it felt like it was way too close to her. She flung an arm out and hit the snooze button. She sighed and tried to open her eyes. A little peace of panic began to rise in her chest when she realized she couldn't open them, but then she remembered. She groaned and laid back down on he pillow. How could she have forget? She raised her hand and let her fingertips graze the cotton-pads that were taped over her eyes. Sighing she flung her feet over the bed and turned the snooze off on the clock. She slowly made her way towards the bathroom. Without turning on the lights (what would be the point?) she turned the water on in the shower and tossed her nightgown on the floor.

When she walked out of the shower she took out two new cotton-pads and tape from the cabinet over the sink. Slowly she pulled of the wet ones she had over her eyes and quickly put the new ones on. Before she went out of the bathroom she made sure that the pads covered her eyes completely and that the tape was secure. Ellie knew that just a little bit of light could destroy her eyes forever. So the bathroom was the only room she could change the pads since it had no windows.

Ellie went into the bedroom to put some clothes on and to dry her hair. She sat on her bed for a while thinking about what she should wear. Ellie came up with that her black slim jeans with high waist and a white long-sleeved shirt with her boots would go nicely together. At least they did four months ago when she could see them. Ellie pulled her hair up into a high ponytail. Since she couldn't see her hair it was safest to just have it up. Her hair had grown long, she could feel it swishing on her back even with it high up in the ponytail.

Ellie grabbed her phone and pressed a button that was on the side.

''6.45AM'', a female robotic voice sad.


Being late on your first day is not a good thing, Ellie thought.

Sighing she grabbed her purse, keys, put her special sunglasses on and headed out the door. The sunglasses was given to her by her doctor, they completely covered her eyes so no light could hurt them.

Luckily for Ellie she don't live that long from Wayne's Enterprises, but long enough so that she would most probably be late. Unless she ran. But Ellie wasn't to keen on trying that again. She haven't really got the hang of that, the last time she tried she kept bumping into people. She was too focused on were she was putting her feet. So walking it was.

She was a little nervous, but exited about her knew job. She had heard that Wayne's Enterprises was a big company. Ellie knew little about it. She has lived all her life in New York so Ellie new next to nothing about Gotham City and it's history. She knew that the guy that owned Wayne's Enterprises was called Bruce Wayne but that's where her knowledge about Bruce Wayne ended.
Ellie's sister was a real fan of Bruce Wayne, but Ellie don't even think she has even seen a picture of him.

It was a Mr. Fox whom had interviewed her. He hired her on the spot. Which made Ellie a little proud. It's not everyday that you get hired as an Translator for a big company. And yes, Wayne's Enterprises had it's on Translator department.

When Ellie stepped outside she had to stop and take a few deep breaths. Everything was way to loud and she had to resist the urge to cover her ears. After a few minutes she managed to block most of it out and continued her walk towards Wayne's Enterprises.

She walked into the lobby only five minutes late. Stressed and nervous she walked towards the sound of a phone ringing and a female voice that said;

''Wayne's Enterprises this is Lucy speaking how may I direct your call.''

Ellie figured it had to be a receptionist of some sort. So she made her way towards it until she could feel the smell of her perfume.

''Excuse me'' Ellie said and smiled.

''How can I help you?'' said the receptionist and Ellie could hear the polite smile in her voice.

''Well I just got hired to the Translator department and I don't really know where it is.'' Ellie said smiling.

''Well you just take the elevator on your right here and head to the 20th floor. Then you just walk straight ahead until you reach Mr. Fox's office. He'll know exactly where you'll be.'' The receptionist said.

Ellie thanked her and headed to the elevator. She pushed what she figured was the up button and waited. A few seconds later the elevator made that ding noise that told her it had arrived. Ellie could hear the doors open and waited a few minutes before she entered. She was just starting to debate on how she was going to find the 20th floor button when a male voice asked her;

''Which floor?''

Relieved Ellie answered;
''20, thanks''

Then there was silent. Ellie had thought that there would be some stupid elevator music in this sort of place, but there was none. Which was nice. Ellie liked the quiet, it made it easier for her to count the levels. So when the elevator stopped next Ellie new it was her stop.

So she walk straight ahead like the receptionist had told her and soon she was outside an office. Hoping it was Mr. Fox's she knocked. Surprised she realized that it was a glas-door.

She heard footsteps on the other side and she heard the door swing open.

''Ah, Ms. Williams.'' Mr. Fox said and Ellie could hear the genuine smile in his voice.

''I am so sorry for being late.''

''No worries, you are here now.'' he said simply.

Mr. Fox showed Ellie the way to were she would work.

''And here is your office.'' Mr. Fox.

Ellie stopped dead.

''Excuse me, I thought you just said 'office'?'' Ellie said confusion written on her face.

''Why yes, didn't I said that you would be head for this department?''

Ellie shook her head.

''Oh, well now you know.''

When Ellie came home after work that day she was exhausted. She just put her keys and purse on the counter and took the few steps towards her couch and flung herself onto it.

But the day had gone much smoother than Ellie thought it would have. She had brought her own laptop that had Braille on it and just connected it to the computer that was in her office.

Ellie smiled. She still couldn't believe that she had her own office.

After lying on her couch for a while Ellie could feel something under her back. Arching her back up a little she pulled out whatever it was. It was slim and about 17 inches. Sighing Ellie realised it was the guide stick that her grandmother had left here when she had visited last week.

She had said that it fitted perfectly in her purse and it was a button on it that would unfold it.

Ellie knew she should use it. But it made everyone aware of her 'dysfunctionality' and Ellie hated that everyone acted differently around her. Even her own grandmother did. No, especially her own grandmother. Sighing Ellie got up from the couch and put the stick in her purse. Maybe it was time to face the truth.