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The siren inside the base began letting out its metallic screech as the rooms flashed red as blood. Four heroes emerged from their respected rooms at lightning speeds, the spicky black haired leader dashing ahead of them his cape swishing behind him. Their footsteps were lost inside the wall of blasting sound. He entered the darkened room as the siren silenced leaving a cold unnerving tone of flat quiet hanging off the airs motion; as his three team mates gathered behind him he readied his weapons. The mostly metal cybernetic man armed his sonic cannon, the girl with her long red hair and purple unusual fashion prepared her star bolts and the long blue hooded girl floated above them ready to chant her spells.

"Alright team on my mark get ready..." He whispered authoritatively until he realised the absence of a key member, "Did anyone see Beast Boy on the way here?" The faint puzzled faces that stretched through their faces was see-able even through the pure blackness that surrounded them like a plague.

"No I did not." Answered Starfire as she shook her head; confirming shaking heads worried the dedicated leader. Clearing his mind of worry he quickly regained posture and prepared to instruct his team.

"Cyborg I want you to get the lights on, Star you cover him. Raven you're with me." He signalled quickly, as dwelling thoughts of how a villain got this far into their base without tripping the alarm dwindled between each serious military thought of his more complex mind. Cyborg stood up tall as he braced his body to run fast towards the switch, as he began to run he felt a movement in the darkness. The lights blared on blinding the four heroes; the explosion of streamers and loud party whistles clutched the sir.

"Surprise!" Shouted a gleeful green boy, his messy short spiked hair had a party hat placed upon it, his normal outfit of purple and black attached to his skin and a more fiery smile was holding his lips. "Let's get this party started!" He merrily danced around his more then confused team mates as they looked at the mass of titans packed into their house.

"Beast boy, what occasion are we celebrating?" Starfire asked puzzled by the sudden party around them.

"Yeah and why the hell did you hit the alarm button?!" Robin asked with obvious fury in his raging voice as he glared at the boy from behind his mask, his eyes twitching as he tried not to shout at the green boy.

"It was the quickest way to get you all here and guy's don't you remember what today is?" He whined disheartened by their inability to remember what happened a year ago.

"Beast boy just tell us." Robin growled his anger seeming to grow by the minute, seeming to send fear into Beast boy as his eyes stayed on him from behind the white of his mask.

"Fine its been a year since we defeated the brotherhood of evil!" He smiled wildly showing his fangs at them, he went back to dancing around the room. Robin tensed his muscles to burst out a loud shout of protest, but before he could Raven got her voice in.

"Well it's not normally my style but I do think for once BB's had a good idea." Raven said, she had grown closer with Beast boy since Malchior had broke her heart and he had been the one to comfort her; even though she still poked fun at him.

"Hey, I always have good ideas!" Beast boy protested at Raven, showing slight annoyance.

"Of course you do." She sarcastically replied as everyone seemed to agree with his party idea but Robin. Robin watched as his friends ran into the mass of titans to join the raving party as Beast boy reappeared from the crowd of people.

"Come one Robin lighten up and join in the fun!" He cheerfully patted his friend on the back with a graceful smile once more across his lips.

"Thanks but no thanks." He sighed turning away from the raving light and music and stomping out leaving a confused Beast boy behind him with a dumb struck face across his greened lips.

"Stupid Beast boy, always throwing stupid parties, never can have serious chats with him, doesn't ever use his brain." Robin muttered as he marched back and forth wearing down his carpet floor, Beast boy was a friend but his inability to take things seriously annoyed the black haired leader. "What he needs is a schooling." Just then a light bulb flashed on inside his mind, he jumped on to his nearby chair by his laptop. His fingers quickly taped away at lightning speeds as he began searching for his target. "That sounds perfect." He smiled wide eyed as the his computer screen shone up the perfect place for Beast boy to learn responsibility.

"Chug chug chug!" The crowd shouted as Cyborg drank down gallons of soda as the other titans were unable to keep up with Cyborg's impressive drinking skills.

"Booyah!" He shouted as he crushed another can between his large mechanical fingers; to the sound of the cheers of the over titans as he picked up more cans to swish down his throat.

"How can he drink that much that quickly?" Raven asked Beast boy, "He's part robot so wouldn't it affect his circuits?" Beast boy shrugged his shoulders as they watched with amazed looks plastering their faces. Suddenly the booming music and blinding multicoloured lights stopped dead like they were never there.

"Ok party's over, everyone out." Robin snapped as he held the plug for the equipment. The angered look across his face stopped any protest that could arise from the other titans; they all filed out quickly leaving the original team standing within the wreckage of their home.

"Robin what was that for?" Beast boy snapped saddened by his party being stopped by the moody teenager.

"Beast boy I'm sick and tired of all these parties that you throw! The use of my alarm button when it's not needed! You need to grow up and learn some responsibility!" He barked at his team mate intimidating him into a coy, shameful mood. "But I've figured a way to teach you this responsibility...school." All their faces dropped half a mile as he said his idea.

"Dude I'll be eaten alive in school! Do you know how easy it is to pick on the odd looking kid?" He protested scared of the torture of a every day school.

"Robin I think you're going over board here." Cyborg answered blandly as he protected BB.

"I'm sorry but I've already booked a place for six months at MM's school for the gifted." Robin replied, sending Beast boy into a panic.

"Private school?" Beast boy screamed at the top of his lungs, "That's even worse!" Tears practically were running down his face as he begged for Robin to change his mind.

"BB pack your stuff and say your goodbyes we leave in an hour." Robin sighed before leaving the astonished room with a weeping boy in the centre.

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