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Raven finally opened her eyes; only half her eye caught the time, ten o'clock. She had slept in an extra four hours and for her was unusual, but, she was happy how she had awoken. She was gently snuggled up to the green titan who had been away for so long. She felt her cheeks gently warm into a dark blush as she looked at him; he was a quiet sleeper and looked so peaceful. She watched his chest rise and fall with each breath as her hand gently felt his heart beat naturally, his arms gently wrapped around her waist holding her like a precious jewel and the faint sound of his cool breath made her heart miss a beat. She hadn't felt this way in a long time and she loved the feeling she was getting; she wanted the feeling to consume her. She just stayed in this perfect tranquil position for what felt for eternity. (Even though it was only half an hour in real time.) Finally she felt the boy beside her begin to stir, his jade green eyes fluttered open, a small lay of misty tiredness covered them as they sparkled open. She watched as his eyes first widened in surprise but then eased into a gentle humbled happiness.

"If this is a dream, I never want it to end." He tiredly mumbled as a small smile took his lips, his words were to himself but Raven had heard; allowing a small smile of her own to form.

"This isn't a dream." She simply replied as the two stayed in the position for a bit, before in unison sliding up to sit with their backs on the headboard. One of their hands both lay out next to each other's as if to hold, but didn't. The silence that now surrounded them was a comfortable silence, the silence formed when no-one wanted to ruin a moment.

"Did you mean it?" Beast Boy finally asked, something she had said last night was nibbling away at his mind.

"When I said, I love you?" She asked.

"Yes." Beast Boy smiled as those words she had said to him after they had entered her room and had ended up with the two sleeping on the bed together. He then felt one of her petite pale hands interlink with one of his slightly bigger hands in a loving and sweet manner.

"Of course I did." She smiled as her dainty fingers began to trace I love you on his hand. She looked at his mouth which curled into a large loving smile, his eyes locked with her deep violet eyes and her eyes locked with his dreamy jade eyes. The two slowly found themselves gently edging towards each other, both of them knew what they wanted to do but neither knew how to do it. This would be both of their first kisses. They both felt their hearts slowly begin to beat faster, each beat like a drum being hit by a frantic drummer. They both slowly closed their eyes as the gap between them closed into almost nothing, they were just millimetres apart. They both could feel each other's breath as they leant in for that blissful moment, however, life isn't fair. A loud noise, a sound they both knew startled them, throwing them away from each over and out of the kiss.

"NO WAY DOES THIS KID BEAT ME!" They both listened to Cyborgs yell, which was obviously coming from the main room.

"I'm going to kill him." They both muttered in unison as the got off the bed, the two had both been looking forward to that moment only to have it ruined. They both walked to leave the room as they were both still in their costumes. Raven however had to pick up her cloak as they left the room.

"Should we tell them about us?" Beast Boy asked as they both marched side by side to kill Cyborg.

"Not yet, maybe later when we're calmer." Raven answered. "You come in after me, just so the others don't get suspicious." She watched as the green boy nodded with agreement and hanged back for a moment as she disappeared into the common room. When he was sure she was gone and no one else was around he did a small victory dance; he hadn't kissed her yet, but, they were together. His dance only lasted a minute as he heard an argument ensue in the common room, he took this as his cue to enter. As he walked into the room his eyes were met by the cybernetic titan being slapped by Ravens dark powers as she told him off for shouting so loud.

"Friend Beast Boy! You have returned!" As he heard the girlish voice speak a bone crushing hug suddenly wrapped around him.

"It's nice to see you Star." He choked as the girl crushed him in a death locked hug. She eventually let him go and when she wasn't looking he gasped in as much air as he could.

"It's nice to have you back Beast Boy." Robin said, a small smile across his lips as he walked over to the titan to shake his hand. The green boy slightly smiled and accepted the handshake which he had refused six months ago.

"It's nice to be back." He answered with a glad tone in his voice as he finally noticed Grim standing in the kitchen, game console remote in hand, laughing his ass off at Cyborg.

"I'm sorry it won't happen again!" Cyborg begged as the demonic girl prepared to slap him again.

"Good." She suddenly said, calming down into her normal form. Her sweet innocent smile which had become something of a habit these days spread across her lips as she turned to go over to Beast Boy and the others.

"Phew for a second their I thought you were going to slap me again." Cyborg chuckled nervously as he exhaled a sigh of relief.

"Nah I could hurt my hand if I slap you again." She said innocently as she turned back to see him. "I think we'll need a new set of frying pans." Cyborg gave a small confused expression as she said that, but, then it turned into fear. Her dark aura picked up the set of pans from the titans kitchen and found them at Cyborg, slapping his face multiple times before they all came crashing down on top of him. This earned an uproar of laughter from the rest in the room as she joined Beast Boys side.

"Remind me never to make her angry." Grim finally said between his laughter.

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