I woke alone with a headache the size of bleedin' China throbbing in my skull lying in a tiny room. Glass covered the front wall, but the rest were bright white. No bars, but it felt like a cage.

"What the bloody hell…," I sat up.

What did they do with Buffy? It must've been The Council that got us. Watcher's wouldn't hurt her…would they? I clenched my jaw, possessiveness and worry pushing my own pains aside so I could stand. If they hurt her…

"Good. You're awake,"

I turned around, confused for a moment before I realized the woman's voice was coming from a speaker in the ceiling.

"Where's Buffy," I growled.

"Your mate? Yes, she's been demanding to see you. Your prisoner as well," the voice replied.

Mate? Prisoner? Had the wankers finally gone off their rockers?

"Whatever. Just let me see her," I decided to go with it.

"I don't follow the orders of vampires," the voice exclaimed with disgust.

Anger rose in my chest.

"Guess I'll just have to kill you then,"

"You and I both know your not capable of destroying my highly advance weapons, especially when your weak. And without your little ring," the woman said smugly.

I gritted my teeth, and kicked the glass. Except, surprise, it's an electric door. Great. Fucking great.

"Although it would give me great pleasure to see you rot in that little cell, we already decided to do something special with you. But now hearing that you and the blond girl really are mates…well we've never had mated vampire hostiles before. It would be very interesting to document…," the older woman's voice trailed off thoughtfully, but before I could reply, the wall behind me slide aside and sitting there in the middle of the room with a gash on her cheek was my Slayer.


To my utter most surprise, and secret happiness, she launched herself in my arms and rested her head on my chest.

"You alright, pet? Cheek ok?" I pulled back a little and tilted her head up so I could see the cut.

"All good. Just a scratch. Are you ok?" she replied.

I hugged her warm body to me and sighed, relaxing now that I realized she was ok.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Where's William?" I suddenly remembered we weren't the only ones heading to the Council.

"The voice said they had him somewhere he could get some food and rest and… be safe. From us. What was she talking about?" Buffy stepped back and looked at me with confusion in her green eyes.

I chuckled.

"I think they think you're a vamp. Lady said somethin' about mates earlier. They think we're vampire mates, and that we took William prisoner," I smirked.

An image of Buffy with fangs and yellow eyes flitted across my minds eye. We could murder, pillage and drink together. Just like Dru and me. But those thoughts made me sick. Buffy was nothing like Drusilla. Buffy was light and warmth and goodness. Made a man want to be…well, a man. I didn't want Buffy any other way than how she was right now; perfect. The thought came to me that even after everything with this sodding time traveling business is over, that I won't be able to go back to the dark like before. Not when I'm this addicted to the light.

"But…but aren't we at The Watcher Headquarters? They don't like me, but they know I'm not a vampire," Buffy looked around at her cell that was identical to mine.

I shook my head to clear my thoughts and focused on what she had said.

It occurred to me that we were probably spied upon. They could hear everything we said.

I lowered my voice and leaned into Buff's ear "But that's just it, sweetheart. I don't think these are the Watchers,"


I could hear him. He was saying something about Watchers. But all I could think about was the way his breath tickled my ear and sent shivers down my back. My dream and all the things Dream-Spike had whispered in my ear like Spike was doing now were replaying in my head.

"Buffy?" Spike was shaking me gently, concern on his paler then usual face.

Snap out of it, Buffy!

"You need to eat," I looked at the bluish veins showing through his skin like they had in 1880.

"Yeah. Hungry as hell. But I don't think these git's are gonna feed me, luv," Spike replied.

"But you shouldn't need to eat. You just drank my blood a little while ago," I frowned.

Spike sighed and ran a hand through his hair. His roots were just starting to show.

"I think we've been here longer then we thought,"

"Your smarter then you look," the speaker voice replied before I could.

Huh. I scrunched up my forehead and tried to think to where I had heard that voice before. Because I was absolutely positive I had. But it seemed like such a long time since I was back in Sunnydale, even though it was only a little over a week I couldn't match a face to the older woman's hard voice.

"Thanks ever so," Spike snarked at it.

"Don't be rude, you filthy demon. Feel lucky I've sent soldiers down to change your cell to a bigger, more permanent one,"


"What makes you think we won't ripe their heads off?" Spike growled from deep within his chest, a sound that I refused to link to the word "sexy" even though it made my knees weak like a young schoolgirl.

"You'd think I'd send my men to capture William the Bloody and then not drug you? You two may be used to dealing with idiots, but I am no amateur," the voice replied, confidently.

Spike and I looked at each other.

"Since when does The Council of Weaklings capture vampires and then not kill them. Somethin's wrong…," Spike frowned.

"And since when do they have soldiers? Or electric cells for that matter. Aren't they like mega old and untechnology?" I looked around.

My gut was telling me the something. That this wasn't The Council of Watchers at all. Something else entirely. Something that hunts demons down with soldiers and puts them in cages. But who else knows about vampires?

"I thought you said they told you they were from The Council?"

"That's what they said…," Spike trailed off in thought.

"The Council of Watchers contacted us a few months ago. Apparently, their Slayer has rebelled and they've been searching for other demon hunter's to do the duty she refused to. We get access to their knowledge about demons and they get our soldiers. One of the very first things we learned once joined with The Council was about the Gem of Amarra,"

This cannot be good.

"It was an ambush. You were looking for the Gem," Spike realized out loud.

"Actually, we were looking for the British vampire, William the Bloody. It was just a happy coincidence that you happened to be wearing it," the woman gloated.

I narrowed my eyes at the camera in the corner of the room, trying to look threatening. I hoped she couldn't see how much all of this had thrown me. How weak I felt. I slipped my hand into Spike's to reassure myself. He squeezed my fingers, and I frowned. Where's…? I looked down at his hands. Empty. They took the ring. Of course they did.

"Don't look so mad, the men are almost to your cell to escort you out," the voice seemed to read my mind.

I heard the sound of footsteps behind us at the glass door.

"What is this place?" I demanded.

"Buffy Summers?" a new, male voice asked in surprise from behind me.

I turned around, staring at the man dressed in a green army costume who had just opened the glass door, a scary looking gun tucked under his arm as he pulled off his mask.


What the hell was my T.A. doing in London? Wait…that voice…Professor Walsh?

"This is the Initiative,"

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