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Last time on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

Spike looked at the door leading off to the cells of demons. He doubted it would be soon enough to get us to ground level even if we left ten minutes ago, but he didn't say anything. Buffy took his hand, squeezing it so hard it would have broken had he been human.

"I love you too," she whispered.

Heart beating wildly in his chest, all Spike could do was stare into her eyes for a minute. She…really felt the same way? No, it wasn't possible. But why was she looking at him like that…?

And we stood there for a moment, just staring into each others eyes and I knew he was telling the truth. Knew it in my bones the way I knew I loved him right back, more then anything in the world.

"Rupert and I just came in to ask you two if you wanted to come to dinner with us?" Mom smiled.

"Sure, Joyce", Spike was saying, "I'd love to go. Buffy?"

"It'll be like a double date!"

I sighed. Oh Yay.

It was one of those really fancy restaurants, the kind that Dad used to bring us to every Friday back in L.A. There was one on like every street corner back there, but I was pretty sure this was one of few in little old Sunnydale. It was really nice to get dressed up and take time do my hair and makeup; I hadn't done that in a long time.

Mom and I were upstairs when we heard the front door open, signaling Giles and Spike's return. They had left us to shower and dress about an hour before and although I felt fine a minute ago, suddenly I felt nervous about the whole thing with them back.

I swiped another layer of pink lips gloss on before fluffing my hair back up in the mirror. Did I look ok? Was this a good color on me? I knew I should've chosen the blue instead of red. Did my hair look to flat? Were the roots showing? Were my heels to high? Was I going to trip?

A knock sounded on door before my Mom opened it and beckoned me out.

"Oh Buffy, you look beautiful,"

She pulled me into a hug, squeezing me tightly and I felt a few tears drip onto my bare shoulder. I took a deep breath and the scent of her familiar perfume put me at ease. I had missed her so much while I was away. I tried to blink back the tears from my own eyes before I could ruin my mascara.

"Thanks, Mom. You do to,"

I smiled, pulling back from her to look at her flowy green dress. She smiled brightly, stepping back to give me a twirl in the hall. She suddenly looked years younger and although I thought she was beautiful before, I could certainly see the young woman Dad had fallen in love with before he broke her heart.

She hadn't said anything about Giles since the men left earlier, but from the blush on her cheeks whenever I mentioned it I was pretty sure something had happened between them when I was back in time. Which was kind of weird, since they were both terribly old, but when I though about it a bubble of excitement rose in my chest. Giles had become the father I never had years ago and for him to be with my mom would be so cool. As long as they don't have sex, because that's just gross.

Mom went down the stairs and gave Giles a peck on the lips as I tried to calm my nerves. Just breathe, Buffy. Everything will be fine. I slipped a stake down the front of my dress incase demons decided to wreck the dinner (which knowing my luck, they would) and left my room to descend the stairs. I blushed as I felt Spike's gaze on me and I looked up, our eyes meeting as I stepped onto the floor. He was actually in a suit, his hair gelled back and he looked way to yummy for his own good.

"You look beautiful," He took my hand, running his thumb over my knuckles affectionately while smiling warmly.

"You clean up well yourself," I grinned back, biting my lip a little at the warmth spreading through my body as his blue gaze looked at me in a way that could only be described as lovingly.

We seemed to realize we weren't the only ones in the room at about the same time, looking at the older figures sheepishly.

"Well then, let's get on our way," Mom laughed a little, taking Giles' arm as we all headed towards his car.

The trip was short and fast, barely a few minutes. It was spent in silence, but it wasn't awkward at all. In fact it was sort of nice, especially when Spike had reached across the backseat to put his hand on my knee. Slowly throughout the trip it inched higher, sending electric shocks through my body and but when I stopped it mid-thigh to give him a look he just grinned wickedly back.

Thankfully once we were out of the dark car, Spike kept his hands to himself and on the table so Giles wouldn't have a heart attack.

The meal was short and sweet and soon enough Giles paid and we were headed back outside. I felt a hand slip into mine and Spike pulled me back from the older couple.

"You wanna stop by the butchers to get some blood?" I asked, smiling when his fingers squeezed mine.

"Nah, I'm good. Look, Buffy…about this whole thing…about what we said down in the Initiative…it's really ok, if you didn't mean it when you said..," He trailed off with a frustrated sigh, running a hand through his hair.

I almost laughed at the nervous expression on his face, pulling him towards me for a gentle kiss.

"I meant everything I said," I replied, biting my lip with a faint blush staining my cheeks. Feelings were a hard for me for admit, but he was worth it.

His smile was the most beautiful thing in the world as he pulled me up into his arms and twirled me around. Pushing back the tears from my eyes, I tried to wrap my head around the fact that we were actually ok, we were going to live, and I was in love. And he loved me back. I had realized I found my soul mate, as cheesy and Hallmark-worthy that sounds. I kinds think I knew it all along.

"I love you," I whispered as he finally put me down. I didn't even care that half the parking lot was probably staring.

"Marry me," Spike blurted, his blue eyes wide like even he couldn't believe he said it.

My heart hammered against my chest.


"Yeah," Spike stroked my cheek with his thumb, "I love you so much, Buffy,"

"Well, I've always wanted to get married to a bleached vampire. It's on my to-do list,"

"Is that a yes, Ms. Summers?"

"It certainly is, Mr. Pratt,"


William Pratt woke to a harsh pounding in his head and light streaming in his eyes. Bolting up in his bed, the curly-haired man looked around his room, settling down when he realized nothing was there. Something was…off. He could feel it. Like, he was in the wrong place, or something. Odd.

William climbed out of bed and went about his day normally, coming home from work to see that his mother was feeling rather strange as well. Must be the weather, he reasoned, finishing his dinner and heading up to the library. William was sitting in the library when reading when he glanced up at the mirror and was startled at his relefction. It was what he normally looked like, but for just a moment, he had the oddest feeling like his hair should be blond.

Had Cook put something in the tea? Shaking off the strange feelings, William went to his room to sit on his window bench and write. He always wrote poetry there, and always about the same person. William skimmed the last few pages where he wrote about Cecily's dark hair, and turned to a fresh one to continue. He was rather alarmed when without thinking he wrote the name Elizabeth. Crossing it out with a frown, William put his book away and headed to bed. What an odd day, indeed.

Feeling tired, he went right to bed and tried to pick hi spirits up by remembering that Cecily's party was the next day. William really wanted to tell her how he felt, and he put himself to sleep with that thought. But the last thing he saw before drifting into unconsciousness was green eyes. Eyes that were most certainly not Cecily Adam's.

I flipped over the gravestone and punched the vampire in the stomach. Groaning, he doubled over and I used the momentary pain to tackle him to the ground.

"I won!" I called triumphantly, smiling down as Spike pouted.

"Well, I won the last two times,"

"I let you win,"

"Ouch. Really gonna insult your husband like that?"

Before I could respond, Spike had flipped us over so I was trapped beneath his body and the cemetery grass. Squirming, I tried to buck him off, but he held me down and caged me in with his arms.

"Careful there, pet. Keep wriggling like that and I might just have to end this training session early and drag you back into my bed," He gave me a wicked grin, tracing the claim mark on my neck.

I giggled, swatting his hands his hands away from my shirt buttons.

"We've only been married a week and I haven't even left your bed once except to pee. Giles said I have to train or else I'll get out of shape and all the baddies will take over the world,"

"I know a way to keep us in shape,"

I ignored the heated look in his eyes and reluctantly pushed him off and he sighed. My smiled widened as I got an idea, and I reached over and grabbed the bulg in his pants, giving him a squeeze that made Spike groan.

"Maybe I'll reconsider if you can catch me!"

He growled as I ran.

And they went off, darting through the gravestones until Spike caught Buffy and they sank to the ground in each others arms and made love under the moon like the beautiful idiots they were. This is the end of our story, but its only the beginning of theirs.