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"I was being chased by an alligator while I was roller-skating and I decided to go into the drug store where I grabbed a kite and then tied it around and onto the gator which I then pulled it down the street and it started flying, so here I was roller-skating with an alligator flying behind me when a police officer disguised as a clown comes up to me and threw a pie in my face telling me it's illegal to steel alligators from clowns and then I had to break out of the jail cell which the walls were made of gelatin, so I got stuck in the wall and then this alligator not the one that was flying you see he was still up in the sky started eating the gelatin I could have swan I was going to be eaten by it but then the alligator changed into a jack-rabbit which pulled me out of the gelatin wall and kicked me up into the sky where I hit the alligator that was on the kite and it spit in my face, and that is why I am horribly late to our family dinner."

"And why do you have pink hair?" I asked Gazzy.


"On second thought never mind." And that is what happened in my wonderful life as Maximum Ride.