So sorry for the wait, I've been super busy. This was supposed to go up weeks ago, but I'm a bad person and totally forgot about it, when I heard about Cory Monteith's passing. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

I'm also sorry it's so short! I'll try to make the next chapter longer!

"What are you doing here?" I questioned Jake when he just randomly walked into my house. Bella had called him in, which was rather odd as I thought they were arguing.

Guess they made up.

There goes my dreams.

"Sniffing out the smell," the werewolf answered, and said no more.

I raised my eyebrows. That was the most retarded thing I'd ever heard.

"You know, you should really lock your door," Jake told Bella, who shrugged.

"I'm not worried about anyone who could be deterred by a locked door."

"I am," I said, moving over to actually lock the door, since apparently no one else cares.

"Good point," Jake said to Bella, patting me on the back, when I came back and stood next to him. I pinched his arm, just because I could, but I don't think he noticed.

"Is it really impossible to wear clothes, Jacob," Bella demanded, out of the blue. She looked him over critically, and I snorted.

"I mean, I know you don't get cold anymore, but still," she continued, getting flustered. I smirked, realizing that Bella didn't know that their clothes get ripped to shreds when the wolves phase.

"It's just easier," Jake explained, and I smirked again.

"I know I would get tired of carrying ten pounds of clothing on my back every day," I added, sitting on the kitchen table.

"What are you talking about?" Bella asked, confused.

"My clothes don't just pop in and out of existence when I change - I have to carry them with me while I run. Pardon me for keeping my burden light."

Bella blushed, and I hoped it was because she was embarrassed at her own stupidly, and not because she's attracted to him.

That would make everything just awkward.

"Anyway," I said, before Bella could continue. "What are you doing here, Jake?"

"I told you."

"Yes, but I'd like you to answer without being an idiot."

"I'm sniffing out your little intruder's scent. So, if he comes back, we'll find him. I told you I'd protect you."


"Alright, get on with it, then!" I pushed Jake to the stairs, and the ran to the fridge. I wanted food.

"Feed me," I commanded Bella, who was washing the dishes.

"No," she sighed. "Wait until dinner."

I gaped because I didn't think I would last that long. I needed food now.

"But Bella!" I yelled, slumping into a chair. "I'm hungry."

Bella suddenly turned towards me, an angry expression on her face. She clutched a plate in her hand, and looked like she wanted to break it, but couldn't because she wasn't strong enough.

"Do you have an idea what's going on right now? What Jake is doing?" Bella demanded, stomping towards me.

"Yes," I said, blinking up at her. Of course I did.

"Then why are you being so lax about it?" Bella whisper-yelled. "This is so dangerous! You, Charlie, me, anyone could die if we don't figure this out. What if the vampire comes back, and he's hungry this time? What if Charlie's sleeping again, and this time the vampire decides to take a bite? What if-"

"Bella," I interrupted her before she could say more. "I'm worried too, but I just can't stay stressed."

I was hoping my justification would sound more...wise. Wordy too. I had made sure to put on my best stern voice.

I just sounded like a messed up whale.

"Whew!" Jake randomly appeared behind Bella, scaring the duck out of me. I screamed and fell out of my chair. Jake literally picked me up with one hand and sat me down on the chair again.

"Jeez, Jake, cut that out!" Bella sighed in frustration.

"Sorry, here, I'll make it up to you," Jake took the towel from the sink and waved it in front of Bella's face. "You wash, I'll rinse and dry."

They started doing the dishes, and I stood there for a minute before I couldn't handle it anymore. "What did you find, Jake?"

"Definitely a leech," Jake snorted. "And it wasn't just Bella's room the vamp went in."

"What?" Bella and I both spoke up, confused. I thought this was about Bella .

Oh, I'm so confused.

"It was in yours," Jake looked at me, nostrils flaring. He didn't seem very pleased.

Bella started panicking then, and I just kinda stood there in silence for a minute.

"Wait," I said, raising my hand in the air. "How come I didn't notice?"

"Have you lost anything? Maybe clothes. Something that just randomly disappeared? Maybe he isn't going after Arianna as well, maybe he was just curious," Bella explained, waving her arms like a lunatic.

I thought for a moment, trying to think of any clothes that I couldn't find, but my mind went blank. I was missing anything, except for...

"My blanket!" I gasped, standing up. "I lost my blanket! But, I couldn't have misplaced it, it's always on my bed! It just disappeared!" Jake cursed, and Bella went even more pale.

"So, does this mean the vampire is after her as well!" Bella shrieked. "No, no, no, no one else can get hurt!"

"Maybe Arianna can stay at my place for a bit ," Jake offered, and I sighed. That's the second time he's asked.

"Charlie wouldn't allow it, he's already suspicious as to why you're spending so much time with her," Bella sighed.

I held in my laugh, but it was hard.

Charlie probably thought Jake was a pedophile.

"It'll be fine," I said, a little annoyed that I was the one comforting them. "With the pack, and the Cullens protecting us, we'll be fine. It's just one itty bitty vampire."

"Arianna, please be serious for one moment," Bella cried, sitting down in a chair. Jake followed, and we just sat there looking at each other.

"It'll be fine," I muttered, more to myself.

I really hoped it would be.