My first 1827 fanfic, I hope you guys enjoy it. I know it's short, but enjoy it all the same. And please excuse my poor grammar I'm still trying to work on it. You what they say practice makes perfect.

Love Shot Chapter 1 Anger

Tsuna slapped Hibari in the face. Kusakabe had to hold Hibari down so he wouldn't tear the office and Tsuna apart. It was a long time coming argument. Tsuna and Hibari have been dating for half a year and let's just say to the eyes of others, it was a hopeless relationship, but among their circle of friends, they knew the couple love each other (at least Tsuna did), but they all agree that Tsuna shouldn't have to put up with Hibari's bullshit.

"I hate this, I agreed to go out with you because I liked you," Tsuna ranted. "I know just because we're dating didn't mean you would stop being a savage just for me, but I had hope that you would've a least had the common courtesy to try to act normal for once and stop acting like enrage bull when we go out on our dates."

It was the same of story: Tsuna and Hibari would go out on date, but because Hibari made a lot of enemies, they would sometime stumble upon one and a break fight out, then the date was inevitably over because Hibari would stalk of somewhere and his goons would come and clean the mess. Anybody see the problem here? No, well for the six and a half months that they have been dating, they've never had one proper date.

"We've been dating for six and a half months and you've never once took me out on a decent date. It's not like I ask for much because I don't. You're so selfish, you prefer fighting then taking me out, you prefer taking care of the school then even talking to me, I'm more of a secretary then your boyfriend." Hibari eyes widen a bit. Kusakabe almost wished he left the room because he saw where this conversation was going. "I tried, I really tried, but I can't do this anymore, it was a waste mines and clearly your time."

Tsuna packed his stuff and left. It was over and done. His heartache, but it hurt even more when he was with him. Tsuna wasn't no fool, love sick yes, but a fool no. He knew when it was time to just give it up, but he has hopes that maybe, just maybe that it will work out later. Not today, not tomorrow or next year, but further down when they're older and more mature that Hibari will be able to get his priorities straight. Until then Tsuna would have to wait.