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Adriane Natsumi Sakurai. Yep. That my name. Quite a mouthful, isn't it?~. I'm a 21 year old half American, half Japanese lady~ Standing at a tiny five feet and two inches, I'm preety small for my age. I got stubbornly wavy blonde hair that flows down to hover slightly above my petite little shoulders. Each individual end curving up in a cute way~ I never really liked my hair in my teens though... Bullying does that though~

Anyways, I got electric blue eyes. Everyone always compliments me on them, but I don't see whats so special about them... and yeahh... I most certainly do not resemble a girl of Japanese decent, but that's just because I take after her mother Vivianna. Trust me; I feel more Japanese than American. Its kinda hard to explain~

I live in Mission Viejo, California with my parents... but they're rarely home. That doesn't bother me though. Despite what people think, I'm quite the introvert. As a matter of fact, many are left surprised once Im willing to trust someone enough to reveal my bright and energetic personality.

But yeah. That's pretty rare.

But, what seems to be even more surprising to people is that all my wonderful energy goes toward video games. That's right; im a huge nerd. Seriously. There is not one game that I do not know. For some reason, his usually surprises the unsuspecting souls who judge me by my extremely preppy appearance. Preppy. That's one word I really hate...

By now, it should not any surprise that people often misunderstand me. Because of this, I was left alone most of my life. It's not a problem though; I never minded. It sounds pretty odd, but I never feel alone when secluded in her dark room in front of the enchanting glow of a game. Oh Ra I love that feeling. Did I just say Ra? I did didn't I? Yeah, I did. Ok then.

Anyways, I really mean it when I say I've played everything. Seriously, you name it. I may have played an insane amount of games, but out of all the games that this girl has played, the ones closest to my heart have always been Nintendo. I still remember opening the box of my absolutely stunning SNES on my third bitrthday. That started my love affair~

When I'm not playing games, I'm usually busy reading a comic book or a manga. My favorites? Definitely Iron Man, Sailor Moon, and Akira. With all this keeping my little head busy, I've honestly never felt alone. Soo, as far as my home life, I was brought up in a wealthy neighborhood in Mission Viejo, California. My father is a very powerful director of a very powerful company by the name of Satoshi Sakurai. My mother, who is in charge of an airline, is named Vivianna Sakurai. I grew up seeing them once a month at the most. Dont get me wrong though; I know theyre both very powerful people and I understand.

I do have three half siblings on her fathers side. Older twin sisters Ayumi and Nori, and a very slighty older brother named Akio. My sisters are 26, 5 years older than me. My brother Akio is actually only 4 months older than me. You see, my mother became pregnant with me when Akio's mother was 4 months pregnant with him... yeah... Needless to say, my father's previous marriage diddn't last very long after that. After father divorced Akio's and the twin's mother, Akira, he married my mother three months later... I met Akira a handful of times. She seemed very nice and didn't hold any grudges. But, yeah all my lovely siblings are children from my father's previous marriage and live in Kyoto, Japan. Luckys...

Despite all this, I am very close to my brother and sisters~ Seriously, they're great! They visit me every summer for a month and I go visit them in Kyoto for a month during Christmas~ We've never missed a trip~ While they did not understand my obsessions, they still love me just the same~

At 21, I'm currently a college student studying video game design. Soo our little story begins with my current move to my very first apartment~ I feel it's time for me to make a real impact on this world. Being the introvert I am, I gotta be honest and say this is hard for me to do. But, look out world! Under this shy girl is a fiery passion ready to ignite! But first, give me a little time to with my 3ds~ I need to get my Salemence to level 100!~

Little does Adriane know that her first night alone will be much more than she ever expected... She will embark a journey beyond her wildest dreams.

This is where her journey begins.

So here's the first chappy! The main purpose of this first chapter was to introduce the readers to the main character and my new Captian N~ Next chapter, I'll really get the ball rolling with the story, and the Nintendo characters will start to make their debuts! Any constructive criticisim and thoughts of what you guys wanna see are welcomed! But no flames! I got some sweet connections with Natsu Dragneel, and he'll eat any flames that come near my story~ Ok, that was a reallly dumb joke ^ ^; But seriously, no flames.

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