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I grinned wildly as I looked down at Pikachu, still in my arms and asleep, and shook it awake. It diddn't take long before the tiny Pokemon opened it's eyes and was greeted with the amazing sight before us.

"Chaa!~" Pikachu cheered as it's eyes sparkled.

"Isn't it amazing buddy?"

We looked on in silence for a few moments. Taking every little detail of the breathtaking cityscape before us. Elegant skyscrapers towered above the night sky; warm neon lights emitting from each one. The whole city held a warm and exciting glow. It reminded me a lot like a Neo Tokyo... but without any problems or chaos.

"Welcome to our city" Superia smiled.

'"I-it's amazing..." I sighed

"Of course it would be to you..." I heard Roku mumble from behind. I shot him an offended glare. His condescending attitude was really getting to me...

"What is that supposed to mean? Do you assume I have never seen a city before?"

"No, I only mean that you are out of place." he growled.

I whipped my head back towards him Me irritation very apparent.

"How so?" I barked as I stalked over to him. His tall form towering over my short frame. As if I cared though.

"You need to know your place human." He hissed as he looked away from my glaring eyes.

"SAY THAT TO MY FACE!" I snapped. I really had enough of this man; what was his problem? I didn't force my way into his precious little world!

Roku simply closed his eyes and walked forward towards Wiichi and Ui who where looking on with concerned faces. He smiled lightly at them and placed his hands on each of their heads.

Wait, did he really just smile?

I sighed and looked down. Pikachu, whom I seemed to drop in the process, was looking up at me with an awkward grin. My tension was let off as I smiled and bent down to scoop the Pokemon up into wy arms. I looked back up to see Superia approaching me.

"Don't worry Adriane. Roku will get used to you eventually. He's not exactly the social type..." Superia explained.

"Well I hope so~" I giggled "I do hope I'm not any burden to you being... human" It felt weird defining myself as a human.

"Oh don't worry! You're very welcome among us!" Superia waved her hands in front of her in a ditsy way. "I cant stress that enough actually... You're actually kind of a savior among us..." The silver-haired girl was more serious as she finished speaking.

"Savior?" I scoffed "How could I possibly help you guys?"

"Well, the fact that you're human is an excellent start actually... Roku knows that as well. He's just in denial at the moment..."

As I was about to speak, I was startled with the roar of a engine and lights approaching. I looked over and saw a slim and modern-looking car approach. It was a clean and glossy silver and had a very simplistic and futuristic look. The car came to a screeching halt in front of our group and the door flicked open. Out of it jumped a rather small framed girl. She seemed about 17-18ish and was built similarly to myself in stature. She had coral pink hair neatly pulled back into a bun at the top of her head. Her eyes where a pure glossy white and she was wearing a strapless black dress with white lace at the bottom. As soon as she bounded out of the unfamiliar vehicle, she ran straight to me with an excited look upon her face. As soon as the girl reached a proper speaking distance, she shot one of her thin arms out towards me and grinned with an uncontrollable excitement.

"Hiya! I'm Akari!~" the girl shouted "what's your name?"

"H-hi... I'm Adriane" I said hesitantly as I transferred Pikachu to one arm and shook hers with the other.

The girl began to giggle uncontrollably and I hesitantly took half a step backwards with an awkward grin.

"I'm sorry Adriane! I'm just so excited! I've never EVER met a human before! This is So great! I have SO much to ask you!~" Akari stared at me with an intense twinkle in her eyes. He hands meeteing to clasp in front of her chest as she talked... I mean, shouted.

It seemed this girl had the exact opposite reaction to me that Roku did...

Superia walked over and grabbed the tiny girl by her shoulders. "Adriane, this is our... energetic sister Akari... She can be a little startling at times"

"Oh no, shes fine!" I smiled

Akari and Superia smiled back until the younger looked down to see the startled creature I was holding...

"OMIGOSH! Is that a Pikachu? NO freaking way! It's SO cute! M-may I?" She held out her hands in a pleading manner.

I looked down at the little creature as it cautiously jumped into Akari's arms. As soon as the electric mouse reached her, she wasted no time in spinning around and cheering in glee.

"Well, I think its about time we get home... I'm sure you're tired of being in those dirty clothes" Superia said

I had been so focused on everything around me that I completely forgot about the toll my poor clothes and body had taken all day. I looked down to notice I was still in the clothing I had put on after work before my little trip to... Nintenia? I was in torn up pajama bottoms and a white Hard Rock Cafe sweatshirt. The sweatrshirt looked okay, save for it be kinda dirty, but I looked below it to see many cuts and bruises along my thin legs and the bottoms of my pajama legs completely totaled. I couldn't help but feel pretty embarrassed after realizing what I was wearing...

"Y-yeah, that sounds great!" I laughed nervously as I scratched the back of my head.

The car ride was fairly quick. Akari spent that time gushing about Pikachu (who came to not mind at all) and I took the time to take in the details of the city. The bright lights and little details reminded me of my yearly visits to Kyoto. I sighed as I reminisced in my mind. I hoped that I would never forget those feelings and sights. I wonder if I'll ever see Kyoto again...

As similar to Kyoto this city was, It was also pretty different. I noticed the streets where elevated and wide. Each one seemed to extend out and reach high up. Some even reached the top portion of the skyscrapers.

Among all of my observations there was one that stood out the most to me; there where no people. I was not sure of the time, however people where on the street at all hours of the night in the city...

As I continued to ponder the details of my new environment, I couldn't help but notice Roku glancing at me every so often from the corner of my eye.

As the ride came to an end, we stepped out of the car to see large, more traditional, looking home. It did not match the city at all, as a matter of fact, it was on a large hillside that was placed at the backdrop of the large metropolis.

We all began walking into the home. Once I entered, I was greeted with a very elegant and inviting entryway. Light, warm, marble floors spread to cover the entire are while the top of the space was open with high arches. I looked beyond the entryway to see a huge living space with the same marble floors and fine leather furniture. A fireplace elegantly placed at the right wall, and huge window replacing the entire back wall to frame the city perfectly. I walked into the space and saw a woman sanding by the window and talking with someone... with wings? I backed away a little, not knowing if I should make myself known. Superia and Akari approached me and smiled.

"Do you love it Adriane?" Akari squealed.

"Its... amazing" I said as I took another look.

"I'm glad you like it" Superia said "Akari will show you to you and Pikachu's room to freshen up, and then we can explain"

I was lead to a large bedroom with an equally large bathroom attached. The floors where a darker marble and accented with leather and dark wooden furniture. There was a TV, but it looked rather... unusual. Large french doors lead to a magnificent balcony at the end of the room. This was for... us?

I looked to Pikachu who was equally awestruck and bounding around the room in glee. I turned to Akari and bowed respectfully.

"Thank You so much!" I straightened back up to look at her "This is really amazing"

"Aww its nothin'!" Akari giggled "Theres clothes on the bed, take your time!~ Everyones really excited to meetcha!" She then turned to leave.

As soon as the door closed, I went straight for the clothes on the bed and rushed to the bathroom to clean myself of today's experience.

"Be right back Pikachu!"

A little while later, Pikachu and I found ourselves walking back down the hallway we came to our room from and making our way back to the main room. Both of us where clean and refreshed. The clothes given to me where very comfortable silk pajamas; it felt great to be out of my old clothes. I was still getting used to being in what appeared to be in a separate world from my own.

Actually, I don't think I could really ever grasp it... or could I?

As we reached the bottom of the stairs I looked to the right to see someone staring at us. I tured to face said someone strainght on. It turned out, it was not someone I had met yet, but he was still familiar.

Yeah, I'll never grasp this.

Standing in front of me was a boy. He had feathery redish-brown hair with gold decorations adorning it. His was a little shorter than me, and was dressed in white robes totally uncharacteristic from the apparel I had seen so far. On his feet where large brown boots while large cuffs where on his arms that seemed to match. He had big, pure white wings on his back. His big blue eyes stared at me with an unreadable expression.

There was no denying it; it was Pit...

I'm definitely not the best at awkward social situations, but I was faced with quite a few of these today. Not knowing what to do, I decided on introducing myself.

"Hi there~" I smiled as sweetly as I could "My names Adriane, and this is Pikachu"


Pit look at us with an even more unreadable expression, and began approaching us. After a few moments, he seemed to decide on his next action and spoke.

"Are you the one they said could help us?" The boy asked in a weak an uncertain voice, fear apparent in his eyes. He pointed to Pikachu as he said "us". Said Pokemon looked up at the boy with a frown.

Wait... what? Help us?

"What do you mean?"

"I was told you're a human"

I nodded

"Then you are the human that can help us... the one who bring us home!" The boy began to show more expression "I... It would be an honor to fight with you!"

"Wha..." I was taken back by Pits comment as I looked on with widened eyes. I looked down at Pikachu who was looking up at me. It's ears where lowered as it looked at me with a sad look. It seemed to know what Pit meant by a "fight".

I couldn't take any more confusion, it was very clear to me now that I was needed for something and I needed to find out what. I looked back up to Pit.

"Alright Pit, but let me talk to some people first..." I began walking briskly with Pikachu following at my side to find someone who could explain this to me... hell, at this point I would get it out of that jerk Roku if nobody else would tell me.

Surprised, Pit began running after us.

"Wait, how did you know my name?"

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