Hey Guys I'm rewriting my old story Left 2 Heal, yeah I am cutting out a few infected but if you want them to make cameo appearances just tell me now yeah the storyline is going to be off but please don't hate me.

name: richard

eyes: dark blue

Hair: Black, neat

Age: 26

Other. Tall, translates Christopher's sign language

Name: Joshua

eyes: green

Hair: brown, messy

age: 17

Other: wiry, thin brown jacket tan khakis

Name: Christopher

eyes: hazel

hair: light blond

age: 16

Other: baggy yellow gold sweater,blue jeans glasses, thin, mute interested in astronomy.

Name: Susan

Eyes: brown

Hair: straight, blond

Age: 17

Other: blue sweater, blue jeans.

OMFG that was boring now thats out of the way on with the show, or story, whatever.


A man flew down the streets stumbling and muttering to himself.

"No way please don't let this be happening please."

He ran around the corner trying to lose the beast that pursued him.

He came to a halt hearing the creatures growls fading into the distance.


The man whirled around searching for the source of the sound, his eyes crazed and anxious.

It was a boy around 13 years old his hands behind his back.

'oh my fucking-come on are you kidding me, scared by a child.' He thought in relief.

That was until he noticed the bandages. They tightly wrapped around the boys lower face.

The Man strode over to the boy and examined the bandages.

"Kid what happened to your face?"

The boy remained silent, cold, curious blue eyes bore into his soul unblinking, unnerving.

He examined the bandages he looked closer, his eyes went wide as he saw the faint outline of lips, an outline formed by...blood.

"Oh shi..."

The Jockey let out a muffled cackle and rushed towards him with spider-like legs. The Jockeys hands clutched around two sharp pocket knifes.

The man was too slow, the Jockey tackled him and stabbed the knifes into his back.

The man felt the jockey leap off him and looked up.

He opened his mouth in a futile attempt to scream as three sickle-like bones punctured his lungs, and ripped through his torso.

Chapter one

Evertill street

The four survivors shuffled through the street, Joshua noticed Christopher looking up at the stars intently. He gave grin and slid behind Christopher.

He grabbed Christopher's shoulders yelling "SUPRISE NERD!"

Christopher stumbled back and flailed about a couple of seconds before realizing what was going on.

Christopher shoved Joshua and started making symbols with his hands that if translated by Richard would suggest things like Joshua falling into a hole, scratch that, a hole full of witches.

Susan rolled her eyes and Richard chuckled.

Susan walked over to Joshua and whacked him on the back of his head.

"Cut it out moron." she scolded.

Joshua opened his mouth to respond but Richard held up his hand silencing them. Richards eyes narrowed he heard a rumbling from the other end of the street.

'Please let that be thunder.' He thought.

The sound of roaring grew louder and more enraged.
Joshua's face darkened "oh you are kidding m-"

The survivors rolled out of the way as a chunk of the concrete crashed into the ground sending rubble flying.

Another slab made impact with the street sign. The metal rod impaled itself into the ground a couple of inches from Richard's face. Richard's eyes went wide and his face paled as he eyed the metal rod next to him.

The survivors fled as the roars of the tank joined with the garbled cries of nearby infected who sprinted towards the survivors flailing and screaming in their eternal quest to quell their blood lust.

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