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It was dawn, the sun just hinting at a shine from the nearby horizon.

The wind was whipping the sand around wildly.

A thump could be heard faintly, then there was the sound of scurrying feet. A boy suddenly darted behind a house, looking around to make sure the coast was clear. Another thump, more footsteps, and out popped another child.

The first was around 6, he looked around cutely his brown eyes shining with mischief.

The older - who had come out second - had silky black hair and brown eyes, his face was adorable, scrunched up in concentration like it was. "Moses... what if we're caught? You're always getting me into trouble." He whined quietly, not wanting the guards to hear.

Moses pouted, "Come on Ramses it wasn't fair of them to ground us!"

Ramses's eyebrows wrinkled, "You destroyed a month's supply of work!" He leaned forward guiltily as he muttered, "And you made me your accomplice."

Moses shrugged, grabbing his hand and tugging at it insistently. "You don't want to get caught, then come on!"

Begrudgingly Ramses allowed his younger brother to pull him forward and together they made their way toward the stables. "Why are we going here Moses?" He asked quietly.

Again his brother shrugged, "I want to venture out to the desert, Ramses! Oh don't look at me like that, it'll be fun!"

Ramses was giving him his best 'are you serious face' and he'd stopped dead in his tracks, once more he made sure the guards wouldn't overhear him before he planted his hands firmly on his hips. "We can't do that."

Moses tugged on his hand urgently again. "Come on Ramses! Just this one time, I promise you'll have fun!"

'Doubt that.' Ramses thought smartly, but didn't voice the thought.

Finally seemingly having enough with his brother's inability to comprehend how much he really did want to explore the desert, Moses huffed. "Fine then, you stay here you big scardy cat! I'm going to go in the desert alone."

Ramses froze, "You can't go out here alone, you'll get lost! You'll die!"

Moses gave a dramatized, broken-hearted sigh. "Yeah, shame too, if only my dear older brother would go with me..." He trailed off allowing the thought to enter Ramses mind.

He didn't actually plan to go into the desert, in fact he'd simply wanted to go see the horses, more specifically his favorite.

Black Furry he called her, quite the beauty.

But Ramses didn't know this.

And as the seed was planted Ramses began to panic.

He couldn't just leave Moses alone to go in the desert! But it was wrong to explore that far!

If Moses had wanted to venture around the castle or cause trouble in the village he would have been all for it but... the desert.

The deep scary desert shouldn't be penetrated by kids their age.

Didn't Moses understand that?

"Moses we could get lost! We could die!"

Moses sighed, seeing his brother's fear.

Maybe he'd taken that joke too far.

Defeated her decided to cross his arms as if he was angry and jut out his chin. He didn't want to see the look on Ramses's face if he said he was joking. "Fine, wuss. Let's go check on Black Furry now, since we're already out here."

Relief was clear on Ramses's face as he nodded happily, content with this idea.

'Hopefully he'll just stay there and not go to the desert.'

i luv niki4444

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