The Mnemonic Abyss

Fan Fiction by: Duncan Carrier

I woke up in a dark hospital room. It was strange for I did not fall asleep here. I have never been here before either.

The last thing I could remember was I was on a web page called The Black Page. What am I doing here? I called out into the darkness.

"Hello... Is anyone there?"

I listened but I got no answer. I got up from the hospital bed only for me to hear a cellphone ring. I picked it up to see it was not mine.

As it rang I just waited. I let it ring but It didn't stop. I answered it but did not speak. After what seemed like an eternity it said something.

"I'm coming to find you..."

The phone then hung up. I was scared. I ran to the window to open the curtain and let in some light. As I opened it there was no light on the other side to be let into the room. On the other side all I saw was black. There was no street no cars nothing. I took a second to calm my mind. Once I finally calmed down I decided I need to find a flashlight. I put the phone into my front pocket and searched the room.

In time I had found a small flashlight under a bed. I turned it on and walked toward the door. I opened it and walked out. The hallway was dark and empty no one to be found or heard from.

I went to the hallway that was supposed to have a elevator. The elevator was not working. I thought for a second about another route out of this place. Just then the phone rang again and I answered it.

"Found you..."

I turned to face a girl about the age of twelve staring at me. Her hair was black and covered some of her face. She wore a red night gown and carried a stuffed black cat doll. Her eyes were slits and her face was pale. She reached out to me and grabbed me. Everything went black as I screamed my final breath. The last thing I could hear her say was.

"You will not be forgiven..."