He was lying on his back with his hands behind his head… so Reba decides to have a little fun.

She walks u to her bed watching his even breathing. She gently sits on his stomach carefully so she won't wake him up. She places one leg on either side of his body and places her weight onto her knees. She starts to tickle his sides. He awakens to her giggle. This makes him laugh. That was the same giggle he heard from across the bar the night they met. This laugh still melts his heart when he hears it.

He decided that it was his turn to have fun. He flipped her over so that he was laying on top of her. He tickles her sides and she squirms and laughs, he continues until she says "stop," she stops to giggle, "no more!" more giggles "I can't take it!" he ends her giggling by pulling her into a short yet tender kiss.

Reba stands, straightens her robe and laughs at their silliness. "What's so funny?" Brock asks with a smirk

"How this happened" she replied.

"It's not that silly" Brock says as Reba puts her earrings in and Brock walks up to her and slides his arms around her waist.

"Brock, you are married and we are divorced!" she stated turning to face Brock.

"Well, nothing can hold back love right?"

"Is that what you told Barbra Jean?" Reba said pulling away from his embrace and turning back towards the mirror and playing with her mess of red hair.

"I've never told Barbra Jean I was in love with her."

"Don't even think about lying to me Brock! I've heard you say it."

"Sure, I told her I loved her…. But I never told her I was in love with her; I loved her like a friend… I was only ever IN love with this one girl," he started stepping towards Reba and pulling her close to him. "She has this Beautiful fire red hair and this amazing body that she's had since collage. And those eyes of hers… they show all of her emotions with one glance. They also put me in this trance that when she looks at me… I can't think."

"Couldn't you just have said stuff like that when we were fighting?" She said relaxing into his arms and laying her head on his chest."

"I was too stupid for that. I'm still stupid, but the girl I was talking about earlier… yeah the gorgeous one, she keeps me sane."

"Aren't I supposed to be the mushy girly one in this relationship?"

"I'm not the girl… I don't exactly have the parts for that." She chuckled

"You always did know how to sweet talk a girl didn't you?"