Jack Frost's Dating Advice

Chapter 1

Winder: okay so this will be Jack X Hiccup, and if that's not your thing then fine, but please leave so that other people can enjoy. By the way I have nothing against Astrid, she's a good character but for now I'm just going to do what I want so just a warning but there might be bitchy kinda Astrid but I will try and keep her loveable at the same time. Now that this is out of the way I guess I can start.

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He'd always wondered why it was so cold. Why did Berk have to be one of the worst places to live and why was he born there? It's not like he really minded much anymore, with all the hail and snow he had gotten use to the tempters and he could walk around the village shirtless in -38 degree weather and not be cold at all, not that he would mind you, he liked to be warm and as much fun as it sounded like he would prefer to keep all of his limbs and not lose them to frostbite. Still though, as cold as the weather was it was nothing compared to how Astrid made him feel.

The girl was like the ice queen of the north and no matter what he did she never seemed impressed. They had, had that one kiss after he'd woken up to find his leg missing, but after that she had basically ignored him for the last two months. She seemed more interested in training the dragon she had chosen rather than spending any time with him. He felt as if he was at the end of his rope, he'd tried everything and yet nothing had worked on the girl. Maybe if he just came right out and said that he liked her though then she would finally understand what he was trying to get at.

"Okay Toothless today's the day." He mumbled as he pulled on his one boot and stood up with his hands on his hips as he looked over at his dragon with determination written across his face. "Today I'll tell Astrid how I feel about her and ask her to go out with me."

Toothless just seemed to tilt his head to the side as he gave the brown haired boy a look that seemed to say, 'yeah, surrre,' in the most sarcastic voice anyone could imagine. Hiccup's arms dropped to his side as he pouted just the slightest while giving his friend a glare that held no threat or malice.

"I thought friends were supposed to be supportive." He growled as he crossed his arms over his chest with a huff while Toothless just rolled his eyes. "Fine. It's not like I need it anyways." He said as he took a step forward…

And nearly crashed into the floor.

Had it not been for Toothless' quick reflexes Hiccup was sure his face would have met with the hard, cold, unforgiving wood of the floorboards. Smiling meekly up at the black dragon he pushed himself up to his feet and nearly stumbled again before the night fury caught him once more. Two months and he still stumbled around like a new born fawn. Losing a foot was not something he'd thought he'd ever have to get used to, he'd never even thought about it until he'd woken up and saw it was missing, which he supposed was odd considering the amount of people in the village that were missing limbs.

"I'm okay buddy." He chuckled as he pushed himself up once again and wobbled back for a moment with his arms spread out as he caught his balanced and grinned triumphantly when he managed to stay up this time. Getting a look of approval from the green eyed dragon Hiccup nodded his head before he stumbled towards his door. "So I'm going to tell Astrid and hopefully not fall flat on my face before I get there." He muttered while opening his door. "Wish me luck buddy." He said as he watched Toothless leave through his window. "Thor knows I'm going to need it."

As he made his way down the stairs, holding on to the railing for dear life of course, he noticed that the fire was higher than it normally was, which meant either one of two things. One; it was really, really cold outside, or two; his dad was going to be away for a while and wanted to have enough wood to keep the fire going for a long period of time because he didn't want Hiccup to throw any wood on it when it started to die. Really? Burn the house down one time….

Once he opened the door though Hiccup realized that it was because of reason number one.

It was really, really cold outside.

Hiccup found himself shivering as his small frame clung to the door and he looked outside with his mouth agape. What had gone on last night? Before he'd headed in for the night, after sneaking back into the house, there had been hardly any snow on the ground, but now…well if he took a step out in it there was no doubt that it would go up to his bellybutton. How was he supposed to do anything in this?

Looking around he noted that everyone else had chosen to either ride their dragons or they were simply staying in. It didn't take him long to spot his dad who was plowing through the snow with a huge ax like object that was used to push the snow to the side and make little paths all throughout their tiny village. Maybe it would be a good idea to grab his deer skinned shawl. Just before he ducked back inside though Toothless came around the corner, happily dipping in the snow with a giant smile on his face and his eyes wide in wonder as he turned to face Hiccup.

Seeing the smiling face of his friend Hiccup let out a laugh, completely forgetting how cold it was and jumping into the snow with his dragon. They played around for a bit, Hiccup throwing a snowball every once and awhile and Toothless crushing him with huge snow boulders, both Hiccup's laughter and Toothless' joyful sounding purr filling up the air around them, before a sudden cough made them both freeze in their motions. Something which Hiccup was a little grateful for considering that Toothless would have dropped the biggest snow bolder ever seen on his head, but once he got a look at who had interrupted all the color drained from his face.

Hovering in the air on her dragon sat a very amused looking Astrid. With one hand holding one of the horns of Stormfly her other was resting on her hip as she stared down at the two who were, by now, panting and red face. Her eyes said it all and Hiccup struggled to get up from the place he had fallen still feeling incredibly short as he dusted the snow off of himself before looking up at the girl with a side grin as he shrugged his shoulders.

"You know dragons." He chuckled while she just raised a brow at him and Toothless growled before whacking the boy in the back of his head with his tail. "Ow! What was that for!?"

"Hiccup," the girl said, her voice demanding attention as they both turned to her, "Your dad wanted me to come get you so you could help try and get all of this snow out of the village."

"Yeah sure, what does he need me to do? Get an ax and shove it out of the way like him, or carry a…"

"I think it would be better if you flew Toothless around and just melted the snow." Astrid smirked as Hiccup's smile fell and he looked away, bouncing on his feet as he nodded his head. Of course. "Some of us are going to be shoving snow out of the way but there's so much that it might just be easier to melt most of it."

"But won't that flood…"

"All the water will move downhill and back into the ocean."

"Right." Hiccup mumbled as he swung his arms for a moment before a bright smile came to his face and he looked back up at the blond. "Before we melt it all though we should have a huge snowball fight! We can split the village into teams and I could protect you from getting…"

"Hiccup." Astrid snapped as he eyes narrowed and she crossed her arms over her chest while Stormfly just looked around seeming bored. "I don't have time for childish games. I've got work to do."

For a moment Hiccup stood absolutely still before he opened his mouth again.

"Um, okay, I…" But before he even got to finish Astrid had spun her dragon around and took off to another part of the village. "Right, bye I guess, maybe we'll talk later and I…can stop having conversations with myself that I ramble on in." he said, his voice getting quieter as his sentence came to a pathetic end.

"I have never seen someone mess up that bad before."

Hiccup nearly screamed at the new voice as he back dashed and ran straight into Toothless who protectively wrapped his thick, black tail around the boy and glared at the person who was standing before them.

The guy couldn't have been much older than Hiccup but he already had snow white hair and from the looks of his hands he was very pale. He wasn't looking at either the boy or his dragon, instead his face was turned towards the place where Astrid had disappeared to, so neither of them could see his face, but the guy was strange enough that Hiccup's mouth was already dropping open at the sight of him.

He had some sort of ratty, old looking, dark brown shawl wrapped around his thin frame and dark tan pants that ended just a few inches below his knees with lighter tan, leather straps that were wrapped multiple times around his legs. The weirdest thing though was that fact that he was standing on the snow covered ground and yet he didn't have anything on his feet. Wasn't he cold?

"And trust me. I've been around for a long time. This is by far the saddest attempt I have ever witnessed." The young man chuckled as he turned around and Hiccup finally saw his face.

If his mouth was hanging open before then it must be hitting the floor by now. The guy was beautiful, for a lack of a better word, he had the most amazing blue eyes that Hiccup had ever seen, he couldn't even think of a word to describe them. They were so bright and yet so dark at the same time, and that smile on his face…It was cold and mischievous but it seemed to hold some sort of warmth and welcoming feeling to it as well.

"I mean is it really so hard to ask a girl out? I mean that's what you wereeee… are you staring at me?" the guy questioned, his eyes seeming to widen in shock as his grip around the crooked staff in his hand tightened noticeably.

"Um well it would be rude to not face someone when their talking to you." Hiccup mumbled as he dropped his eyes to the flattened snow covered ground while rubbing the back of his head before he looked back up into the eyes of the other. "Then again it's not like…."

"You can see me!" They exclaimed as they threw their arms up in the air with the biggest grin that Hiccup had ever seen, and he owned a dragon. "I can't believe this! Can I touch you too?" he questioned, seeming a little too excited as he basically skipped up to the boy who pressed himself back into the warm body of his dragon. Toothless, to his credit, snarled at the approaching stranger and tightened his grip around his friend, not seeming to be to thrown off by this random guy in their village.

The strangers smile fell for a moment before it was back with full force. He held his arms up in the air after stabbing his staff into the ground to show his surrender but Toothless didn't seem to convinced.

"Hey, don't worry big guy. I'm not going to hurt him." He chuckled as he approached a little bit slower.

"Um, it's okay Toothless." Hiccup said as he placed one hand behind the dragon's ear and gave him a gentle scratch. He wasn't so sure himself if this was a good idea but what was the worse that this guy could do?

He flinched slightly when the young male raised his hand however he didn't move and allowed the guy to pet his head and ruffle his hair.

"This is so cool." The guy basically breathed as he played with the boy's hair some more before letting his hand slide down to the boy's cheek, gently ruining his fingers over the features on his face. His fingertips were freezing, as if they were icicles instead of a human hand, and they made the small boy shiver as he screwed his eyes shut while the icy touch ran over his eyelids and down his nose. The other seemed to notice this though as he dropped his hand and Hiccup opened his eyes.

"Sorry, it's just been so long since someone could see me, and they normally walk right though me so I can't touch them." He chirped as Hiccup raised his brow at the strangeness of the words.

"What are you…"

"Hiccup! What are you doing standing around!" Stoick yelled from the other side of the village making the boy jump.

"I'm talking to this guy!" Hiccup yelled back as he pointed to the stranger who only shook his head with a small smirk that seemed more sad than amused.

"I wouldn't say that." He put in quietly as he raised his free hand to scratch at his cheek briefly.

"What are you talking about Hiccup? No one's there!"

What? Hiccup turned back around to make sure the guy was still there and glared at him when the guy only gave him a small wave as he leaned against his staff. He was standing right there! How could his dad not see him?

"Get to work Hiccup! The village isn't going to unfreeze itself."

"Yes sir!" Hiccup yelled back over his shoulder before shooting the older boy a quizzical look. "I don't…"

"Oh trust me kid, I've been there." The stranger smirked as he leaned back and fell into the snow. "No one can hear me or see me. It's been that way for as long as I can remember."

Oh! Hiccup got it now!

"I'm going insane! That must be it! I've talked to myself way too much and now my brain has created someone for me to talk to. Oh that's just great! As if my life couldn't get any worse." The boy groaned as he dropped the back of his head against Toothless' back.

"Could a figure of your imagination do this?" The stranger questioned as a snowball smacked the boy right in the face, shocking him and making him feel as if he was a fish for a few moments while his mouth opened and closed as he looked at the laughing teen who was rolling around in the snow.


"Hiccup! Now!"

"Sorry!" The boy shouted as he jumped onto Toothless' back and clicked his prosthetic foot into place. When he turned around to question the stranger once more his eyes widened briefly upon seeing that he wasn't there anymore. Well where did he…

"My names Jack by the way."

The boy squeaked when the voice drifted over his ear before he looked over his shoulder to see 'Jack' sitting right behind him with both of his legs thrown over to one side and leaning against the staff in his hand. "Jack Frost and I think I could help you get the attention of that girl." He smirked as Hiccup felt his face go bright red, turning back to face the front for a moment.

"How are you going to do that?" He asked as he turned to look back over his shoulder only to see that the guy was missing.

Oh perfect. His own mind thought that he was so pathetic that it made him a dating doctor.

"I hate my life."