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Lucy the Strawhat


"Never fight with Ivankov… I think he learned his lesson," Robin giggled. Nami stared at the depressed Luffy, who sat on the railing to the Thousand Sunny.

"Well, Ivankov has long since left, too, so Luffy had better hope that's only temporary. He'll have a hard time trying to be the King of the Pirates like that," Nami replied. Robin nodded.

"Nami, Robin! I've brought you some tea~!" Sanji sang. The two girls accepted Sanji's gift, their thoughts leaving Luffy's current predicament.

"Darn that Ivankov… How could he think meat isn't awesomer than gender changing… He didn't have to go so far as to make me a girl…" Luffy pouted, swinging her legs off the side of the Thousand Sunny.


"I am Luffy!" Luffy cried, turning to Chopper.

"NO, YOU"RE NOT! YOU'RE A GIRL!" Chopper pointed out. Luffy crossed her arms beneath her newly-acquired bust.

"I didn't notice," she retorted, still a bit sour about the whole thing.

"It is Luffy; I saw the whole thing," Sanji said. He scrunched his face up in disgust, "It's disgusting how Ivankov turned him into a girl…" Sanji looked like he'd been scarred for life.

"Oh, Luffy~! Come here!" Nami called. Luffy looked up at her.

"What is it?" she asked, climbing up the boat to where Nami stood.

"Since you're a girl now… You should dress like one," Nami said with an evil smile and dragged her into the room that Nami and Robin shared.

"Wait! Nooo!" Luffy cried. About twenty minutes later, Luffy was dragged out of the room. Luffy was wearing a red dress with gold buttons on the top of the thin straps. Her straw hat had been adorned with a long red ribbon.

"Meet Lucy! The long lost sister of mine!" Nami said. Robin chuckled, amused that Nami had claimed Luffy as her 'sister.'

"This is embarrassing," Luffy complained.

"You still have shorts on underneath it… so it's not THAT bad," Nami replied, crossing her arms, "Besides, you're Lucy now… SO ACT LIKE A GIRL!" Luffy frowned.

"I don't wanna," Luffy mumbled.

"What was that?" Nami asked innocently, "From what I can see, you ARE a girl." Luffy gave Nami an exasperated look.

"Fine," she pouted, "Now I'm going to go get something to eat." Luffy trudged off into town, grumbling obscenities about Nami and her 'Lucy' dress-up antics. Luffy padded through the streets and found an ice cream stand. Her eyes widened, and she quickly went to retrieve some.

Once she had about four scoops of ice cream at hand, she was happily walking about the city.

"hello there, I haven't seen you before," a gruff voice said to Luffy.

"Hmm?" she replied, looking at the large, ugly pirate.

"You're even cuter now that I see your sweet face," the pirate continued.

"Do you need something?" Luffy asked, clueless as to what was going on. The pirate smiled creepily.

"Yes, I do," he replied with a strange smile. He smelt heavily of alcohol, which reminded Luffy of Zoro.

"Well, I don't have anything for you," Luffy replied innocently.

"Yes, you do," the man said, leaning closer to Luffy.

"Ew!" Luffy said, scrunching up her nose, "You smell gross! Don't get so close to me!"

"You bitch! Don't you have any manners!" the pirate yelled, grabbing Luffy by the front of his dress. Luffy's eyes widened in surprise.

"Hey! Let go of me," Luffy said, squirming in the man's hold. That was when she remembered that she was, in fact, a girl. "H-help!" Luffy tried to 'helplessly' get away. Suddenly a red-haired man got Luffy free and threw the man to the ground. She looked up at the one-armed man in surprise. Luffy quickly stood, noticing her position was indecent to be in for a girl.

"Are you okay?" he asked, turning to Luffy. Luffy's eyes widened in surprise as she saw the three scars on the man's face. I-it's Shanks! Luffy just stared at the man she hadn't seen in years. He didn't even recognize Luffy. Then, once again, Luffy remembered she was a girl at the moment.

"Helloo? Are you okay?" Shanks repeated, waving a hand in front of Luffy's face.

"Huh? Yes! Thank you very much!" Luffy smiled and turned on her heel to leave. She noticed, sadly, that she had also dropped her ice cream.

"You're welcome…" Shanks replied in confusion. This girl had turned tail rather quickly… and she seemed familiar somehow. Luffy felt a heated blush of embarrassment on her face. Why did I think he would recognize me if I'm a girl! Luffy let out a sigh and stepped forward.

"Hey, wait! What's your name?" Shanks asked. This girl, he just knew he'd met her somewhere before.

"It's Lu—Lucy!" Luffy replied, barely catching herself there. Me and Shanks aren't supposed to meet again yet. He'll never know… never ever! Ohhh… I smell meat! "And… um… I've got to go!" Luffy ran in the direction of the smell. Shanks was left behind by the childish, pretty girl who had already seemed to have forgotten all about the earlier incident he'd saved her from.

Luffy ran almost aimlessly though the streets. She was thankful that Shanks didn't recognize her. That would've meant their promise would've been broken, and Luffy would have to explain why she was a girl. Eventually, Luffy came upon the Thousand Sunny, which was (of course) the source of the smell.

"Hmm… it seems you were right, Zoro. Luffy can smell cooking meat from anywhere, especially since she's a girl now," Nami commented. Zoro nodded simply and Luffy jumped onto the deck. Her foot caught on the rail and she face planted. Luffy rubbed her nose lightly, tears in the corners of her eyes.

"This is weird… I don't normally trip when I do that," Luffy sniffed. Her altered straw hat had fallen back on the thin string that kept it around her neck.

"Your body is proportioned differently, Lucy," Robin pointed out. Luffy frowned.

"Oh… yeah…" She said, scratching the side of her head slightly, "And it hurt!" she whimpered, and tears slid down her face. Everyone looked on in shock.

"Um… should he be acting that fragile?" Zoro asked, weirded out by his captain's display of femininity. Luffy wiped her tears away and sniffled a bit. Chopper ran over, looking worried.

"Lucy! Are you okay?" Chopper asked.

"I feel better now," Luffy replied, "I'm hungry too." Nami burst out laughing in disbelief.

"Does this mean that the horm-horm fruit that Ivankov ate made Luffy-Lucy act more like a girl?" she wondered aloud, wiping tears from her eyes.

"Most likely," Robin agreed.

"Man, that had better wear off soon. I don't think we could handle having a girly captain," Franky commented.

"It'd better! I don't want to be a girl anymore! And I wanna eat!" Luffy added.

"Dinner's ready~" Sanji called from the doorway to the dining room.

"Hurray! Thank you so much, Sanji!" Luffy cheered, hugging the chef as she ran past. Sanji's curly eyebrows twitched as his brain repeated, he's not a girl. He's not a girl. He is NOT a girl… Luffy sat down and ate in her usual manner, which made everyone let out a sigh of relief. At least he was mostly himself.

"Hey, Luffy, did Nami make you wear one-hundred percent girl's clothing?' Brooke asked like the perverted skeleton he was. All the other guys looked at the afro-skeleton in pure shock.

"Shishishi; of course! I'm a girl, ya know," Luffy laughed like it was no big deal. Brooke, Franky and Sanji's jaws dropped. Zoro had already fallen asleep at the table. Luffy continued eating. Robin laughed, and moments later, Nami joined in. Luffy became rather fat once again and rubbed his stomach happily.

"Thanks for the food!" she cried, bouncing up, making the fat quickly disappear. Luffy ran to her room to lie down and sleep.

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