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"And I thought - for sure - that he'd be miserable the whole time," Ivankov complained in disbelief.

"Obviously not. Just look at the photos I took of these two," Nami replied, smiling evilly to herself. They would make for great blackmail at some point.

"To think I came all this way just to turn him back too," Ivankov pouted.

"Please do... Luffy's just not the same as a girl," Nami sighed, thinking of the "wimp" side-effect.

"Fine, fine," Ivankov waved a hand flamboyantly. With a snap of his fingers, Luffy's girlish antics were immediately halted.

"This looks weird," Luffy commented on the dress he was wearing. Without further ado, he ran off to change into his usual attire. It almost seemed as if Luffy's little fling had never happened. What Nami had said was true, his feelings from when he was a girl seemed to be nothing more than but a dream.

"I can't promise I'll turn him back to a boy the next time," Ivankov winked.

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