My Prince

My prince, my friend
Whom I want to be with till the end
As I promised on that day,
By your side, I'll stay

When you wish to take a life,
Please use me as your knife
For under your command
It will not be withstand

My prince, my brother
Get rid of me if I'm a bother
If it's for your happiness
I'll endure my pain and sadness

Even if it's just for a while
Could you please smile?
You're sweet expression
Keeps me from my depression

My prince, my love
You're all I could think of,
Our memories together
Is what I truly treasure

Meeting at our secret place
Would always bring smiles to our face
I loved the days we laugh and play
But I know you can't always stay

My prince, my dear treasure
Your importance to me cannot be measure
Please forgive this fool
Who fell in love with you

Although you look at another
I will stay by brother
All I ask is one little thing,
For you not to forget me

The wind was blowing softly against me as I sat criss cross on the grass folding a blank piece of paper that will hopefully turn into what I want it to be. Hearing footsteps in the distance, I quickly finished up before turning my body around with the paper hiding behind me. Soon after, a boy who looks exactly like me entered the garden.


He ran over to sit in front of me with a irritated expression on his face while I simply smiled at him.


"Did you steal a cookie from the kitchen?"

I gave him an innocent look upon hearing his question.

"Now, why would I do that?"

"I don't know, but for some reason, Chef Richard won't let me into the kitchen cause he said he saw me steal a cookie! I wasn't even planning on doing that today!"

I struggled to hold in a laugh but managed to keep it in when he started his explanation. Seeing Hikaru frustrated or flustered always made my day.

"What kind of cookie was stolen?"

"How should I know? I didn't do it."

"Well, I didn't steal a cookie either...I took two."

I mumbled the last part but purposely loud enough so that he could hear it.

"Kaoru! You could have saved one for me."

He pouted again and I patted his head with a small laugh. Then, I held out a cookie in front of his face with my right hand.


The cookie was quickly taken from my hand.

"Hikaru, I got something for you."

He finished the cookie and looked at me with a cheerful smile. Really, brother's smile is one of his best qualities.

"Really? You didn't have to you know."

I smiled back at him and held onto the origami in one of my hand to keep it in place.

"I wanted to though, so close your eyes."

"Uh okay."

My brother did what he was told and closed his eyes. I then carefully put the origami rose on his head before putting my hands back on my lap.

"Okay, open your eyes."

His eyes, that seemed darker than mine in my mind, opened to look at me.

"Now what?"

"What do you mean?"

"You did something so that's why I had to close my eyes right?"

"I wonder."



I looked at him with a smile as he sighed in defeat. When his head was slightly titled down the rose soundlessly fell down from his head to his lap.

"Oh, how pretty."

The rose was gently cupped by his hand and the smile I came to love was back on his face again.

"Thank you Kaoru."

"You're very welcome."

"I didn't get anything for you though."

His smile turned into a small frown.

"No it's alright, your smile is all I need to make my day. So, could you please smile for me?"

He smiled and kept holding onto the rose with delicate care.

"Make sure not to lose it alright? It took a lot of experimenting to get it the way it was now. If you misplace it then I'm going to make sure you're banned from the kitchen forever alright?"


"I'm kidding."

I chuckled and patted his head before looking up at the sky. There was so many clouds today, so much that it might rain today.

"Hey Kaoru."

Taking my eyes off the big blue, I looked at my twin brother who was gazing at the paper rose in his left hand.


"No matter what happens, we'll always be together right?"


"Pinky Promise?"

He held out his right hand's pinky to me and I intertwined it with mine.

"Pinky Promise."

With that being said, we both smiled at each other.

"Oh yah, Ha-"

"-There they are!"

We both turned our heads to the direction of the voice to see one of dad's advisors with a few guards at his side at the entrance of the garden. The advisor pointed a finger at Hikaru.

"That's him."

My eyes slightly widened when a guard came to Hikaru and started pulling him away from me.

"Let go of me!"

I see my brother step on the soldier's foot and was able to get out of his grip before coming back to my side. My eyes were starting to water as he held onto my hands tightly.

"Hikaru, what's happening?"

"What are you standing around for? Go get him!"

"I don't know Kaoru."

Turning my head around, I saw that the guards were coming at us. Even when I was holding onto my brother's hand tightly, the guards manage to get me away from him.

"Let me go! What is the meaning of this?!"

I thrashed around as I was being pulled away and felt my heart break as I looked at my brother who was being taken away by another guard.


"Forgive me Prince Kaoru, but this must be done for the sake of the kingdom."

Looking at the advisor, his expression was sincere but I didn't care. After we were dragged out of the garden by the guards, we went to opposite directions. That was the moment everything changed.

TIME SKIP- 10 year later

I strolled around the castle with a small smile on my face as I reminisced on what the place looked like before I left. It was decorated with more elaborate furniture while the outside walls had a more ancient feeling. Walking silently into the royal garden I went to the far off corner near the trees to look up at the sky like I used to. The sun was about to set, so the sky was painted with a nice dark orange with some red lingering along in it.

Hearing footsteps in the distance, I quickly jumped up to grab a hold of the branch above me before pulling myself onto it. Thankfully I manage to get some muscles when I was away. After getting to a moderately high branch I hid behind the leaves to see a pair of legs in a small opening standing next to the spot I once was. I was curious to see who it was, but no one was suppose to know I was at the castle just yet so I had to stay where I was.


My body slightly stiffened when I heard that title being called by probably one of the maids in the castle. Another pair of legs joined the first ones and I slightly pouted at the fact that any movement from the leaves I want to move to see his face would reveal my presence.

"Prince Hikaru, what are you doing out here? You need to get ready for the ball."

There was a moment of silence before the crown prince replied with a small sigh.

"I know, I'll get dressed now."

With that being said the sound of footsteps were heard before it drifted away. I climbed all the way to the top of the tree before taking out a cookie from my pocket to start munching on it.

"I guess I'll see you at the ball my prince."

Time skip - Night time

The ball was filled with chatter and music as the people inside were enjoying themselves to the fullest. I was in the corner watching people dance while others just chatted. At this time, I saw that Prince Hikaru was socializing with other nobles that came from different lands. When he laughed I couldn't help but smile at it.

"Looks like he's having fun."

I walked out to the balcony and stared up at the now night sky. Suddenly, I gasped when I felt someone jumped onto my back and wrapped their arms around my neck.

"Kaoru-chan! Why are you all alone?"

"I just wanted to enjoy the scenery that's all Hunny."

He kept an arm around my neck then offered me a large strawberry cake with a bright red cherry on top.

"Hey hey, do you want some cake? The cake here is so~ good and there's a lot too!"

"I'll get my own later so enjoy it yourself, Hunny."

"Hmm okay, make sure to get some before it's to late!"

I felt him slide to the ground then audibly enjoy the cake with a wide grin. Hunny was one of our top generals even though he had a baby face and was young. It amazed me that he was older than me when we first met. In a few moments, a figure stood next to Hunny holding another plate in his hand.

"Hey there Mori."

Said person nodded at me then slightly smiled when he saw Hunny devouring the cake with no mercy. Mori was Hunny's partner when it came to fighting of all types. These two were the best team that could take down a small army by themselves due to their incredible skill.

It was hard to believe at first when I first heard these stories from another soldier. However, when I was doing a training exercise, Hunny was able to take down a wild bear with one hand. If he could do that then there was no telling what Mori could do.

"Seeing as the two of you are here, I'm guessing Kyoya is with you as well."

They both nodded at me.

"Wait, why are you guys here again?"

"We were given a mission that required us to be here."

Mori said in a low voice and I nodded.

"I'm gonna go get a cookie, make sure to take care of your teeth Hunny."

After they nodded at me I went back into the ballroom and was able to hear some of the things the people were saying.

"Is that the crown prince?"

"He's wearing a different outfit though."

"Who cares, he's handsome."

I took a cookie from the table and quietly munched on it as I heard more people talk about me. Their stares started to make me feel uncomfortable. I wasn't the type to enjoy other's attention if I didn't know them that well.

"Maybe I shouldn't have attended this ball."

When I looked through the crowd, I saw that the crown prince was looking at me with a shocked expression. I smiled at him then slid through the crowd. After passing through the double doors to a different balcony, I headed down the stairs it provided. At the bottom, I turned around to see the prince following me. I beckomed him to come forward then started jogging towards the royal garden.

"Hey wait!"

I made sure to stop once in a while so that he could catch up. Although I was enjoying myself, the prince didn't think the same thing. At a different entrance to my favorite garden, I walked to the far corner I was at earlier. Turning around, I fully looked at the prince, my older brother whom I haven't seen for so long. He's grown taller and his face looks more mature now.


He took a couple of steps forward until he was standing a few feet away.

"Hey Hikaru, it's been a while hasn't it?"

When he didn't answer I noticed that he was looking down with his shoulders slightly shaking.

"Hey, are you laughing or crying?"

Again he said nothing.

"Can you please look at me?"

He looked at me with tears in his eyes that were threatening to spill. I took a step forward and held one of his hands.

"Forgive me for not visiting you sooner and also not being able to say this ten years ago on the day we were separated."

I took out a real rose and held it out to him with a big smile.

"Happy Birthday Hikaru."

With that being said he gave me a hug as he started crying on my shoulder. I petted his hair softly.

"From now on, I'll fight for you. If I do that, will you smile then?"