As the title says, this is an alternative ending. Have fun reading it. Ciao.

When the day to meet arrived, Hikaru was first to arrive at the destined location. Before he headed out into the open, he allowed Mori and Honey to survey the area for any unwanted soldiers from the other side. When they reported back to him, it didn't seem like anyone was there, but they felt that there was someone hiding in the trees. Though they couldn't confirm their suspicions, Hikaru didn't waver. He was determined to rescue his brother.

Hikaru made his way into the open land. Once he was halfway through the clearing, he stopped then waited for the other to appear. He didn't wait long since Kyoya soon arrived while dragging a wounded, tied up Kaoru by his side. Seeing his brother in this condition, Hikaru wanted to kill the knight right then and there. However, he bit his tongue and refrained from making any move. He didn't want to do something that might provoke Kyoya into hurting Kaoru even more.

"So you really did decide to show up. Wonderful, I can't wait to see you dead, Hikaru."

The king didn't say anything at first, but kept a steady glare towards the knight. Kaoru looked mentally and physically exhausted as he sat on the grounding looking back from Hikaru to Kyoya with his eyes.

"Release Kaoru, then I'll go with you willingly."

"So that Honey can shoot me with an arrow once Kaoru is safe? I don't think so."

Hikaru frowned since Kyoya was able to see through their plan so easily. However, it was expected of him since he was one of the best knights in their kingdom. If he couldn't do this much, then he wouldn't be holding up his reputation as a skilled tactician.

"I'm not giving him up that easily. Especially to you."

"What do you want then. You know I'm willing to do anything for Kaoru."

Kyoya smiled slightly then suddenly kneeled down to pull Kaoru into a hug. The sudden action, shocked Hikaru before it turn into the familiar dull feeling of hatred. It got worse when Kaoru leaned his head into the embrace with a content smile on his face. Hikaru narrowed his eyes and masked his face with a neutral expression.

"If I told you to kill yourself, would you?"

"If I do, how will I know that Kaoru's safety is ensured?"

"As long as he's with me, Kaoru will always be safe and free from risking his life for you."

The knight rested his head on top of Kaoru's then leaned his face closely towards Kaoru. Even though he was just pressing his face against his brother's cheek, Hikaru felt angry. The anger got worse since he knew that he couldn't do anything to stop him. Kyoya knows this and continues to taunt the other by pulling Kaoru into a tighter hug.

As the king watched the knight move his head dangerously closer to his brother, he noticed something. There was something odd in the way Kaoru was moving his body. He unconsciously moved back and forth and his eyes were half lidded. Kaoru didn't seem to know what was going on at the moment either. His eyes didn't have its usual brightness and his movements were sluggish.

"What did you do to Kaoru."

"Oh? So you do notice it."

"I said, what did you do to Kaoru!"

Hikaru glared at Kyoya with burning eyes. It was one thing to hurt his brother, but now the knight was taking advantage of his weakened state. He thought that since he loved Kaoru, he wouldn't do anything he hated. However, it appears that his judgment was right about him. Kyoya was just as bad and incompetent for Kaoru as he first thought.

"I just had to make sure he wouldn't do anything foolish during our meeting. If he were to get in between us when I kill you, then things would get messy."

Kyoya ran his hands through Kaoru's hair then gently placed a kiss on his neck. Kaoru unconsciously moaned then closed his eyes not knowing what he was doing. A smile formed on the knight's lips before he let Kaoru slump to the ground. Hikaru tightly gripped his sword and was eager to slice Kyoya's hands with it.

"Is that what you want then? Me dead? I'll gladly give my life up if that means Kaoru will be free from the likes of you."

"I could almost say the same thing to you. You're not much better than me don't you think, King Hikaru? At least I spend time with him. When was the last time you did that?"

Hikaru stayed silent since the answer was obvious. He unsheathed his sword then pointed it out toward the knight. Kyoya shook his head then spoke confidently.

"I think we both know what's going to happen if you try fighting against me. How about you just give Kaoru to me instead?"

"If you really wanted me to do that then you wouldn't have invited me here."

"True, it's not what I want. There are other people that would love to have your head."

"Including you?"

Kyoya chuckled a little.

"Before yes, but Kaoru made me forget about revenge for a while. Now the only reason I would want you dead is to pay for all that you've done to him."

Hikaru lowered his sword and looked thoughtful for a moment. Then, he shook his head and repositioned himself in attack mode.

"I'm not leaving without him."

"Still as stubborn as ever. Try not to bore me."

Kyoya took out his weapon then casually walked forward. Hikaru cleared his thoughts then dashed forward to land the first attack. It was easily deflected, but he wasn't discouraged by that. He continued to send attack after attack to the knight in hopes of injuring him. However, none of them were able to get through Kyoya's defense.

Many years of training and hardships have allowed the knight to polish his skills. Hikaru on the other hand didn't have much to offer since he was forced to focus on studying. Even with the little practice he had with his teachers, it made no difference against the kingdom's best knight. Even so, Hikaru continued to attack without fail. Every time he was sent to the ground, he stood back up. This was his chance to bring Kaoru back and he wasn't going to waste this opportunity.

Back in the trees that protected Honey and Mori from anyone's sight, they watched the fight unfold in front of them. Both of them knew that Hikaru was outmatched. Though they tried their best to improve his swordsmanship, Kyoya had experience on his side. Honey wanted to shoot his arrow to even the odds, but he might hit Hikaru by accident. Right now, he was still in the position of shooting his arrow, but hasn't released it.

"Hika-chan stop moving around so much."

The young general stuck his tongue out in hard concentration as he held onto the back of the arrow tightly. Since the two of them out there were going head to head, they didn't stop to catch their breath. Kyoya made sure not to stay in the same spot unless Hikaru was standing in front of him.

"Mistukuni, I'm going to try grabbing Kaoru. Cover me."

Honey didn't hear his partner say this since he was too focused on the task ahead of him. Mori looked back at the opening then ran full speed ahead with his hand on his weapon just in case Kyoya noticed him. However, even though the knight saw him, he didn't do anything to stop the general. Instead, he moved away from Kaoru and kept his eyes on Hikaru.


Mori looked back at Kaoru and was about to grab him until a blonde haired man blocked his path. Tamaki threw a knife at Mori then dashed at him with a sword in hand. In response, the stoic man dodges the knife then engaged in battle with him. Metal scrapped against metal as the two fought their best. Mori seemed to be on a higher level, but he wasn't able to create enough time to get Kaoru into safety. Whenever he had a chance, Tamaki would throw a knife to distract the other before swinging his sword with full might.

Once Honey noticed that his partner was fighting someone, he tried shooting Tamaki instead. Then he saw that Hikaru was still in trouble, so he moved his attention to Kyoya again. However, he felt that he needed to help Mori as his partner. A large frown formed on his lips as he looked back at the two fights with hesitation. He pointed his arrow to one person, then another with a shaky hand, but was never able to make a decision.

During this time, Kaoru was watching this all happen with a confused look on his face. His mind was foggy and everything was unclear to him. He didn't understand what was happening and why everyone was fighting. The people present looked vaguely familiar to him, but he didn't know why. All that he knew was that some guy name Kyoya gave him a drink then brought him here all tied up.

A soft sigh left his lips as he lay on the grass while looking up to the sky. It was a beautiful day. There were some funky looking clouds dancing in the sky. He tried to reach out to grab them, but then remembered that he was tied up. Kaoru sat up then noticed a knife nearby sticking out from the ground. He looked back at the blonde man throwing more knives at his opponent, then decided that he didn't seem to need this one.

Kaoru rolled his body towards the knife then started cutting the ropes with some difficulty after grabbing it. As he did this, he watched Kyoya fight someone that looked very much like himself. It seemed that he was having difficulties fighting Kyoya since he was always knocked down. However even though things were looking bad for him, he didn't waste another second to stand up on his feet. Unconsciously, Kaoru smiled at how brave and stubborn this person was to fight a losing battle. Most people would have given up by now, but he kept at it.

Kaoru almost fell over when he felt his body swerve forward heavily. Thankfully he was able to catch himself in time then continue to slowly freeing himself from his bonds. He would have asked helped from the people fighting, but they looked busy so he stayed silent. After all, it was rude to interrupt someone when they're doing something important. And fighting to the death seemed very important.

Kyoya didn't hold back whenever Hikaru tried to jab him with his sword. At first, he was going easy on him since he wasn't much of a challenge. However, his constant persistence of fighting him has lead Kyoya to finishing him off. Hikaru was able to wound him, but it was nothing compared to the damage he himself has accumulated. He didn't mind carrying out this battle for a while longer, Kyoya wanted to make sure that the other will pay for every single time he hurt Kaoru.


Hikaru's sword was thrown onto the ground after Kyoya knocked it away from his hand. The king panted heavily as he dragged his tired body to get his weapon. Kyoya allowed him the time to get his sword then lunged in with a direct attack. Surprisingly even in his exhausted state, Hikaru was able to block it with a determined look on his face. Kyoya pushed him aside then sent a barrage of attacks to him with no mercy. Hikaru did his best to block all of them, but some managed to get through.


Kyoya's sword was plunged into his shoulder before kicking him to the ground. Hikaru coughed loudly and clutched his shoulder while struggling to firmly grip his sword. The wound was on his right shoulder, and it was now difficult to hold his weapon properly. He staggered to his feet, but ended up falling back down. Hikaru looked at Kyoya while gritting his teeth to prevent and sound from coming out.

A shiver ran down Kaoru's spine when he heard his look alike scream. Something inside him stirred unpleasantly when he saw the blood pouring out of his shoulder and staining his clothes. Several emotions swirled up in his gut. Sadness, grief, angst, but most of all fear. He was afraid of what Kyoya was going to do to him.

When Honey heard the scream, he almost released his arrow but managed to keep a grip on it. He instantly focused his attention of shooting Kyoya, but things weren't in his favor. At this angle, Hikaru would be the one to get hit instead of Kyoya. He stomped angrily on the ground, but kept his position just in case there was an opening.

When Kyoya knocked his sword away, he drove his weapon deeper into the other's shoulder wound which caused another scream from his look alike. Kaoru shook his head and felt tears form in his eyes. The anguish in the other's face, made him want to cry. He wanted to take away the pain so much, and tell him that everything will be alright.


Kaoru soft voice reach no one's ears. Everyone continued to fight as if he wasn't there. He wanted everyone to stop from all of this pain and hurt. Especially to Kyoya who was intent of ending the life of the person that looked like him.

"Please stop."

He spoke louder this time, but Kyoya paid no mind to him. The knight was smiling cruelly as the king withered around in pain. Kaoru shook his head again and felt a part of him die as his look alike continue to scream.

"Please stop!"

A tear fell down his face as he finally frees himself from the ropes. Kaoru instantly got up and ran towards Kyoya. He stumbled at first, but managed to wobble his way to the fallen duo. Kyoya didn't hear his voice when he said stop, since he was focused on delivering the last blow. Just as he was going to kill him, Kaoru knocked him to the ground. With a knife raised in the air, Kaoru plunged it into Kyoya's chest then twisted it up to make sure that it would stay buried inside.

Kyoya let out a startled gasp, then tried removing the knife, but Kaoru fought him with his own strength. Both of them struggled to fight the other's strength in this moment of life and death. However, luck wasn't on Kyoya's side this time. Soon enough, the knight's hand fell limply to the ground to signal that he was dead. Kaoru opened his eyes not knowing when he closed them, then looked at his hands. Once he realized what he did, he jumped back then looked around with wide eyes. When he stared at his look alike, he was looking back at him with the same expression.


Kaoru sniffled then jumped onto Hikaru causing him to grunt loudly in pain. However, when he heard his brother sob loudly, he gently rubbed his backs. He held him with his good arm then kissed his forehead lovingly.


"It's alright, Kaoru. I'm here now, and I'll never leave you. I promise."


After Tamaki ran from the scene, they returned to the castle and immediately gave Hikaru medical treatment. Everyone was happy to see Kaoru return to them, and immediately wanted to celebrate. However, they allowed him to stay in his room to let the effects of the drug run out. Mori and Honey were also given medical treatment, but they were more worried of Hikaru instead. While they were traveling back to the castle, he wasn't able to move his arm around. His right shoulder wound was very severe and the doctors weren't sure if he was going to be able to move it ever again. They already finished their treatment on his shoulder, and now they could only wait.

Currently it was night time and everyone was asleep except for Kaoru. A few moments ago, he woke up from his slumber. The drugs were no longer in affect and his mind was now clear. He was now looking back on his actions and what happened today. Even though he was under the influence of some drugs, Kaoru realized that he would have killed Kyoya even things were different. He knew that if he wanted to be with Hikaru, he would need to remove the knight from his life. Still, it shocked him. Kyoya is no longer in his life and he will forever be stuck playing the role as his brother's protector.

A long sigh left his lips before he got up and exited his room. He knew Hikaru was asleep right now, so it was the perfect time to see him. Once morning comes up, they will fall back to their normal routine. His brother will reign as king with queen Haruhi by his side while he stays in the background. Even though this was cruel, he has already accepted his fate. As long as his brother continued to smile, he will happily serve him as his general. While he was kidnapped, he learned that everything was fine as long as he's near him.

Kaoru quietly opened the door to his brother's bedroom, then sat himself on his bed. His brother's sleeping face looked very peaceful as his chest slowly rose up and down. Kaoru ran his hand through the other's hair then gently planted a kiss on his forehead. He remembered Hikaru's promise then smiled. They weren't going to be separated again. He wasn't going to allow it.

"I love you Hikaru."

He kissed his forehead again then made a move to leave but then an arm shot out to grab his hand. Kaoru looked at his brother then realized that he was awake and looking at him with a wide smile. He was also using his good hand to keep him where he was. A large blush washed over his face as he fumbled to find the right words. He thought that Hikaru was deep in slumber, so the last part slipped his lips.

"I-I-I mean uh, you know. I love you in a brotherly way? So not in the-the weird wa-"

Hikaru pulled Kaoru down then placed his lips over his to stop him from speaking. The older twin held his brother's face in his hand so that he wouldn't escape him. He forced his tongue in between Kaoru's lips so that he could explore the inside of his mouth. Kaoru let out a soft moan and felt himself respond to the kiss with the same intensity. They both closed their eyes and savored each other's taste as they desperately fight for dominance.

At one point, they pulled away from each other panting a little with dark blushed on their face. Kaoru looked shocked at what he did as Hikaru kept a content smile on his face. Before Kaoru could find some excuse to say, Hikaru firmly hold his hand then spoke.

"I love you Kaoru. I know it took a while for me to realize it, but I really do. I love you Kaoru. I will never leave you. Not now, not ever."

Kaoru covered his mouth and tried to see in the other's face if he was joking or not. When he saw no signs of insincerity, Kaoru held Hikaru's hand up to his cheek then smiled. If this was a dream, he hoped that he would never wake up. Kaoru pinched himself, then smiled widely since he knows that this wasn't a dream. Hikaru couldn't help but smile at what his brother did. It was just like Kaoru to do something childish to confirm something.

"I love you too Hikaru. I'm so happy."

Hikaru smiled.

"I'm glad that we can finally be together. You are my number one, Kaoru. Don't forget that."

"What about Haruhi?"

"She has her own lover. Our marriage is a political one. The only one I love is you."

Kaoru ruffled his brother's hair.

"Well I wish you could have told me this before."

"I would, but you kept avoiding me especially when I told you about the wedding."

"Well how was I suppose to react when the person you love is marrying someone else?"

"You were suppose to not avoid me."

Hikaru made a pouting face which made his twin chuckle softly.

"I'm sorry, I'll be sure to keep you company from now on. I wouldn't want to make the king angry with me."

"Well, I'll forgive you this time. However, do remember that I won't be merciful all the time."

"Yes, my king."

Kaoru kissed the top of Hikaru's hand then bowed his head. Hikaru couldn't stop smiling and neither could his brother. They started talking casually to each other like they did when they were little. There conversations ranged from the time where Kaoru first arrived to when Hikaru made his first attempt to taking a sweet treat from the kitchen. Both of them were content in each other's presence now that the misunderstandings were cleared up.

At some point, Kaoru was laying tucked under the bed next to Hikaru. They were both facing each other with smiles on their faces. They snuggled close together and sometimes laughed at nothing in particular. It was simply enjoyable for both of them to be near one another.

"Hey Kaoru, give me your hand."

Kaoru offered his right hand to his brother without hesitation.

"No the other one."

The younger twin made a face then switched his hand for the other one. Hikaru took off the ring on his finger then placed it on Kaoru's ring finger. Kaoru's blinked a couple of times as he stared at the jewelry on his finger.

"This ring is the symbol of my love for you, so whenever you look at it you'll always remember that I love you."

Kaoru smiled widely then hugged Hikaru careful that he wouldn't place pressure on his injuries.

"I love you Hikaru."

"I love you too Kaoru."

They talked for a while longer until they both fell asleep peacefully. Both of them had wide smiles on their face as they slept with sweet dreams. To say the least, they finally found their happy ending in each other's arms.