Chapter 1 Part 1: Death of a Hero

Nico's POV

He knew about the Great Prophecy and how Percy is supposed to die. Percy had given everything he had to the war. His family was knocked out cold; he almost killed himself getting the Curse of Achilles, he almost lost Annabeth. I was not going to let Percy's parents wake up to a dead demi-god. I am willing to die if it means Percy will live. He just had to find him first.

"Thalia have you seen Percy?"

She pointed up, "He went to fight Kronos, at Olympus."

"WHAT, you are supposed to be up there helping him defeat Kronos!"

"He told me to stay put, and this is his Prophecy. Not mine." She stated.

"It might not be your Prophecy, but this is your friend who is risking his life to save others. He needs our support."

"I guess your right; my decisions must have been clouded due to this war, I'm not apologizing though." She said while putting pressure to her temples like she had a headache.

"Hades yeah I'm right, let's get our demigod butts up there to help Percy, we could have already been up there if you had made the right choice."

"You might have been right, but watch your mouth; or Artimis will turn you into a pumpkin. She turned around and blew her conch shell to get everyone's attention. "Hunters, Demigods, get your things we are going to Olympus."


500th floor of the empire state building.

Nico's POV

The ride in the elevator was cramped but we managed to get everyone up in three trips. As we arrived at Olympus I noticed something wrong immediately. The throne room entrance was torn down, the people of Olympus were all hiding in their homes, and the ground underneath him was starting to get flimsy.

Nico ran forward and yelled, "JUMP!"

Most everyone realized the floor was giving in and jumped to a different spot, and those who didn't fell through the floor and to their doom.

Nico looked around and saw plenty more of those flimsy spots, "Everyone be on your guard there are more holes are if we aren't careful. We fall in one."

Everyone carefully moved their way up to the Throne Room.

"How do we get around that, I don't' think the gods have an emergency entrance?" one of the campers from the Aphrodite cabin asked.

Thalia was the first to answer, "We have to move the rubble out of the way, manually." So we started working on the door. With a lot of sweat and elbow grease; they finally made it to the throne room.

"Let's get in there."

Together the campers and the hunters walked into the throne room. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Throne room

Again it's Nico's POV

Percy and annabeth were standing in front of Luke who had golden glowing eyes with a dagger.

A camper from the Ares cabin yelled out, "Well don't just stand there, Kill Him."

Percy looked over at Annabeth and she gave him a sad looking nod.

Together Percy and Annabeth walked over to Luke who raised his arm up.

As I looked down I saw the floor was wet where annabeth was standing, together Percy and Annabeth rose up the dagger and stabbed Luke.

As they stabbed him a yellow light appeared around Luke, it was Kronos In his godly form.

Percy saw it, and jumped on top of him so they couldn't see the light of the godly form.

A few seconds after Percy jumped on Luke they turned around to see both the bodies on the floor.

Annabeth was the first to snap out of the trance and run to Percy, as she bent down she started crying.

I walked over to Annabeth and said "What's wrong?"

Annabeth turned around still crying and said in the sturdiest voice she could find "He's…*Sniffle*… dead."

Dun, Dun, cliff hanger.

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