Chapter 8: Revolution

Angel Land

Palutena walked atop her podium announcing dire news to angle land, "People of Angel Land. I have received terrible news from the mortal, Magnus." She swallowed hard. She was about to drop the bomb on these people, "Lord Zeus has commanded that a large city full of mortals should be obliterated. This decision was due to a large amount of shadow warriors being placed within the city walls. The gods do not know what they are, or what powers they possess. The mortals are enraged by this act and have started a revolution throughout the land." she stepped backwards and dropped the biggest bomb on them, "The mortals have declared war on the gods. We are now in a two way war."


Angel Land, Percy's Room

Percy was devastated by Palutena's speech, they were now going to war with the mortals. For others this was a triumph, for him it was another problem added to the list. "Can my life get any worse? First I don't know who I am, second I am stuck in a foreign world, and third the mortals are fighting us. Gods I wish Annabeth was here to help me... wait, did I just say Annabeth? How do I know an Annabeth?" he thought about it and he couldn't think of any Annabeth. I was tired, he thought. maybe I am just thinking of a name I caught during the Battle for Blest. He held his temples, No it couldn't be that. This name feels like it is important. "Annabeth," he said aloud, "Who are you?" He held his head, So this is what it feels like to go insane, he thought. "If there is a god, out there looking over me. Tell me who I am. Whoever you are, you helped me out in the Battle for Blest. If you hadn't been there then I would have died back there. If you wish to help me, TELL ME WHO I AM!" he waited a couple of seconds until he was sure there would be no voice. "Gods, I am insane, just like Grover." he shook his head, "There I go with the names again."

"Your not insane, you are starting to remember."

Percy looked around, "Who said that?"

"I did," as that was said a little girl walked from behind his door. She looked like she was around the age of 7 or 8, she had a solid white dress on, flowing black hair, and stormy Grey eyes. "Percy Jackson, it is an honor to finally meet you. I am Athena, goddess of wisdom, and I am here to help you. I know of your dilemma and want to help you. That's why I had my daughter give you the potion and give you directions on how to defeat the soul master."

"So, when will these memories come back"

"In exactly three days you will remember everything about yourself."

Percy looked at the goddess. She looked like the kind of person to know all of this, but he still didn't know if he could trust her

The goddess smiled, "I know what you are thinking Percy. I would convince you another way, but in this form I cannot. Trust in your instinct Percy, if you don't you won't be able to survive the storm that is coming." There was a flash of light and she was gone. "Dang, these gods sure do like to make flashy exits."


Windhelm, Earth

"General Ulfric, the message to Dragonsreach was a success. Those underworld demons won't know what hit them."

The man known as General Ulfric turned around to face the minor, "This is good news, very good news. Order the group to attack on those abominations, once the town is cleared out we move in and take the outpost. This outpost is a key asset to the war on the gods, DON'T LOOSE IT."

The solider nodded and quickly ran out of Windhelm as fast as he could. However, he did stop to get something to eat, for it was going to be a long and Perilous journey to Dragonsreach.



Kronos stood atop the mountain he had been living in for the past 3 weeks. The cave was no ordinary cave. It had windows, furniture, dim lighting, and an armory. Everything a Titan needed, but he wasn't a Titan. He is the King of Titans and he needed more than a cave to live in. He needed something big and protected. He needed something extraordinary. He knew what he needed. He needed a castle.

The king stood upon his mountain top looking at his target, "Medusa, is phase 2 ready?" there was no reply, "Medusa, I said is phase 2 ready?"

Still no reply, "MEDUSA!" Kronos could hear her trying to get to the top of the mountain, so instead of calling her name again he resorted to waiting for her. After a few moments she appeared behind him, "Lord Kronos I am so sorry that I am late..." He stopped her in mid sentence by raising his right hand into the air, "Is phase 2 ready?"

She nodded, "Yes sir we will storm Hades castle in exactly 6 hours."

He laughed, "I was starting to think you were incapable of doing my easy jobs. You have changed my mind a little bit, but you are still incapable in my mind. Now get back to work!"

"Yes sir!" she ran down the hill as fast as she could trying to get back to her post. "Keep it up and you will be no good to me anymore." he said while turning his attention back to the castle, "We all know what I will do to the worthless."


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