I wrote this the night before I went to see Phantom of the Opera live on broadway. :) It was amazing, I will NEVER forget it, and for once I have a subject I am totally speechless about ;) Anyway, I just though since it's Phantom-related I might as well share. Enjoy!

Phantastic Tomorrow

(Sung to the tune of "Tomorrow", from "Annie".)

I'll see The Phantom, tomorrow, bet all my Phan-stuff that tomorrow,
There'll be candlelight.

Just dreamin' about, The Phantom, swirling capes with sequins on the bottom.
What a sight!

When the music will play,

I'll stray,
to fantasy.

And every song,
I'll sing along,
Though silently!


I'll cry every song, tomorrow, through the heartbreak and the sorrow,
As they sing.

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! The Phantom, will actually be happening!