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She reads right through his mask, which is part of the reason why he loves her. As her eyes move over his face, staring through him, it makes him grin. Not because he's happy that she's watching him (although he is), but just because he knows she sees him as a better person then he is. And that's rather hard for anyone to do.

He supposes they pay each other back. He sees her as a good person, but when he tells her this she a smirk will crawl lightly across her face and she'll always say the same thing. "You're the better person out of the two of us." Although he disagrees with this, he still thanks her. And then her lips will somehow end up whispering in his ear. "Oh, Marvel, how many times do I have to tell you that?" He smirks, picks her up, then whispers back. "As many times as you want, because I'll never listen." After all, they're both too stubborn for their own good.

He's been waiting for her. Waiting for the day when she finally agrees with him that she's the better person. Although he knows that will never happen, he's still allowed to hope, right? Sometimes he's not too sure, because in this dreaded country they call Panem it seems they've taken away almost everything. He just hopes that they won't take her away from him, but that will probably happen, too. All in good time, just like everything else he's ever known.

"Clove, get out of the bed." She shakes her head slightly, and his voice grows slightly panicked. "Clo, hurry! Gloss is coming soon." And then her eyes will widen and she'll dart out, just like all the other times. And he realizes that his hopes are futile, that they've already taken her away from him. It pains him just a bit, but he knows that he won't be able to keep everything in his life that he's ever loved because,really,no one ever does. And being in the Hunger Games doesn't really boost his chances of that, does it?

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