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Sister Mary Eunice

She was having fun.

For the first time in her pathetic little life she was having a good time and no one was going to get in her way; not Sister Jude, not Doctor Arden, and not the Angel. Everything was falling in to place and soon she would be in control.

She would be the one with all the power.

No one would be able to hurt her again.

Sister Jude who had once been a figure of strict authority in her life; was nothing more then a drunken whore. Dr. Arden the brilliant scientist was a madman who would sell his soul to anyone who would let him perform his experiments, and Doctor Thredson the seemingly kind and gentle psychiatrist was a psychopathic serial killer.

They were all frauds and now that she knew it she could control them all. It was so easy really controlling them. It was pathetic really how easy it was. It was barely even a challenge to turn Sister Jude and Doctor Arden against each other; to force Sister Jude out of Briarcliff. No challenge at all. Picking Arden's side had been a better match for her. Arden was so full of secrets she could use to her advantage. Sister Jude was too righteous and when push came to shove her guilt would force her to do the right thing. Arden on the other hand, had no guilt. He had no shame. He could be manipulated. He was perfect.

She had been surprised when Lana had reappeared in the asylum after escaping. She had thought the woman had gotten out and would publish her article. She actually would have liked to have read it. It was rather disappointing really. It would have been an interesting read to say the least. When Lana had told her that Thredson was Bloody Face she had been surprised. She had almost forgotten that he was Bloody Face. That was the problem with jumping bodies. Sometimes you lost something from one to another and needed to be reminded.

What a thing to forget.

Oh how useful he would be.

Oh how much fun she was going to have now that Briarcliff was hers at last.

There was no one left to stop her.

No one left to stand in her way.

Just an Angel with no real power. Nothing that she couldn't handle. Nothing that she had to worry about. Just one last thing to dispose of.

One last thing.

And then her plans for Briarcliff could begin,

Oh how much fun she was going to have.