Ten years later, Ren was living in New York City, working as a rehabilitation therapist for amputees with prosthetics. He enjoyed his work immensely, as he knew very well what every single one of his patients was going through, but some days at work were still harder than others.

Like the current day. He was working the closing shift and had to deal with a particularly troublesome young man before closing up the clinic.

Ren had gotten his degree in Kinesiology from Keio University, before heading to the USA to get his Masters. He had ended up settling there, as one of his professors had recommended him to a prestigious clinic in the city, where he had been working ever since.

He checked his phone one last time before descending the stairs to the subway station, and pouted at the lack of any text messages. "Jeez, I know you're busy…but still," he muttered.

He walked into a posh looking building and presented his ID to the receptionist at the front desk before taking the elevator up to the 19th floor.

"I'm home," he said quietly, as he opened the door to the dark apartment. It was obvious from the silence that no one was home. Go figure.

Ren sighed softly. He wasn't one to hold grudges, but really, there were some things that people really shouldn't forget. He took a shower and pulled out a container of leftover noodles from the fridge.

After finishing his meal, he checked his phone for text messages, but again, there was nothing. However, he refused to call again, as he had already done so around fifteen times, and sent countless text messages. It's not my problem anymore.

Ren had just washed the now empty container of noodles, and had settled down on the couch to watch some TV, when he heard someone fumbling at the door before he saw it fly open.

"I'm home!" came a deep voice, and the owner of the voice shut the door and practically ran towards Ren, sitting next to him on the couch. "Happy Anniversary," he said quietly, kissing Ren's cheek.

Ren turned to glare at the other man. "Where were you? I've been worried sick all day, calling and texting and whatever. You could at least reply once!"

"I didn't want you to beat me to it," he said sheepishly. "I wanted to be the first to say it. And I was gonna surprise you, but all of that fucked up and then I had to leave the house and—" He was cut off by Ren kissing his lips.

"Happy Anniversary, Daiki," he said, smiling. "But next time, answer my phone calls, okay?"

"Gotcha," Aomine said, grinning. "Now, for your surprise. You see, I was gonna cook an amazing meal, but I got too into the basketball game on TV and it burned. So I got you this instead. I know it's not much, but all of the good restaurants were booked and stuff."

Aomine walked out of the door to pick up the bags he had left out there to avoid spoiling the surprise.

"Number one, pizza! Just the way you like it, too," he said, placing a Pizza Hut box on the table. "Number two, chocolate. Because it's cheesy and I know just how much you love my cheese." He grinned while procuring the third gift. "Roses for even more cheese," he said, placing them on Ren's lap. "And finally, a basketball signed by that super rookie starter on the New York Knicks team that everyone just loves…what was his name?"

Ren laughed, talking the basketball. "Umm…it was Aomine Daiki, wasn't it? The rookie NBA player that's got everyone in an uproar?" he asked, teasing.

"You betcha! Better appreciate it, it was such a hassle getting this. He's such a diva," Aomine said, laughing.

"Damn, Daiki. Everything's so wonderful. I couldn't ask for a better anniversary present, really," Ren said, beaming up at Aomine. "It almost makes up for you being a complete ass all day. Almost."

"Almost, huh?" Aomine said, raising an eyebrow. "No way, you perv. You have to wait till later tonight for that."

"Jeez," Ren said, pouting. "Anyways, let me get you your present." He disappeared into their room for a brief moment, and came back with a small box which he thrust at Aomine.

"Before I open this…I have just one last present. I have some time off next month, so you'll have to take a couple of weeks off, too," he said, taking a piece of paper out of his back pocket and handing it to Ren.

Ren scanned the paper quickly, his eyes going wide. "Daiki…this…"

"It was nothing," he said, waving his hand. "I remember you said that you wanted to see France, right?"

"Still, you remembered! And you always manage to outshine all of my presents," he grumbled. "Open it, then."

"Wow. This looks expensive…" Aomine said, pulling out a white-gold watch. He turned it over in his hands to see an engraving on the back of it. "Oh? Here's to the first year of forever. – Ren. Jeez. You got it engraved and everything. This must've cost a fortune." Aomine pulled Ren in for a tight hug. "I'll wear it everywhere. Except when I'm playing basketball, because then it'll break."

"You break it and I'll break you," Ren said pleasantly.

"Remember when you used to be all nice and kind? Seems I totally rubbed off on you," Aomine said, laughing.

"I only threaten you, though. Maybe Ryouta. And Taiga. Tetsuya still intimidates me too much," he said, shuddering. "Oh and Shougo. Speaking of Shougo, he's visiting in two months! I told him he could stay with us for the few days he's gonna be in the city."

"Shougo? Man, you had one severe case of Stockholm syndrome. The guy beat you up and you practically became best friends with him," Aomine said, clicking his tongue.

"Shougo's a great person, okay? You guys are all just so unfair to him. Be civil when he visits," Ren said, hitting Aomine's shoulder.

"Okay, okay. I can't stand him, but I'll play nice. Bastard's been even more jealous of me since I joined the NBA…"

"He doesn't even play basketball anymore," Ren snorted.

"Whatever. Let's stop talking about him. Today's our day," Aomine murmured, pushing Ren back onto the couch. "A year, huh."

"It feels like just yesterday that we started going out," Ren said, laughing softly. "And here we are, ten years dating, and one year of marriage."

"When we went to different universities, Satsuki and the others were so sure we'd break up, you know?" Aomine said, rolling his eyes.

Ren's eyes widened. "Seriously? It wasn't even that bad though. We saw each other practically every other day. And you kind of lived in my flat for the last year and a half of university," Ren said, teasing.

"Hey! It was just more convenient. I mean, you lived closer to my university than I did," Aomine said defensively, burying his face in Ren's hair.

"The worst was the two years I lived in New York before you got your contract here. It was horrid, but at least I was kept busy by school," he said brightly. "And then everything's just been going uphill from there. You know, we were so comfortable in our life that I thought you didn't even want to get married. In fact, I was planning on proposing to you if you didn't hurry it up."

"Serious? I'd have killed you if you did, you know?" Aomine grumbled. "And of course I'd want to get married. Where did you get that idea?"

"I dunno. You are famous after all. Speaking of your fame…so there was this kid that came in for his first rehab session today. He's probably like…eighteen or something. Guess whose jersey he was wearing?" Ren asked, grinning.

"Mine? Seriously?" Aomine asked, bouncing up and down on the couch like an excited kid. "That's so cool!"

"Yeah, so I asked him if he was a Knicks fan, and I told him I was too, and he snorted and said I probably didn't even know the first thing about basketball, and I was just pretending to be young and hip like all doctors are to try and get the patients to open up. Can you believe him? Like, I understand that it's hard for teenagers when they have to get used to prosthetic limbs, but this kid just takes the cake. He has a below the knee amputation on his left leg, and he's complaining like his life has ended," Ren said, rolling his eyes.

"Should I come in and teach him a lesson?" Aomine asked, cracking his knuckles.

Ren laughed. "He'd probably faint if he saw you. Anyways, so then he started complaining about how I couldn't possibly understand that his life was completely over now that he was a cripple, so I rolled up my jeans and showed him my legs. You should've seen the look on his face. He had no idea," Ren said. "That shut him up for a bit, but then he started making assumptions about my life. Like, he was all, you're probably all alone, never been in love, blah blah blah. And you know what I said? I told him I was married, thank you very much. To the guy whose name is on the back of the shirt you're wearing."

Aomine grinned. "Boy, this story is getting amazing now," he said, grabbing on to Ren's arm. "And then?"

"His jaw practically dropped to the floor. And obviously, the cheeky little bastard demanded proof, so I showed him a few pictures of you and us on my phone. I swear he was about to cry after that. And he asked me how a star athlete like Aomine Daiki could be married to a geeky cripple like Sato Ren. Then I realized how lost this guy must seem, because that's what I was like, before I met you, you know?

"So I told him that it didn't matter how many legs or arms you had, because when you found the right person, that person would look past all of that, straight into your heart. And then, they would never let you go. Then, he started crying and apologized for being such a little bitch," Ren said, shrugging. "I had to console him, and make him stop crying, and then explain to his mother why he was crying before I closed up and left."

"Christ, Ren. Who knew you were so damn inspirational?" Aomine chuckled. "Well I knew, of course. You changed me, after all."

"You think I changed you," Ren corrected. "You were never a douche, Daiki. You just thought you were. And I just told you that you weren't." He looked at Aomine cheerfully, planting a kiss on his cheek.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever," Aomine said, pushing Ren down on the couch. "Point is that you're the best thing that's ever happened to me."

"And you're the best thing that's ever happened to me," he said, smiling.

Aomine kissed Ren slowly, slipping his hands under his husband's shirt. "Actually…let's have a quick go before we have dinner. I'm hungrier for you anyways."

Ren just laughed, kissing Aomine back in affirmation.


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