Chapter 1 Journey for Somewhere Safe

Percy's POV

Ever since I can remember, living in San Francisco has been a nightmare. I was being attacked by monsters on a regular basis. These attacks still continue to this day. I can't keep my grades up. I travel from one school to another. I couldn't even stay around anybody like my friends and family. My mother was always in constant danger with me around. I'm staying at West Harrison High so far. I completely hate it. The only thing I can stand there is this girl. Her name is Annabeth. She is the only person who actually wants to be my friend. I've tried to stay at this school without completely trashing it, but instead my attempts have failed. My grades weren't picking up so, when I turned 18, I left.

Mom would be way safer without me around. I have never even meet my Dad. He left when I was little, I don't think he cared about me. Mom always defend that jerk! I don't even know why.
I packed some gear, a combat knife, and the only weapon I knew how to use compound bow into my rucksack. I left a goodbye note for my mom, and one for Annabeth too. I know my mom would give it to her. When midnight finally came, I left our apartment. Journeying into the unknown.

Annabeth's POV

I opened our front door to find Percy's mom standing there. Her face was all red from crying. Silently, barely keeping her tears at bay, she handed me an envelope with my name on it. I looked at her questioningly. Then, she told me something I really didn't need to hear: Percy was gone.

Dear Annabeth,

If your reading this,I've ran away. You were one of my only friends. I couldn't leave without giving you something of a goodbye. Don't look for me please. I couldn't bear to it if you got hurt trying to find me.Honestly,I don't want to run away but...I have to tell you something. You're going to think this is crazy but,I'm constantly being followed by monsters.I'm talking like fifteen a week.That is why I always failed in school. Not to mention the ADHD and dyslexia That is why I had to go from school to school. They try to attack me and I have to fend them off. Now that I'm gone,you are safe. Please don't tell my mom, Annabeth. She would be heartbroken if she even found out.
So goodbye Annabeth. I hope I can see you and my mom again one day

Miss you,
Percy Jackson

I stared at the letter in shock. I can't believe he left! His mom is crying her eyes out. I shift awkwardly, unsure how an eighteen year old girl can comfort a woman who just lost her son.
"Miss Jackson, I'm sorry Percy ran away but he didn't run away because of you. He ran away to keep you safe. I promise I'll bring him back Miss Jackson." I said.
" you mean Annabeth? Ugh...what do you mean by keeping me safe?!" she asked with a sob.
I looked her in the eye and told her that it was going to be okay.
I gave her the look of pure confidence.
She just nodded her head.
I have to find him. I'm going to bring him back no matter what. He thinks he has it rough? My Dad never spends anytime with me and my biological mother left me when I was little too. My stepmother doesn't even care about me. I'm not her real child. Constantly being neglected and hated sucks.
'Percy you know this too. You weren't alone I was here for you.'
I could feel tears swelling in my eyes. I fought them back. What Percy didn't know was that I fought back monsters too. They didn't appear as much as Percy's personally I only saw like three or four a week. I felt his pain too. He may be gone but I'm bringing him back. My Dad was always busy anyway and my Step Mom didn't care about me. He couldn't be that far gone. I turn to Miss Jackson, trying to give her what comfort I could. With my determination steeled, I promised her I was going to bring him back.

Percy's POV

I made it to Sacramento in a few hours. The attacks haven't let up. I can't catch a break! Every time I see a monster, I could never kill it. They always retreated. My weapon can't kill them. I wasn't even that great with a bow anyway. I was actually a really bad shot. After a few hours, I made it to the forest. I decided staying in cities would be dangerous, so it's the back roads from now on. I didn't want to hurt other people. I noticed that normal people couldn't see the monsters like I could. As night arrived I set up camp.

I made a fire with some matches I brought. I sat down and thought about home. My mom probably missed me so much. I missed her too but at least I knew she was safe. As I kept thinking I thought about Annabeth. I missed her so much I wanted to see her again but I knew I couldn't. I had to keep going.

I wondered the woods for a while until I arrived at a town. It seems strange. It was in the middle of nowhere with just a few buildings: a convenient store. The Future Store of Monster Donuts! I looked closer and then I felt something on my right shoulder. Before I could even blink, a sudden pain burst through my shoulder blade. I looked and I saw a spike protruding through my shoulder. It wasn't too deep so I ripped it out quickly. Clearly in pain, I turn around and see what was the ugliest monster that I have ever set my eyes on. It had the face of a man but the body of a lion. Its tail similar to that of a scorpions, except instead of a stinger it was a ball of spikes.

I pulled the bow off my shoulder, notched an arrow quickly and aimed at the monster. It just batted it away. I just stared at it with probably the dumbest expression on my face. I felt my mouth hang low. Like low enough where flies flew in. Then it spoke.

"You can't harm me with a mortal weapon like that you fool!"

It was terrible I tried to run away but my arm was beginning to numb. It's voice made me shudder. My arm was growing increasingly numb. I backed away slowly, trying not to drawn attention to myself. He just took aim and fired another spike from its ball of spikes on its tail. This time it pierced my leg. It was the most painful thing I ever felt. I ran behind a building with what was left of my energy. I ripped out the spike and held back a cry of pain.

"You cannot hid from me you fool!" I heard the monster say. It sounded far away.

I felt the familiar signs of fainting. Blood was draining down my leg and shoulder as they turned thoroughly numb. Before I passed out, I saw someone that I never dreamed of seeing again. Annabeth Chase.

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