Love Can Change the Weather

Chapter 1

**Author's note: For all characters from Dreamwork's "Rise of the Guardians", I claim none of the characters.

Story inspired by the song "Chances" by Five for Fighting...also, I wanted to write something Christmas-y during this holiday season. I hope you enjoy. :)

"…Looking up to the man in the moon, good old Jack Frost smiled as he watched his snow fall on the happy town. The end."

"Read it again, read it again!"

I couldn't help but smile at Ellie's enthusiasm for bedtime stories. The way she bounced up and down in her bed, snuggly tucked under her pink comforter was so cute I nearly gave in to her request. Glancing at the clock on her nightstand I let responsibility take over and shook my head.

"Ellie, I've already read the story of Jack Frost twice tonight," I said with a laugh, tucking a stray strand of baby fine blonde hair behind the 5 year old's ear. "Also, I've read it every night this week. Don't you want a story about Santa Claus or Rudolph? Christmas is a month away."

"No, Jack is my favorite," Ellie said with all the loyalty a five year old girl could muster. Briefly she cocked her head to the side as if listening to something before smiling mischievously.

"You got that look on your face," I said, poking her tummy. "What are you thinking?"

"Cara, can you keep a secret?"

Putting a finger to my chin, I pretended to think about it for a moment. "Of course, Ellie. What's your secret?"

Ellie looked around before waving me closer to her. Pushing my long dark hair back so it wouldn't fall in her face I turned my ear to little Ellie so she could whisper whatever she needed to tell me. Her warm, sweet baby breath tickled my ear.

"Jack Frost is in the room right now."

Sitting up I looked down at her. "Oh really, where is Jack Frost now?"

"Right there," said Ellie, pointing to the bench by her window. I looked to the windowsill seat and saw that it was vacant as ever. Briefly looking out the window, I saw the moon bright and full, reflecting off the snow-topped roofs of the expensive neighborhood.

"Oh, is Jack big, fat, and jolly like Santa Claus?"

Ellie giggled. "No, he's really skinny and has white hair and blue eyes. Can't you see him?" Ellie looked from the window to me, her wide blue eyes stared at me with such intensity that I wished I could believe her.

"All I see is snow and a full moon, Ellie," I said. "I don't see Jack Frost."

"He thinks you're really pretty, too."

"Well you can tell Jack that he doesn't have to be shy, he can tell me himself."

"He is trying to tell you, you just can't see or hear him!"

"Well, maybe he likes you more than me," I said, fluffing Ellie's pillows. "As for you, little missy, it is way past your bedtime." Leaning forward I kissed Ellie on the forehead. "Good night, Ellie. Sweet dreams."

Ellie sighed as though in all her five years, she had all the knowledge in the world, and I, at 17, knew nothing in comparison to her vast knowledge of mythical creatures. Even so, she smiled sweetly as she hugged her teddy closer to her. "Good night, Cara. You're the best nanny ever."

Her sweet words warmed my heart as I closed the door softly behind me.

Ellie looked to the windowsill where Jack had been sitting, listening to the bedtime story, as he had every night for the past month. "I'm sorry Cara doesn't see you, Jack," Ellie whispered from her bed. "Why doesn't she believe in you?"

Jack chuckled softly as he ran his hand through his wintry white hair. Standing up, he took his staff in his hand and gently pushed open the window with it. "I don't know, Ellie. Sometimes when you get older, you just stop believing, I guess."

"I'll never stop believing," Ellie said, sitting up suddenly. "And I'll make Cara believe in you too!"

Jack couldn't help but smile at Ellie's determination. He reminded her so much of his little sister. "Thank you, Ellie," he said. "Now, Cara's right, it's past your bedtime."

"Good night, Jack," Ellie said, stifling a yawn as Jack got ready to jump out of her window and into the chilly night. "Wait, Jack?"

"Yes, Ellie?"

"When Cara sees you, are you gonna marry her?"

Jack felt his cool cheeks warm up at Ellie's childish question. "Good night, Ellie," he simply said before slipping into the night.

Walking down the stairs I shook my head as I heard Ellie talk to her imaginary friend Jack Frost. For the past month I've heard her talk to him every night after I told her goodnight. The only logical explanation is that Ellie must have reached the age where kids create imaginary friends.

In the living room below I stopped and basked in the quiet and solitude taking in the soft twinkling lights set up about the house and strung along the tall Christmas tree in the corner. As beautiful as the house looked and as cute as Ellie was, I hated this house and felt sorry for Ellie, the little girl I came to love. Her parents were always away on business, and I had been hired as a live-in nanny three months ago. Suddenly the quietness became too overwhelming, and I laughed softly as I walked to the large window overlooking a sleeping neighborhood.

" "Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse,"", I quoted in a quiet voice that seemed too loud for the night. Rubbing my arms to create friction, I watched for a moment as the sidewalks became blanketed in fresh snow.

Glancing at my reflection in the window, I stared into my own deep brown eyes and long dark hair. I was shorter than average, but I was okay with that. At 18, I've only had one boyfriend, but he rarely if ever told me I was beautiful. I smiled softly. I didn't believe I was the most beautiful girl on the planet, but I didn't believe I was bad looking either.

Looking at the moon I sighed. "Well, Man in the moon, if Ellie's Jack Frost is real, maybe you can make him real to me too. God knows it'd be nice if I didn't have another lonely holiday season." Turning around I unplugged the lights for the night and headed to the guest suite, yes, suite, that I called home.

I still failed to notice Jack Frost outside the window, watching me talk to the Man in the mood, and I failed to notice the frost forming on the window behind me in the shape of a flower.

Jack stared for a long time, long after I left the window. Then long after I went to bed he sat on the roof of the house, contemplating up at the Man in the moon. Carefully Jack created snowflakes to occupy his hands as he thought. He had been a Guardian for less than a year, and this was his first mission that the Man in the moon told him was solely his. His mission was to get that girl to believe for some reason.

"Well, big guy, looks like I have my work cut out for me, huh?" Jack stood and brushed off the seat of his pants. With a laugh he called to the wind to take him high into the sky. Jack's heart soared with the rush of exhilaration he got every time he floated with the snow flakes. Still, as he laughed out loud enjoying the cool rush of air against his face, he couldn't get his mind off of the "best nanny ever" and how beautiful he found her.

**Author's note: well..I'm a Christian, and I plan on putting a faith spin in this as well. So...enjoy! :)