Author's Note: This story isn't exactly cannon. At this time in the Marvel Comics Tony Stark is the Director of SHIELD, but I don't like Tony Stark at this point. So he's not the Director of SHIELD, Nick Fury is. You can envision him as the Black Nick Fury or the White Nick Fury I don't care because he won't be showing up until later in the story so I'll decide later. Enjoy

Chapter 2 – Smashing and Talking

Caiera stood on the balcony of the royal chambers and looked out oover the city. She heard movement behind her and felt a pair of powerful green arms envelop her and pull her backwards. She didn't resist and placed her head against Holku's chest.

"It's over my love. The ship's been secured and the explosives have been disarmed and returned to the Armory. Tomorrow one of the science teams will disarm the engine and dispose of the materials safely." He whispered into her ear.

She turned to face him and kissed him softly "That's good but what of Miek?" she asked

"There is no trace of him. His room was raided but he wasn't there. They found a bag of explosives as well as a layout of the castle. The investigators believe that he was going to plant bombs in various locations to take out various people he perceived as threats." Hulk said quietly. "Now why are you out here?" he asked

She didn't answer but Hulk spoke "They betrayed the Kingdom and were going to blow up the entire city. It was a choice that they made and they had to live with the consequences of their actions." Hulk finished before kissing her again.


The battle had been short; the rebel force consisted of 25 elite royal guards and 50 soldiers from the army. By the time Caiera, Hulk, Hirokala, and Talon had arrived Korg, Hiroim, and Elloe had dispatched half of the soldiers and 10 of the royal guards. However, they were pinned down behind one of the many rocks in the cave. Somehow a pair of the rebel guards had gotten a hold of the spare armors the Red King had owned and were using them effectively.

Hulk had jumped right in with Caiera by his side. They barreled through the rebel force destroying anything in their way. The mech operators never stood a chance because they were unfamiliar with how the mechs worked combined with the Hulk's sheer rage and Caiera's deadly blade they were taken down in minutes. The rest of the Warbound worked in conjunction with the two council members and overwhelmed the remaining Royal Guard members. It was then that the soldiers surrendered. Their king asked why he should show them mercy when they were going to destroy the entire city.

One of the soldiers slowly stood up and removed his armor, there on his bare chest was a control disk "They raided our homes and captured our families, they took us prisoner and equipped all of us families included with control disks and threatened to kill them if we didn't comply. We tried to retaliate but they killed the ones who tried and made an example of their families." The soldier finished before looking up at his king

Hulk turned to Hirokala and Talon "75 soldiers and their families go missing along with 25 guardsmen and no one notices. How is that possible?" he asked

"The only explanation is that they were captured when the fight between you and the Red King broke out. The entire city was in a panic it was a perfect time to do it." Hirokala replied. Talon agreed with him.

Flashback End

"You made the right call my love and in doing so you demonstrated that you are a strong leader. The Red King would have killed them. You showed them mercy and forgave them. It is far harder to forgive than people think. Word will spread and people will have more faith in you." Caiera finished

"Very well now come to bed Caiera." The Hulk responded

"Tomorrow is a big day. I have arranged with the elders. Everything will be in place for tomorrow and no one will disturb us." Caiera responded. With that, they entered their chambers, but refrained from making love for the Hulk was too apprehensive about the future and what it would bring.


Illuminati meeting room

The Illuminati for those who are not aware is an organization founded by the greatest mind s in the world and would meet to discuss pressing matters of the world. There were at least seven members.

5 members had attended this meeting. Currently they were staring at a holographic projection in the middle of the table.

"What are we looking at Tony?" came the voice of Reed Richards also known as the smartest man in the world and leader of the Fantastic 4.

"It's the projected course map of one of my rockets." Tony Stark also known as Iron Man replied

"This is why you dragged us here Stark because you wanted to show us the flight path of one of your little toys what happened did you lose it?" Namor also known as the Ruler of Atlantis bit out

"Control yourself Namor I'm sure Mr. Stark has a very good reason for calling us here today right Tony?" asked a bald man in a wheelchair. This was Charles Xavior, founder of the X-Men and one of the most powerful psychics in the world.

"As a matter of fact Namor, there is. This toy of mine is the ship that was carrying the Hulk to his destination, and your right again Namor I did lose it." Tony said in a quiet tone

"What do you mean Tony you don't simply lose a spaceship." Doctor Strange the Sorcerer Supreme replied.

"This is the Hulk we are dealing with gentlemen. Something always goes wrong when the Hulk is involved. I took the liberty of putting every sensor I could on that ship so I could monitor it. The Hulk broke free of his restraints and in doing so altered the course of the ship. From what I can tell the ship slipped into some sort of Wormhole and vanished." Tony answered

"It took you six months to get this data Stark or have you been waiting for a convenient time to inform us." Namor scoffed

"I received the data a week ago. The wormhole must have distorted the transmission. I only completed compiling it this morning." Tony replied

"It's really been six months hasn't it?" Strange stated

"Sue and The Thing are finally talking to me again." Reed stated. All involved in the Hulk's departure had come under some heavy criticism from several of their peers.

Reed in particular found out that Sue and The Thing had stopped talking to him. Sue never really knew the Hulk but she had a big heart and was always standing up for the Green Guy saying that if people would stop trying to destroy or capture him and actually give him a chance. The Hulk could be a powerful ally. Ben on the other hand didn't really care about the Hulk that much but was angry with Reed for deciding that the Hulk was a threat. Ben argued that Reed had no right to make those kinds of decisions for people no matter who they are.

Both Tony and Nick Fury of all people came under various degrees of criticism from several of the Avengers. Hell Ms. Marvel of all people actually punched Nick Fury and knocked him out cold. Everyone was aware of the incident both heroes and villains alike but nobody mentioned it or talked about it. Though it seems that when villains were running wild all Ms. Marvel had to do was show up and they either surrendered or ran for their lives. No one wanted to mess with someone who had the guts to clock Nick Fury.

Spiderman had given Tony hell by sneaking into his armory and using extra sticky and strong non-dissolving web fluid made a mess of his armory. He did it twice. Thor was not happy at all; he didn't answer any Avengers calls for a month, and still refused to talk to Tony.

Dr. Strange received regular visits from Spiderman, and when he was there, he would lecture Steven on great power and responsibility. No one really messed with Namor mostly because no one could find him.

Xavior took heat from Cyclops and Wolverine as well as several other X-men members on how he talked of a world where humans and mutants could live in peace and how everyone should have an open mind and then called him a hypocrite.

However, the worst part of it all was that every one of them received a very violent and painful visit from the She-Hulk. She destroyed the Avenger's mansion and Tony's house before giving him and half the Avenger's team broken bones. She then ravaged all of Xavier's schools but didn't touch him, she didn't beat up crippled people, but she got her point across.

She beat Namor senseless, and destroyed half of Reed Richard's lab before knocking The Thing out with one punch on her way out. She had words with Strange and they parted on neutral terms, no one really knows what they talked about and no one tried to find out. Finally there was Shield nothing was destroyed; no one was beaten or smashed to a pulp. No, she came crashing through the glass ceiling of the Hellicarrier. No one knows how she got up there, she had words with Fury, only that the video feed for that day was destroyed and the bridge staff were sworn to secrecy. She shocked everyone and left the entire hero and villain community speechless because whatever she said to Fury she got him to apologize and admit the situation could have been handled differently and she was pardoned from all the damage she had caused. No one messes with her anymore.

"We have to investigate this." Richards stated.

"I agree, but who will go. Despite the criticism I still think we made the right call but it's our mess to clean up." Dr. Strange stated

"I think I can convince Sue, Ben, and Johnny to come along. There's no question I'm going." Richards stated

"Same here, I didn't account for this and I should have. He's our problem and now he's someone else's. I dropped the ball." Tony stated.

"Fury will probably send someone along, and I believe Ms. Marvel will demand to come, she likes the Hulk to an extent and he can tolerate her. Spiderman will want to come though his sense of duty might force him to stay here. The She-Hulk will tear down the door and threaten to castrate us if we don't bring her along." Dr. Strange stated.

"I feel no responsibility for the creature. You're on your own Namor stated as he got up to leave. "I can't go either." Both Xavier and Dr. Strange stated.

"Alright, but Steve you get to make up for it by talking to She-Hulk on our behalf." Tony replied. Steven merely nodded and left as well.

"I'll take my leave as well." Xavier replied

"How long to prepare for the mission Richards?" Tony asked

Reed looked over and copied the data, numbers and scenarios were already coursing through his brain "Give me a month, and everything will be ready." He replied before leaving.

Tony departed as well and went home, when he got there he pulled out a 25 year old single malt liquor and started drinking. He didn't want to imagine the kind of trouble the Hulk was currently causing.


Meditation Chamber Early Afternoon

Elloe was holding court in Hulk and Caiera's place for the day. She was competent and Hulk trusted her to make proper decisions in his stead.

Currently however, Hulk and Caiera sat in a meditation chamber with another one of the Elders; the Elder was preparing to perform a ritual that would allow Banner's mental projection to be seen by Caiera. There was much to discuss and it would require them all to be present. The Elder would stay and observe while offering advice if needed. Nothing said in the room would be repeated to anyone save for the other elders.

"Now I cast the spell." The elder stated, "Hold your hands over the blue flame." He intoned. Both did so "Now my Queen call upon the power of the planet and take it in to yourself, the earth will hear your desire and grant your wish." The Elder explained

Caiera closed her eyes, reached out, and felt the energies of the world flowing all around her. Sakaar was alive and it spoke and whispered to her in combat, it imbued her with strength and increased her skills. Now she asked it to allow her to see the spirits. One does not command a planet to do anything for that is foolish. It must be asked and it is up to the planet whether to grant your boon. It responded and she felt a rush of power surge into her.

She then opened her eyes and saw the form of Bruce Banner sitting on her left. The elder saw him too and was not surprised. Elders were elders for a reason. "Greetings Bruce it is nice to see you again." She stated

"It's nice to see you to Caiera." He replied

"Hello Elder I am Bruce Banner and I am the Hulk's other side." He said

"I am aware of your existence Banner." The Elder replied, "Now let us skip the pleasantries, and move on to the main reason we are here. Green King your duality is both mental and physical and presents a unique problem for both of you love Caiera but you hate each other. Caiera in turn loves you Majesty but due to the shadow ritual she must love both sides of you otherwise she shames not only herself but the people of Sakaar as well. That is why we are here today, we must find a way for you and Banner to settle your differences and overcome your hatred so that Caiera can be at peace and you can rule Sakaar as one being. I will act as a moderator and question each one of you. I will offer advice gives suggestions if asked or I feel it necessary but no more" the Elder finished

"How do we begin?" Banner questioned

"We take a pledge to lay our souls bare for each other once again Bruce. Before you and the Hulk can overcome your hatred, we must heal ourselves. We're all damaged in some way and in order to move forward we must come to terms with our pain." Caiera responded.

Both Banner and Hulk gained looks of uncertainty on their faces, Bruce didn't like to talk about these things because no one listened to him. Hulk didn't want to talk because it showed vulnerability.

"We must do this otherwise we will destroy each other." Caiera pleaded slightly.

Both Hulk and Banner nodded, if this was what it took to be with Caiera then they were more than willing to do it.

The Elder spoke again "Now we can begin. Hulk, will you lay your soul bare as these two have? Caiera will you lay your soul bare for all to see. Bruce, will you lay your soul bare and reveal all your secrets." He questioned the three of them.

They each nodded "Very well. Now my king you are hesitant to embrace your title. What is the source of this hesitation?"

Hulk swallowed before answering, "The people call me their savior, and look to me as a leader, what if they're wrong, and what if they are placing their faith in the wrong person."

"The people see you as their savoir Holku, you showed everyone that you are strong and good, you are wise and kind and care about the people." Caiera replied

"You started out as a mindless beast that was nothing more than an engine of destruction. Then you developed a childlike personality and destroyed everything that annoyed you. Somewhere down the line, you actually developed higher level thinking skills and didn't destroy everything in your path. You stopped and thought things out. On top of that you wanted a place to belong and now you have one. You have learned many lessons over the years from our fights and are now using that wisdom to lead." Banner added

Hulk stared at Banner that had sounded like a compliment or an acknowledgement that he didn't totally hate him. Banner never said anything like that before. Hulk was shocked at this.

"It seems my King that the one you hate so much does not entirely hate you. Now Banner you say you hate the Hulk and have tried to kill him in the past. What is the source of this hatred you must hide nothing. Express your true feelings and hold nothing back." The Elder commanded

Bruce was hesitant to do this. The Hulk had caused him so much pain. He had pleaded with people to understand and listen to him, but no one wanted to help him or the Hulk. No one would leave them alone.

Hulk expected Banner to start ranting but instead Banner took a controlled breath and let it out "I'll be honest with you Hulk but I need you to hear my side of the story and not dismiss my concerns like you normally do." Banner stated

"Fine only if you do the same." Hulk stated. Banner nodded "The day you came into being was the day any chance of a normal life I had was over. I was doing okay for myself; I had a nice job that allowed me to do what I loved. The pay was great and Betty loved me. After your emergence, all of that was taken from me. You were an animal to start out with. You kept to yourself and didn't rampage that much, but then you developed a childlike personality around the time General Ross found out about us. That was the beginning of a long cycle." Banner stated

He looked over at Caiera "Looking back I may have been too judgmental, but you have to understand I transformed whenever I was angry which happened a lot. Our government or a part of it saw the raw power we held and decided that we were the property of the government. They declared I no longer had any rights and that they could do whatever they wanted to me, from taking my blood to performing twisted and nightmarish experiments. I still have nightmares. For 10 years, we were hunted by the government or by other heroes or villains for varying reasons. I told people to leave me alone and that hunting me only brought him out. Betty died due to the constant radiation my body gave off. So I blamed everything on him, it was because of him that my life became a living nightmare. Therefore, I tried to get rid of him. I hated myself; I had a monster living in me so I pushed everyone away. Even after your mind developed to the point, it's at now you still refuse to listen to me. What it boils down to is No one listened save for a few people. No one tried to understand everyone wanted to control me or destroy me. No one wanted to help me. No one would listen!" Bruce finished

The Hulk regarded him for a moment "You're right Banner I screwed your life up and you can blame me all you want but you never took responsibility like you should have. You were up until recently always running away from me, always hiding from me and cowering in fear. You are weak and a coward Banner that's why I never listened to you that's why I hated you despite the fact that you are a brilliant man. You thought you were a monster and in turn thought I was a monster. You never tried to find anything out about me and never gave me a chance. Nothing but hatred, self-pity, and self-contempt. You've improved though, you never complained during the rebellion instead you offered me advice and I took some of it. You helped out in the council meeting. I hate the fact that you see yourself as a monster when you're better than that. I'm in your mind Banner, I don't understand all the ideas that are floating around up there but some are really good, but you spend all your time feeling sorry for yourself or trying to kill me that you don't focus on the ideas that could change the world." Hulk finished

It was Bruce's turn to be shocked the Hulk had actually acknowledged him and complimented him. The Hulk had laid it out like it was.

"Tell me Bruce what brought about your change?" Caiera questioned

"The time spent locked away during the rebellion. Time can move differently there, so I had a lot of time to think and reflect. I concluded that hating the Hulk is pointless because he'll always be around. I sifted through my memories and realized I was being a whiney little weakling always running and hiding. I let myself be consumed by my hate that I was just as much to blame as Hulk is for ruining my life. I saw a new side of him as well, not the monster but a hero and a warrior. I fell in love with you Caiera while I was in there and I felt the Hulk do it to. I knew that this would come up so I've let go of my hatred for your sake and so Hulk will let me be a part of his life." Banner finished

"You've finally taken responsibility, maybe we can work something out." Hulk snorted

"Much has been resolved, and much has been learned. Caiera you doubt yourself and your worthiness in the eyes of the King. You fear he will reject you, why?" the Elder asked

Caiera did not hesitate but she did sigh she saw the looks of confusion on Banner's and her King's face "What does he mean Caiera?" Hulk asked

"She's afraid you and I will judge her based on her past sins, and that you or I will reject her." Banner responded

"He is correct Holku. I have served the Red King for the majority of my life. I killed villagers and civilians who spoke out against him because he led me to believe that they would eventually kill him. I did so without remorse, because I believed that what the Red Ring doing was right. I believed his lies for 20 cycles. How can you love a person like me knowing what you know now." She said sadly

Hulk responded "Your past doesn't matter to me, only what you stand for now and who you are now. My life isn't blemish free either. I've destroyed towns and cities; I've killed those who I saw as a threat from time to time. I enjoy smashing and beating my opponents. I won't judge you because I have no right to."

"Hulk's right Caiera I can't say I've been viewed as the same kind of monster as the Hulk's been viewed as, but I've done things that I still regret because I wanted to get rid of him. I've gone insane a few times and created some very dangerous objects, also you were tricked and lied to, the Red King found you and you viewed him as your saving grace. All those years of him feeding you lies and you believing them is partly your fault for not questioning them but at the same time he took you in and practically raised you to be whom you are. He brainwashed you and you needed a big wakeup call. It's happened to the both of us over the years. We understand what you're feeling and going through, but we still love you." Bruce said quietly

"You have found understanding where you thought there was none Caiera. Now you are still hesitant to accept your new life my king what burdens your mind?" the Elder asked

"All my life I've been called a monster. Banner's right no one's ever listened to us, they all wanted to hunt us and destroy us. For 20 years Banner's done nothing but run and now he is facing his past, for 20 years I've done nothing but fight an endless battle. We don't have to run anymore, we no longer have to fight. Our hate for each other is dwindling because we've finally found a place that accepts us; we have friends and a wife who Banner hopes will grow to love him as well. We don't know what to do anymore." Hulk said quietly

Caiera smiled and took Hulk's hand in hers "Do you feel this way as well Bruce?" Caiera asked

Bruce nodded "She then reached out and somehow took his hand "The people who cast you out and banished you are fools. They did try to understand you and they did not know you as I do as all of Sakaar do. You are our savior and our king two powerful beings in their own ways wrapped up in one. Together you are wise, strong and smart. You know how to use your power and do not abuse it. We will take the next step of our journey together." She stated

None of them noticed the Elder take the orb with him and exit the room "Come Holku, come Bruce open yourselves to each other and you will be complete. I already love all of you now love me as one being." She whispered as she placed a kiss on Bruce's lips.

Bruce let himself fade back into his mind and found himself in front of the cage "We'll never truly be one, it would destroy us but we no longer need this cage, do we Hulk." Bruce questioned

"No we don't and this might work out after all. We are separate, but have found a way to stay connected. This won't be easy Banner but I'm willing to give it a shot for Caiera's sake." Hulk replied

Banner smiled just a little bit "I can't believe we're actually doing this willingly, it's just crazy enough to work if we play our cards right. Now let's go Caiera's waiting for us." Banner responded.

Hulk opened his eyes to see Caiera wearing nothing but her crown and a silver chocker around her neck "Are you ready my King?"

"We are ready Caiera, before Banner was just along for the ride now he's in here with me. We can never truly be one for you would lose us and a new being would arise in our place. This is what we agreed on two minds in control, pooled thoughts, and memories. We are two yet one. Is this acceptable to you my queen?" Hulk/Banner asked

"Two yet one you say." Caiera giggled

"We move as one being and think as one being yet are two. I am the Hulk and I am Bruce Banner, together I am your husband, king, and lover. I am your Holku." He said

"This could get confusing." She said with a laugh

"You have no idea, I'll drive you insane, but first." He finished before lunging forward and pinning her to the floor. He took both of her hands in one of his and pinned them above her head so she couldn't use them "Your king desires you." He said with a glint in her eye.

She gulped slightly when they acted together like this they were a different being all together but she could live with that "Your queen is yours to do with as you please." She responded

He smirked "You'll regret those words my Queen. Banner's half is very creative when it comes to this kind of thing."

HE was wrong she was going to enjoy every minute of it.

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