So i have had this idea for awhile now. I started watching Ouran High Host Club because my roommate had netflix, and i had a lot of free time on my hands. I feel in love with it, and was an immediate supporter of Haruhi and Kyoya. Still am. And since Haruhi is often referred to as princess, i thought " Who does princesses better than the Grimm Brothers?" So that's what this is. Each chapter will star one ' Prince' and his version of a fairy tale with Haruhi as everyone's favorite Princess.

Tamaki starts because his story was the one i knew from the beginning. The one that when i came up with the idea i thought " Oh, defiantly" Everyone else is still up for debate, but never him.

Disclaimer: I own neither Ouran High Host Club, nor the Grimm Fairy Tales. But in my head, the two met and had coffee together.

Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom, there was a princess named Haruhi that lived with her father, the king.

The young girl had no mother, no siblings and at times, it felt like no father for he was always so busy. Therefore the little princess was often lonely. Her one comfort was a small golden ball that her mother had gifted to her before she died. It was her most prized possession. As she got older, the ball stayed with her, eventually becoming part of her royal crown so it would always be on her person.

One day, Haruhi was walking through the royal gardens. She saw in the distance an old well that she didn't recall seeing before. Curious, she decided to inspect it.

Slowly approaching the ancient well, she leaned of and peered down into it. Suddenly, a quiet click resounded from above her head and before she could understand what was happening, the golden ball dropped down, down, down into the seemingly bottomless void.

" No!" she yelled, reaching for what she knew was already lost. Shocked, Haruhi just stared hopelessly into the hole.

Falling to her knees, she buried her face into her skirts and let out a small sob.

" My Princess! Why are you so sad! Such a beautiful maiden should never be in such distress!" said a voice that startled Haruhi from her sadness.

Looking around, she saw nothing but the open field.

" Who said that?" she asked, wiping her face with her sleeve and trying to look presentable, less her father hear of her unladylike behavior.

" Down here, mon belle" replied the voice.

Haruhi slowly brought her gaze down to her feet. There, she discovered a rather large, bright green frog with the most peculiar purple eyes staring back at her.

" You?" she said, doubt in her voice.

The frog leaped into her lap, which caused her to fall backwards. The slimy creature then proceeded to climb toward her face and smile

" Me!" it exclaimed.

Haruhi stared wide-eyed at the amphibian for a moment before bringing her arm to rest over her eyes.

" I've gone mad"

" I think not my darling princess!" the frog said. It leaped to the ground before standing upright upon its legs and did a noble bow.

" For you see, I am not just an abnormally handsome frog, but in truth a handsome prince! An evil warlock cursed me after I stepped on his puppet! And I am here to aid you!" he said happily.

Haruhi sat up and observed him

" How so?"

He let out a loud laugh.

" I noticed that you were quite distressed by your shiny trinket dropping into the well. I shall retrieve for you!"

The princess looked at him skeptically.

" In return for what?" she asked, narrowing her eyes. She was fully aware that nobles rarely did something without receiving something.

The frog backed away bashfully.

" I have been caught. It is true that my knightly act is not selfless. If I get your treasure for you, I request that you take me back to your castle and marry me."

Haruhi went eerily silent.

" You have to be joking" she finally said.

The frog looked offended.

" I assure you, I jest not! That is the price of my help"

The princess decided she was not to found of the loud mouth frog, but she couldn't live with herself if she lost her mother's last gift.

" Fine." She said blandly.

The frog smiled before hopping straight into the hole.

All that was heard was the dropping of water, signaling the frogs arrival at the bottom. Then, a shout of joy. Soon the frog reappeared, the small golden ball safely wedged in his mouth.

Haruhi, unable to contain her joy, quickly reached into his mouth and smiled.

" Thank you." She said happily.

The amphibian smiled and then reached up towards her, silently asking to be lifted up.

Haruhi groaned and picked him up, and began walking to her home

" Daughter, I still don't understand. You are engaged . . . to a frog?" asked the king, looking at his precious daughter and her green companion.

" Yes. I gave my word." Haruhi gritted out, annoyed at the happy expression on the frog's face.

The king gave her a strange look, but sighed.

" If you gave you're royal promise, it must be kept, no matter the, uh, oddity of the situation." He said. " I will preform the wedding myself, as I don't think the situation is in need of the large celebration we would normally have"

After the short marriage ceremony, Haruhi wanted nothing more than to sleep. Climbing the stairs to her own room, she silently cursed the fates as she listened to the frog's incessant chatter.

" Our marriage will be long and happy! I want many children! Yes, 20 at least. And for dinner tonight? I wouldn't mind a healthily helping of roast pig, with breads! And cheeses!"

By the time they reached her door, the princess was on her last nerve and in no mood to hear his thoughts on her decorating style.

" Oh no! so dreary! Too many dark shades! When need white! And pink for my delicate new wife!"

Haruhi let out a groan and shook the frog from his perch on her shoulder. He let out a surprised gasped before roughly hitting the floor.

" Darling! That was quite mean! I demand an apology kiss!" he screeched, then puckered his lips.

" I agreed to marry you. I never agreed to kiss you" she replied, exiting to her changing quarters.

" But you must kiss me! I am your beloved husband! Your true love!" he complained.

Haruhi rolled her eyes behind the door, and then promptly ignored him

Soon she returned in her nightclothes, quickly rushing into her bed. Turning the covers, she discovered her ' enchanted prince' nestled into her pillows.

Tired after her long day, she just wanted to sleep. Alone.

" Get out"

The frog looked up at her with pleading eyes.

" But darling! I am your husband and this is our marriage bed, for us to share!" he whined.

Finally reaching her quota for ridiculousness, she let out a loud scoff

" Listen, the only reason we are married is because you retrieved my ball. And while I appreciate it, I'm starting to wish I had just let it stay down there so I wouldn't have to be married to a chatterbox frog for the rest of my life!" she said.

The frog looked at her sadly.

" I'm sorry my princess. I just . . . wanted to be happy. And I want to make you happy. If me being gone is what it will take to accomplish that, then I will leave"

The frog slide down the bed and began to hop away.

Haruhi felt her heart clench and regretted being so cruel. Quickly, she ran over and caught him mid- hop. Hugging him close to her body, she walked back to her bed and slipped under the cover the covers with him.

" Princess?" the frog questioned.

" I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be so mean. I'm just tired. In truth, you are not that bad. Maybe a little ridiculous," Which earned her a huff from her companion, " and talkative. But all in all, you are much better that the potential spouses my father had lined up. Easier to carry, that's for sure" she said with a smile

He laughed.

" Princess, if you are truly content with me as your husband, may I ask for a simple kiss than?"

She looked at his large pleading eyes and smiled

" Since you asked so nicely, yes."

Leaning down, she felt cold, slimy lips for one moment, before a rush of warmth engulfed her and he was suddenly encased in the arms of a tall, blond man. Pushing herself away, she looked up at the stranger, only to stare into familiar violet eyes.

" Haruhi! My love! You broke my spell! Now we can live truly as husband and wife!" he exclaimed.

Haruhi was too stunned to talk. When she finally regained her wits, all she could say was,

" Frog?"

He laughed, this time a joyous sound that seems to spread throughout his whole body.

" Please. Call me Tamaki!"

" Wow. That was . . . corny"

Tamaki gasped.

" How dare you! You evil copies! My story was wondrous!" proclaimed the king of the host club, glaring at the twins, who stuck their tongues out in return.

He turned to the single female in the group

" You liked Daddy's story, didn't you?"

Haruhi looked away, before facing him again.

" I. . . didn't hate it. It was . . . . funny?" she offered.

Tamaki hugged her tightly


Kyoya just shook his head, which Tamaki saw.

" What? Do you think you could do better?" he asked.

Kyoya smirked, but returned to his laptop.

" Oh! Me next! I have the perfect story!" yelled Honey from next to his cousin.

Haruhi, now freed from Tamaki's grip, smiled at the senior.

" Go ahead Honey-sempai"

Happily, he stood up in the circle the host club ( minus the ever- working Kyoya) was in.

" Okay, this one is called Haruhi White!"

If Haruhi seemed cold to you, im going to point out that in the original Grimm story, the princess if quite abusive of the frog, but i couldn't do that to Tamaki or Haruhi. I will try to stay as close to the original stories as possible, but they are waaayyyyy darker than Disney likes to believe, so stuff is going to get edited, for rating's sake. Review and let me know what you think, if you have any ideas, or just want to say hi.