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Once upon a time, in a beautiful kingdom, there was a lord and lady, who lived in a large mansion. The couple was very much in love and when the lady discovered that they were to have a child, their happiness grew to a point where they thought themselves the luckiest people in the kingdom. When it came time to have their child, the lady delivered a baby girl. All the servants agreed that she was a perfect child; never putting up a fuss for her parents and very even tempered. As the year passed, the baby girl grew into a very pretty child.

One day, however, the lady grew ill and when the best doctors were called, they all delivered the news that she didn't have much time left on earth. The lady called her daughter to her side.

" Haruhi, my darling" she said weakly, wiping her child's tear stained face.

" When I am gone, you must not linger on sadness. Remember, whatever hardships life throw as you, there is something better waiting for you. Endure, my love, for you may have a pretty face, but inner strength is what will give you your happily ever after" she said, quoting a line from Haruhi's fairy tale books.

Haruhi sobbed and clutched her mother.

" I promise, mama. I'll be strong, just like you," she whispered.

Within a few days, her mother was gone. But as she had been told, she didn't linger on morning and helped her father through the tragedy.

Time passed, and even though the lord loved his child more than anything, he felt that she needed a mother figure to guild her into womanhood. Searching far and wide for his new bride, he eventually came to marry a wealthy widow, who already had two daughters and seems to be a good influence.

When Haruhi met her new stepmother, she wasn't happy. But she was polite and tried to like her new family, for her father's sake. But when he was not there, he didn't see the angry looks and hurtful things they said about her. Haruhi kept on being nice, though, in hopes of making peace in the family.

When Haruhi was just 15, her father passed, leaving her alone with her wicked step family. The once beautiful manor grew cold and empty. The servants, who had been there far before Haruhi was born and had been there as she grew up, were dismissed.

When Haruhi heard the news, she rusted to her stepmothers' room.

" Step-mother! Why have the servant been let go? Who will take care of our home now?" she asked in distress.

Her stepmother turned to Haruhi and gave a cruel smirk.

" Why, you will Haruhi. From now on, you will address me as ' My Lady' and will be the housekeeper, cook, maid and whatever else we require of you."

Haruhi took a step back in shock, making her stepmother raise an eyebrow. Her stepsisters came in from behind her, pushing her down as they walked past and sat at their mother's side.

" Surely, this comes as no surprise. You knew from the beginning that we despised you, the perfect little lady of the manor."

Her stepsister, Renge, with her perfect blonde curls and cruel blue eyes, laughed.

" Everyone loves little Haruhi. Why should you be better liked than us? We are ladies now, and you?"

" Just a simple, plain servant" finished her stepmother. Her second sister, Ayanokoji , sat silently, watching the exchange, playing absent-mindedly with her flaming red hair.

Stepmother stood and threw a battered dress at Haruhi.

" Now off with you. Being the kind soul that I am, I will give you the rest of the day to move into the basement. You may not take any fine dresses, jewels or anything else that suggests you are more than just a maid. All of those possessions now belong to my daughters, the rightful ladies of the house"

The two girls shrieked in happiness, and ran to Haruhi's room to fight over who gets what.

Haruhi clutched the dress in her hand, and walked from the room.

Three years flew by.

The ladies of the manor did all that they could to make Haruhi miserable, treating her harshly and making her do everything for them. But Haruhi's demeanor stayed the same

She would hum as she cooked, danced as she cleaned, and when her step- family was out of the house, spending her dowry on fancy clothes and jewels, she read books, enjoying the feeling she got as she learned. In her books, she felt that anything was possible. That a quick wit and educated mind were all you needed to survive in this world. Her sisters, however, did not share this opinion, for all they talked about was marriage to rich and powerful men.

One day, Haruhi was out in the front of the manor, tending to the gardens when she heard an approaching horse. Walking to the front gate, she bowed politely to the well-dressed man that dismounted. Silently, he handed her a small envelope.

She looked at it, but did not see whom it was addressed to.

" For the women of the household" he explained, before quickly remounting his steed and riding off.

Haruhi took her time walking to the sitting room where her stepmother was teaching dance lesson to her sisters. She didn't enjoy listening to them squabble about who stepped on who's feet or who was an oaf of a dancer.

Knocking on the door, she heard a loud " What?!" come from inside, obviously her sister Hilda, who was more brash and rude. Ayanokoji was more of a sneaky, backhanded kind of mean.

Haruhi took a deep breath, and entered the room with a smile. She bowed quickly.

" My ladies. A message for you." She said, holding out the envelope and waiting for someone to grab it.

Her stepmother snatched it from her hand so quickly, the paper cut her finger and Haruhi had to hold it close to her body as to not get any blood on the carpet, or else there would be hell to pay.

As step-mother read it, she grew an eerie smile and laughed

" Wonderful! This is absolutely perfect!" she exclaimed happily.

Renge and Ayanokoji rushed over

" What mother? What does it say?" Ayanokoji asked, reaching for the letter, only to get her hand smacked away.

" It says, my dears, that the prince has returned from his studies abroad and the King has decided it is time for him to marry!"

At this, both girls squealed happy, before being shushed.

" There is a ball being held tomorrow, in which the prince will choose his bride from any noble lady who in attendance! This is it!"

The stepmother paced the room.

" One of you will marry the prince, we will move to the palace and finally be treated like the royalty I always knew us to be!" she said.

Renge and Ayanokoji jumped around, planning their attire for tomorrow evening, but the excitement was interrupted by a soft voice.

" I've never been to a ball before" Haruhi pondered, having only read about them in her fairy tale books.

Her step family all stopped and stared at her.

" Yes, and you never will" Renge said with a sneer.

Ayanokoji smiled cruelly

" You are not invited. You're just a plain, ugly maid. Could you imagine, dear sister? Haruhi at a ball? She would be laughed out of the kingdom!" Ayanokoji said

Haruhi showed no emotion, but inside was upset.

" But, I am a lady of this household, by birth. Even if I don't look it," she pointed out.

Stepmother approached her and grabbed her face in a painful lock. She examined her stepdaughter carefully.

Haruhi seemed to thrive in the harsh circumstances of her life, for under the dirt and soot, she was still very beautiful, with her long chestnut locks and large hazel eyes. Many times, did she see the village boy swoon over her.

" Haruhi is right. She is a lady too," Stepmother said, shocking her daughters.

" But mother! I-"

Renge was cut off by her mother's cold stare.

" However, not only does she not have anything to wear, she is ill breed and uneducated." She said. She released Haruhi from her grip and walked towards the door, motioning for her daughters to follow her.

" Haruhi, you are truly unfit for high class society. Bringing you would be an embarrass upon the family name. And we don't want that, do we?" and with that, the door was slammed in Haruhi's face.

Haruhi walked back down to her cellar room and began her chores again, silent as the grave as she did.

The next day, the house was in chaos and Haruhi did not stop moving until the sun began to set. All day, she was running around, helping her sisters in and out of their dresses (for the could not decided what to wear, even after 9 hours, 34 dresses, 23 pairs of shoes and 56 sighs from Haruhi) After they had finally settled, Haruhi then had to begin of their hair. By the time the carriage had arrived, Haruhi's whole body ached. Her sisters walked down the stairs, and paused at the bottom for a final inspection by their mother.

Renge wore a large, jade colored dress the ruffled down to the floor. Her sunlight colored hair was set in an elaborate bun that took up ever pin in the house to do. She wore large emeralds on everything: Necklace, bracelet, and earrings.

Ayanokoji 's dress was similar to Renge's but the neckline was lower cut and a bright pink. Her red hair was in curls down her back and Haruhi decided that if she never curled another head in her life, it would be too soon. Ayanokoji chose diamonds for her jewels and she seemed to be covered in glitter, for she sparkled at eerie step she took.

Stepmother looked on in approval before turning to her exhausted stepdaughter

" What do you think, Haruhi? Aren't my daughter's the most beautiful girls in the kingdom?" she asked

Haruhi stared at her stepmother before turning to her sisters.

" I think they are lovely and any man who dances with them will be the luckiest in all the kingdom." She said, for even though they treated her badly and had wronged her, Haruhi did not have any malice in her heart to say any cruel words about her family. It's not the way her parents raised her.

Her sisters looked at her in disbelief. Ayanokoji then rolled her eyes, not caring for Haruhi's opinion, even if it was favorable. Renge, however, just scoffed.

" Well, No one likes a sweet-talker, Haruhi. " she said.

With that, her family turned to leave, but Haruhi coughed to get their attention.

They turned towards her.

" I thought, since I spent so much time helping to prepare for the ball, I could go. Look!" and she shrugged of her maid gown to reveal a simple dress, one that Ayanokoji had thrown out because she didn't like it's white color.

" I washed my face too, and I thought, maybe I could just stand in the back? I won't say anything, but I really wish to see the ball" she explained.

All was quiet before her family burst into laughter.

" Oh, silly, stupid Haruhi! What a laugh! Now we shall arrive in the best of spirits!" Renge yelled.

Stepmother just corrected herself from her un-ladylike burst and began walking toward the carriage.

" Haruhi, you seem to be too dull to understand, so I will just say it: No one wants you, not at the ball, not anywhere else. Now, don't forget to do your chores before you crawl back into the cellar, where you belong.

And then they were gone.

In the three years that Haruhi slaved away, she had never cried. Not when she was casted into the basement. Not when everything she loved was taken. Not even when she was left without family or friends, because she always heeded her mother's advice and looked forward to a better day.

But today, Haruhi went back to her cellar, crawled onto her straw bed and cried for the first time since her father had died, feeling like a foolish child for ever believing that she could get something she wanted.

" Mother, you were wrong. There is no silver lining. There is only darkness ahead." She sobbed to herself.

Suddenly, she felt a hand stroking her hair.

" My poor little girl. It is alright. Calm down now, and all will be well again."

Haruhi jumped back, looking at the figure that now stood in her small room.

It was a beautiful lady, with cascading blond hair, kind brown eyes and a friendly smile on her face. She seemed to light up Haruhi's dark room with her presence.

" Who are you?" Haruhi asked, confused.

The woman laughed and opened her arms.

" I am your fairy godmother. I am here to help you!" she explained.

Haruhi frowned at the woman.

" Help me? Why now? Why not sometime in the pass three years?"

The woman patted her on the head.

" Because you didn't need me. You're a strong girl who has persevered through these troubling times. But this is the first time you have lost sight, and I am here to help you find it. So, let us begin, or else you, my dear, will be late for the ball!" she exclaimed happily.

Haruhi stood in silence as the woman fretted over her.

" You need a look that is fit for a princess!" and with a clap of her hands, Haruhi's white dress was turned into a shimmering silver ball gown. Small crystal flowers were woven into her hair, which was braided down her back. On her neck, hung a crystal choker necklace.

Haruhi gasping in wonder as she saw her refection in her washing bowl. She turned to thank the woman, but saw no one.

" Come outside darling!" she heard from outside the cellar doors.

Haruhi raced to the front yard; where the woman stood in from of a grand white carriage, lead by silver horses. Haruhi's breath was stolen away from her.

" How?" was all she could say.

" Oh, a little fairy dust, a few magic words and a pumpkin" the woman said, looking at the pumpkin patch in the garden.

Haruhi began to climb into the carriage, but a hand on her arm stopped her.

" Let us not forget shoes, darling, for dancing in tough on the feet" and within the blink of an eye, Haruhi discovered beautiful glass slippers on her feet. Haruhi smiled and hugged her fairy godmother.

Just as the carriage was ready to leave, the magical woman stopped it.

" Magic is a wonderful thing, but it will not last forever. At the twelfth chime of the clock, all of this will no longer be. You must be home before that, understand?' she said, with a serious face. Haruhi nodded, which brought a smile to the woman's face.

" Then to the ball for you!" and with that, they were off.

When her carriage pulled up to the grand entrance, all Haruhi could think was ' they are going to know I don't belong here.'

But as the door was opened and she was helped out of the carriage, she stopped all her worrying in favor of being blow away by her surroundings.

She walked in a daze past the great hall and into the grand ballroom, before stopping and standing by a wall.

Haruhi watched the couples spin and listened to the beautiful music, taking in all that was around her. It was 10, so Haruhi figured she had an hour before she should go home. Looking around, she walked towards the food table, hoping to catch a glimpse of the prince whose presence was responsible for the whole affair. And maybe a bit of the tuna that smelled so good.

As she began to eat, she noticed that no other women were partaking in the delicious meal and wondered if she was doing something wrong. Slowly, she backed away from the table, only to bump into a hard chest.

" Excuse Me," she said, turning to see a indifferent looking gentleman staring down at her. His piercing gray eyes bore into hers from beneath his glasses and seemed to be studying her, before giving a smile.

" It is alright miss. It's my fault for interrupting your meal," he said, looking at her hand full of tuna rolls.

She noticed that everyone was staring and whispering at them, and assumed she was defiantly doing something wrong. She looked at the man.

" Um, do you have any idea why I am the only female eating? Have I broken a rule?" she whispered.

He just laughed.

" The other women are so tightly strapped into their corsets, if they were to eat, they would burst forth. Why do you think you've done something wrong?"

She moved nervously.

" Everyone is staring at me."

At this, he looked shocked, then pleased.

" It's because you don't see a beauty like you everyday."

Haruhi blushed. She curtsied to the man and made a move to pass him before she could be any more embarrassed, but the man grabbed her hand.

" Will you not dance with me?" he asked, and before she could answer, he was already leading her into a waltz.

Haruhi was so busy trying not to mess up, that she didn't notice the man staring at her.

" You know, you will dance more smoothly if you relax." He stated.

She looked up and glared at him

" How can I relax when everyone is staring? I hate being watched." She replied in a biting tone.

This caused the man to smile.

" You are not from around here. " he stated, gliding them across the dance floor.

" Is that a question?" she replied.

He shook his head

" Just stating an observation. I'm right, aren't I?" he asked smugly.

Haruhi rolled her eyes at him.

" Do you enjoy being right?" she asked in return.

They were now dancing towards the edge of the room, but Haruhi was too annoyed to notice.

" I do, which is good, because I usually am" he said, smirking. For some reason, that smirk mad Haruhi's stomach flip.

" Well, then you won't enjoy this: I was born and raised in this kingdom. My father was a lord of the outer territories." She replied.

The man frowned.

" Then why have we never met? I know every lord and their children. I don't know you." He said in a confident voice.

Haruhi's face suddenly went from a smile to a sad frown.

" My father died a while back. You . . . . Would not know me." She said, sadly.

Her grip on his hand loosened and she seemed to be pulling away, but he grasped her more tightly.

" I am sorry. I didn't mean to make you sad" he said in a comforting voice.

Haruhi was about to reply, but was bumped and knocked over from behind.

" Oh! Excuse me! I didn't mean to knock you down!" exclaimed a loud voice that Haruhi instantly recognized. Renge.

Haruhi kept her head down as the man helped her up.

" That looked like a serious fall. Best go sit down, miss. I will finish your dance for you" her stepsister said.

Renge reached for the man, who moved away from her and guided Haruhi to a doorway.

" Madam, you are either intoxicated or dumb to think I would leave my lovely partner for the likes of a catty woman. Be off with you." He said, dismissing her. Renge let off a upset ' hmmph' before stalking away.

The man led Haruhi through the door way and into the gardens.

" Are you alright, my lady?" he asked, lifting her face.

" I am fine. She doesn't appear like me very much" she replied.

The man laughed.

" Most of the women in that room don't like you very much right now, I would guess" he said, resuming the dancing position they held.

" Why? Oh, is it because I was eating?" she asked, swaying with the man.

He looked at her for a long time, studying her face.

" You really don't know?" he asked.

Haruhi looked confused.

" I don't know what?"

The man shook his head and took her hand, leading them through the garden.

" Nothing. So, miss, tell me about yourself."

Just as Haruhi was going to say her name, she heard the clock tower begin to chime.

Looking up, she saw that both arms were on the 12.

" Oh! No no no no!" she gasped, letting go of the man's hand and moving toward the front gates.

" What! What is wrong?" the man asked, distressed at her leaving him.

" I have to go. I have . . . not seen the prince!" she yelled as she ran.

" Wait! But I'm the prince!" he yelled back, but she was gone and couldn't hear. As he chased after here, he saw no trace of her, until a glimmer flashed before his eyes. Lying on the ground was her glass shoe. He picked it up carefully and clutched it.

Haruhi raced to her carriage and begged it to go fast. The horses ran at a supernatural speed, but it wasn't enough. At the last bell, everything disappeared. Everything but her one glass slipper. Holding it close to her body, she began her walk back to the manor, daydreaming about the handsome man that made her stomach tingle.

The next morning, as she served breakfast to her family, all she could hear about was the ball.

" The prince only had eyes for me!" Renge bragged, at which point Ayanokoji rolled her eyes.

" You mean that one time he looked at you and told you to leave while he picked up the lady you pushed?" she asked.

Renge frowned.

" That tramp? Ha! She was just something to hold my spot. Didn't you hear? She got bored of him and left him at midnight! Then he spent the whole night with me"

Haruhi almost dropped the plates when she heard that. That sounded like a familiar story.

" The prince?" she said to herself. Then she turned red at how rude she was.

" So that's what I didn't know. " she mumbled to herself.

Stepmother motioned for everyone to be quiet.

" Hush Renge. No one wants to hear your tales. We all know it was the stranger the prince wants. The royal guards have been out since last night trying to find her. They say that she left behind her shoe and the prince will marry the girl it belongs to," she said.

Renge and Ayanokoji gasped.

Haruhi did drop the plates this time.

" W-what? The prince is going to marry the girl?" Haruhi stuttered out.

Stepmother looked at her suspiciously.

" Yes, but it is no concern to you." She then turned to her daughters.

" The guards will be here any minute. So I suggest you go and make yourself presentable."

Like magic, the bells chimes, announcing a visitor. As Haruhi moved to go get the door, Stepmother stopped her.

" Haruhi, go down to your cellar. You are not proper company for the royal guard." She ordered.

Haruhi bowed to her stepmother and went to the cellar, but then slipped up the old servant entrance and watched the seen from the dining room.

Her stepmother opened the door, only to looked shocked and to stand back and curtsied.

" Oh! I had no idea that you would be here! I was told it would just be the royal guards. Our house is not in any condition for you!" she said.

Through the door, Haruhi watched the man from last enter, with two large men on either side of him. She blushed, as the reality that the prince was looking for her set in.

" Announcing his royal highness, Prince Kyoya, Heir to the throne," said one of the men.

Haruhi saw her stepsisters scramble down the steps, before composing themselves and bowing.

Kyoya surveyed the family.

" Yes, the guard is going around the houses of nobles. But I am personally searching the homes of the lords and lady's of the outer lands. My future bride told me her late father was a lord of outer territories, and after careful research, I found that your husband has passed and there are daughters here." The prince said. Renge and Ayanokoji stepped forward, next to their mother.

" These are my daughters. Surely it is one of them?" she said.

Kyoya looked at Renge.

" You were the girl who pushed my partner over." He said.

Realizing that Renge was no longer an option, Stepmother gestured to Ayanokoji .

" Hahaha. My daughters often playfully shoved each other. You must be looking for her sister, Ayanokoji ."

Ayanokoji stepped forward and smiled at the prince.

Kyoya shook his head.

" It is not her."

Stepmother gave a tense smile.

" You have not even let her try on the shoe. You will see, that it fits her perfectly."

Kyoya rolled his eyes, but presented the shoe anyway, if only to be able to move on.

As he suspected, Ayanokoji 's feet were too large.

" Are you sure that there are no other ladies in this house? Any with brown hair and beautiful hazel eyes?" he asked.

Renge let out an angry shriek, but covered her mouth.

Stepmother frowned.

" I have no more daughters. Anyone else in the house is a lowly servant"

Kyoya sighed and was ready to turn around, but movement in the dining room caught his eye. He moved forward.

" My lord! This is most unusual. Our dining room is a mess, I must ask you to stay!" Stepmother yelled.

The prince just kept moving.

He found no one there, but noticed that the door to the kitchen was still moving, so that was his next stop. Again, no one was there. He was going to turn back, but a clutter from the cellar doors drew his attention.

The whole party had now gathered in the kitchen.

Kyoya pointed to the cellar.

" What is down here?"

Stepmother's face went pale

" Nothing but storage, my lord"

More noise came from the door and the prince opened it.

Climbing down the old stairs, he saw a form hunched over a chest.

" Ahem"

Haruhi turned around and hide what she had behind her back.

Kyoya and Haruhi stood in silence until Renge broke it.

" That is just our old maid. Pay her no mind"

Kyoya ignored her and walked over. Even in the little light they had, Kyoya knew this girl was who he was looking for.

" What do you have?" he asked, gesturing behind her back.

Slowly, she pulled out a bundle of cloth. Handing it to him, he gently unwrapped it and then smiled.

There, the other glass slipper laid.

Kyoya tossed the slipper unto her bed, and picked her up.

" I've been looking for you",he said quietly.

" Why?" she asked.

" Because I wanted to tell you that I love you"

Haruhi smiled.

" You love a poor maid who doesn't know when to hold her tongue?"

Kyoya chuckled and pulled her into a kiss. Breaking away, he led her up the stairs.

" No, I love the only girl who I know loves me, not because I am a prince, but because I am me.

Haruhi let out a hum.

" Who said I loved you?"

Kyoya shrugged and brought Haruhi passed her fuming step family and out to the royal carriage.

" I did. And if you don't love me now, you will"

" Oh? Because you are always right?"

Kyoya nodded.

" Precisely."

" You are lucky that I do love you, Though I don't know what I am going to do with a husband like you," she said.

" Oh, I do. We are going to have a happily ever after"

The whole room sat in silence.

Kyoya didn't take his eyes off Haruhi while everyone just watched them.

" That was . . . . Actually good. If not a little self absorbed" Haruhi said, standing up and stretching her legs, which were numb from sitting so long.

Kyoya smirked and rose as well.

Realizing the time, Hunny jumped up.

" Takashi and I have to go now! But this was fun!" Hunny said, before leaving the room with his cousin.

" Kyoya! I always knew you were a dashing prince!" Tamaki yelled, jumping on his friend. Kyoya rolled his eyes and pushed the blubbering blond away.

Hikaru and Kaoru helped each other up and gathered their things.

" Lame" Hikaru said, frowning.

Kyoya began packing his things as well.

" Now, don't be snippy because your jealous, Hikaru" he said with a smirk. Hikaru turned to the shadow king. " Jealous? What am I jealous of?"

While Tamaki tried to play peacemaker, Kaoru moved away from the impending fight, towards Haruhi.

" So . . . . .which one was your favorite?" he asked.

Haruhi stopped packing her bag and paused to look at him.

" Yours was the most different, but I have to go with Kyoya's, though that bastard knew Cinderella is my favorite" she said, frowning at the glasses- wearing man.

" Really? I would have never guessed. I mean, you are all about hard work and earning what you want. Cinderella is kind of the opposite," Kaoru said, helping her get her papers together.

Haruhi gave a sad smile.

" Not true. Cinderella has to put up with a lot before she gets her happy ending, Also my mother would read me Cinderella before bed and I loved falling asleep to her voice telling me that story."

Kaoru smiled back, before hugging her.

" I'm going to go collect my brother before he does something stupid. Have a good night, princess," he said with a wink.

By the time Haruhi was ready to go, the music room was empty. She walked outside to the main gates, only to see a limo waiting with a familiar figure outside of it, talking on the phone.

Haruhi walked up to him and received a kiss on the forehead before they both entered the car. On the drive back to her apartment, Haruhi stared out the window, waiting for Kyoya to finish his conversation. At the sound of " Goodbye" she looked over to him.

" You know, it's not fair that you used personal info about me to tell the best story." She stated.

Kyoya just gave a small smile.

" What's the point of you telling me personal things if I can't use them to my advantage?"

Haruhi frowned.

" I tell you these things because that's what people in relationships do."

Kyoya just gave a nod to show he was listening.

" I mean, I don't go around telling people the story of a tiny dog that bit some person on the nose and now he has an odd fear of small dogs" Haruhi said with a blank face.

Kyoya narrowed his eyes at her.

" Cheap shot"

Haruhi smiled and grabbed his hand.

When they arrived at her apartment, Kyoya left the car and walked her to her front door.

" Would you like to stay for dinner?" she asked, looking for her keys.

" I would, but i have a business meeting in a few hours." he replied.

Haruhi sighed

" Your too busy for a teenager. I wish you would have more fun" Before she knew it he was spinning her around and kissing her.

" I have plenty fun." he said after he separated from her.

The brown hair girl opened her door and when inside.

" I guess i will see you tomorrow at the host club's outing to the fair?" she asking, putting down her bag.

" You will, though i have every intention of disappearing with you half way and ending up at a nice restrant for some alone time" he said, checking something on his phone.

" Can't we eat fair food?" Haruhi questioned, before laughing at the look on his face. " What?"

" That stuff will kill you." He insisted.

Haruhi walked up to him, kissed him on the cheek and pushed him out the door

" See you tomorrow, you rich bastard"

" Till, tomorrow, Princess Haruhi"