Chapter 1: The Meeting

It's a summer day full of warmth and cool breeze, but today is a whole different day than I planned. and I his only son went to work together, who knew today, would be day of adventure and convincing.

Gregory's POV

It was easy enough to walk into the building, but not as easy as talking to a girl. I'm Gregory a boy who just wants to get the "bring your kid to work day" over with, you I never thought I'll get my first phone number like this. It was a Saturday of August that meant no school for me or at least for 3 more months. I brought my summer homework just to avoid the paperwork the company has assigned for the children 13 and above while the younger ones are being babysat by a nanny. I was actually surprised how easy my homework was and finished quickly, after that it was about 1 hour before lunch so I just walked to the lounge and met this interesting girl her name is Daryl her eyes are stormy gray with green specks and dirty blonde hair, she was dressed in khaki tight skinny jeans and a V-neck that was a navy blue color that showed too much for my comfort and had a messy ponytail. I tried to make a sentence in my head to introduce myself, but was harder than I expected I just started notice that I was stuttering in mind was it just me or is that possible. I finally looked up and noticed she wasn't there stirring at her coffee anymore.