Feathertail's Fall

I was once told that everyone has a destiny, and once you fulfill it, you become a great. You become a warrior of StarClan, and you are remembered for countless moons. My father, Greystripe told me that. I hope I made him proud.

My heart pounded as I caught sight of the merciless leviathan. Its savage jaws closing around electric air as the Tribe cats got into position. It gave a monstrous roar as it rushed into the cave beyond the waterfall. I stood beside my brother. His body was tense and his muscles were rolling, ready for the inevitable. The silver cat would come and save the Tribe of Rushing Water. I remembered, my throat growing tight. I would lose my brother. I would lose my sanity. He was the only thing I had left. Stormfur may not have known it, but he was my home. No matter where we were, I was okay because he was always beside me. What would I do when all that was left of home was demolished.

My thoughts were forced away and a new fear aroused as I heard an all too familiar voice. My eyes snapped down to see Sharptooth pinning him in a hole in the stone wall. It was trying to get Crowpaw! My heart thumped faster and my muscles tightened. I needed to help him! I looked around for any possible way to draw the beasts' attention away from Crowpaw. That's when I saw it. Hanging from the top of the cave was a large, pointed stone right above the giant predator. It was in that moment I realized Stoneteller had it wrong the entire time. This is my destiny. I am the silver cat.

My body began to shake. I was afraid. I was very, very afraid. All this time, I'd been trying to prepare for when Stonefur sacrificed himself. I didn't want to believe it, but Stonefur was so stubborn that he wouldn't listen to me. He believed he was the savior, but he was wrong. It was me. StarClan, help me. I prayed for guidance.

Just then, I looked up to see a figure standing on a ledge opposite the cave. Stars danced in her pelt, and her eyes shimmered like the moon. I knew who she was instantly. My father had told me stories about her. This was Silverstream. This was my mother. As if understanding my fear, she nodded her head once, and that's when it happened. I whispered my good byes to my brother, prayed this would all be worth it, that Crowpaw knew I cared, and then I jumped.

The impact felt like it crushed every bone in my body, but the pain was worth it. It worked. My plan worked. As the pointed stone fell, I went with it and landed on the ground while the stone pierced the demon that had so long terrorized the Tribe. It passed away and the Tribe would be at peace.

StarClan, in all their mercy, was cruel that day though. The impact that should have took me to their ranks left me dying slowly on that cold stone floor. I laid there, crumpled, broken, beaten, and torn as my friends cried and begged me not to go. I couldn't say a single word, though.


That day I suffered a fate worse than death. They don't know what it's like to lay there shattered as you're surrounded by the ones you love, and not be able to say good bye. I had to lay there and wait in agony. StarClan had no right. I knew the second I jumped I was going to die, but they didn't take me instantly. They should have released me from my shattered body and my pain, so I could wander amongst the stars. But they didn't do that. Instead, I heard the Tribes' cheers.

"The silver one came! The silver one came!

I could hear Squirrelpaw, and Crowpaw, and Stormfur, and Bramblepelt, and Tawnypelt. I could hear them whispering sweet good-byes in my ear, but I couldn't do anything. No one in StarClan could understand how it felt to be so close, and yet so far. Finally, after being there for far too long, my mother came.


"Why didn't you come earlier? Why did you leave me there broken so long?" I yowled at her.

"They wouldn't let me come sooner." Her voice was soft and eyes were clouded.

"Why not?" I hissed.

"Feathertail, you went your whole life knowing your mother was dead and your father was in another Clan. You went through life with your brother and only your brother. You felt like no one cared and you felt lost and hurt and alone. StarClan left you there to let you know, that even though you felt alone, you never were. They all cared about you. They all loved you and shall mourn you," Silverstream mewed sweetly. I couldn't say one word of anger or rage or sorrow. I could only stand there and for one of the first times in my entire life, I felt less alone.


Now I sit in StarClan, watching them all. Crowpaw has become Crowfeather, fallen in love, lost it, and is now lying to himself. I know that Nightcloud is not his destiny. She never was, but I wasn't either.

Stormfur was happy with Brook, his kits, and the Tribe. Even now, I would see him sometimes go to where my body was and talk as if I were still there. He didn't know, but I'd talk back.

Squirrelpaw had become Squirrelflight, and she had fallen in love with Brambleclaw. I knew they would be together. If only they could find themselves again.

Together they brought the Clans to the lake, and they had built a life. As long as my legacy lived and my memories survived, I would be a part of all their lives. I would never leave.