Summary: Dawn was your average 9 year old with family problems. Orphaned at the age of five, then adopted by a young couple, she try's to move on with her life. When her adopted parents send Dawn to summer camp, in hopes that she becomes more social, is where her troubles begin...

Disclaimer: I own only Dawn and her adopted parents

Chapter one: and so it begins

I blame my parents. Now that I think about it, if they had never wanted me to go to summer camp I wouldn't be in this mess. Ya'll are most likely confused so let me back track a bit. But before I do let me introduce myself, the name's Dawn Yami and I'm nine years old.

It was at summer camp, the same one my sister sent me too, when it all started...

The day was normal, but then, out of nowhere, it started snowing and a blizzard broke out, making all of us campers run for shelter in our huts to wait the storm out.

During that time I tried to called my parents, but thanks to the storm it didn't go through.

When it finally did stop, only me and seven other kids in one hut were brave enough, or maybe stupid enough, to come out to observe the odd phanomina.

A boy with wild brown hair and goggles opened the door first and gasped at the sight of the winter wonderland in summer. Needless to say, the canoe races were canceled and so was swimming. Thankfully...

"So lets have tabogan races instead!" he cried running out.

"I'm gonna build the biggest snowman!" a little blonde boy in green laughed, running out.

"Hey, TK, be careful! Slow down!" an older version of the boy ran out.

"Brr! It is freezing! And I didn't even bring a jacket." a red head shivered.

"Man! I was worried I'd catch a summer cold,but this is even worse!" a boy with blue hair and glasses came out next.

"Wow! Why didn't I pack my fluffy pink snow boots?" a girl dressed in pink asked, marveling at the snow.

"This is weird. I hope the world isn't ending" I said standing by the door.

I wasn't sure whether or not to go out into the cold, but let me tell you now. I don't like the cold. Any other time of the year is fine by me but the winter and snow is a no for me. Thanks to the weirded storm, we'll most likely have to leave. I walked over to my backpack and packed up my stuff. I packed my purple blanket, my orange jacket, some food my Mom packed for me.

"Still not working…bummer. This storm is making a messy of my inferred internet connection." I heard a boy say.

I looked over at him and saw the he was trying to get his laptop to work, but the conection had failed. I guess the cellphone towers aren't working. That would explain why my phone wasn't working before.

I heard all the kids outside talking about something all at once. I poked my head out to see what all the commotion was about.

"Hey, what're their names? Izzy! Dawn! Come on out here, you two gotta see this!" someone cried.

The two of us gathered our things and went out to see everyone staring at the strange lights in the sky.

"It's beautiful! Magical even!" The girl in pink said.

"Yeah,but what is it?" asked Izzy.

"Maybe an arora?" asked the red head.

"Aren't those the northern lights?" I asked her. She nodded at me.

"That's impossible! You see that in Alaska. We're way too far south." Izzy said.

"Tell that to the snow." the red head said.

"I really think we all oughta get back inside before we all come down with pneumonia !" the bluenette said, worried.

"And miss this? The sky is, like, short circuting!" the older blonde exclaimed.

"Hey, what's that?" exclaimed the goggle head.

The lights dissapeared and a strange swirling vortex appeared in its place. It began to glow and shot out eight different lights that looked like fireballs, making everyone gasp and stare in fear.

"Do you think we need sun screen?" asked the pink girl.

"No I think we should RUN!" I yelled.

Everyone then ran around, ducking out of the way as the fireballs hit the ground, causing mini explosions, blasting snow over everyone.

I managed to narrowly avoided getting hit by one and tripped down next to the two blond boys.

After it all setteled, everyone got up and went to check out what those things really were.

"Everyone, are you alright?" asked the red head.

"I think I saw my whole life flashed before my eyes." I muttered. "Let me tell you, that's not a good thing."

"We're still here." the older blond said as the younger one helped me up.

"Thanks" I said.

He grinned at me. "No problem!"

"That was scary!" whined the pink girl.

"W-what was it?" asked the bluenette.

"Meteors?" hypothosized Izzy.

Then, whatever those things were, they came out of the ground and we all grabbed one on instinct.

"OK, so it's not meteors!" Izzy corrected himself.

"What...are these? the red head asked.

"My guess is some sort of remote digital apparatus."Izzy concluded.

"No instructions?" the older blond asked.

Just then, a huge wave of water shot up.

"Forget the instructions, surf's up!" the goggle head cried.

We yelled as we were swept up by the wave, but didn't get wet at all.

"I knew I should have went to cheerleading camp!" the pink girl cried.

I groaned. "Ow what hit me?" I muttered.

"Did you have a nice nap?" two voices asked.

"I've had better..."

I pushed myself up and looked around. I was in some weird lush forest instead of camp.

"Are you okay?" the two voices asked.

I looked down to see a sun-like thing with a flame on the top and a raindrop looking thing with a worried look.

"Uh, that depends; are you two real?" I asked.

The sun thing laughed and jumped in my lap, startling me and the rain drop.

"Don't worry! I'm Sunmon, that's Moonmon and the three of us are partners!" he said.

"I don't...understand. Partners?"

"Yes. We've been waiting such a long time for you." Moonmon said.

"So let's play!" Sunmon said jumping up and down on my lap.

"Wait, what about all the others? We have to find them right away." I said, taking Sunmon and Moonmon into my arms then standing up.

"Don't worry, we'll find them." Moonmon assured me.

I frowned. "I hope so. By the way what are you guys?" I asked as I started walking.

"We're Digimon!" Sunmon said. I looked at him confused but he just laughed.

I stopped walking when I heard talking and listened closely. I recognized one of the voices belonging to the red haired girl and made my way over to that area.

"I am enchanted to meet you friends of Sora. Welcome." said a pleasant voice.

"Tai, Izzy, meet Yokomon. My own personal something or other." I heard the red head say.

I came into the clearing and saw Sora (the red head) with Tai (goggles) and Izzy, who also had their own digimon.

"Looks kinda like a raddish." Tai said, looking at Yokomon.

"Must be another one of them, what ever they are." said Izzy.

Then a small white creature came out, standing in front of the pink head and the pink ghost.

"Uh oh." Tai said.

"Hey, who are they?" I whispered to Moonmon.

"The head is Koromon and the pink blob is Motimon." she said.

"That one that just popped up is Tokomon." Sunmon added.

"They're popping up everywhere!" Izzy exclaimed.

"Hello, I am Tokomon." the white creature said. He turned his head. "Hey, TK, over here!" he called.

"Coming!" The small blond boy came running out of the brush, smiling.

"Tokomon, there you are!" he laughed.

"TK!" the older blond came out, chasing after him.

"Hey, Matt! You too?" said Tai.

"Yeah, I'm here too." Matt said.

"No, I meant that thing under your arm." Tai clarified.

"Oh, this guy? Yeah, well..."

"Hello!" the digimon under his arm blushed. "You appear pleasant. Tsunomon's the name and I'm quite pleased to meet you."

"I've got another question, are there any digimon around here that aren't cute?" I quietly asked them.

They just giggled. At that point Sunmon decided to hop out of my arms, and made his way over to the group of digimon. Which caused me and Moonmon to chase after him.

"Hey, wait! Sunmon!" I called after him.

"Hey, your Dawn, right?" Tai asked.

I yelped in surprise.'I forgot that they were here!'

"Um, y-yes, yes I am." I said, bashful.

"Yup, that's Dawn, Moonmon and I'm Sunmon!" Sunmon said.

"Wow! Dawn has two of them!" T.K. commented in awe.

Then, we all heard someone yell and turned to see the bluenette come running towards us with a cute dragon like creature floating behind him.

"Joe?" Tai said.

"Help me! This thing-! This thing... It wont leave me alone!" he panted.

"Hey, who you callin' a thing? I'm no stuffed animal! The name's Bukamon." The dragon said.

Joe yelled again as he saw Bukamon on his shoulder, making the dragon laugh.

"What's wrong with you guys? Don't you see this creature hanging off me? And those things down there?" he pointed to the digimon.

He yelled again. "They're... They're everywhere! What are they?" Joe asked.

"We're..." Bukamon started, swooping down to sit next to Tokomon. Moonmon jumped down from my arms and stood next to Sunmon.

"Digimon! Digital monsters!" they said proudly.

"I wonder how long it took them to rehearse that..." I said to myself.

"Digital monsters?" Tai asked.

"Yes, digimon!"

"We're not just digital monsters, we're much more than that! We're also...kinda cute!" Koromon said.

"And...very loyal." Tsunomon blushed.

"With beautiful hair!" Yokomon said.

"Or maybe no hair at all!" Motimon said.

"And we can be funny! Ha!" Bukamon laughed.

"And adorable!" Tokomon said.

"And fun!" Sunmon giggled.

"And very sweet!" Moonmon said.

"It's a pleasure to meet each of you! My name's Tai Kamiya and these are my friends from camp." Tai said.

"I'd like you to meet Sora Takanouchi."

"Nice place you have here, except for the bugs." she greeted.

"The self proclaimed cool one over there is Matt Ishida."

"No autographs, please!" he joked.

"This is Joe Kido."

"I'd shake your hand... if you had any." he said.

"This here is..." he trailed off looking at me.

"Huh? Oh, Dawn Yami, nice to meet everyone." I said, blushing nervously and looking down at my feet.

"Izzy Izumi here is our computer expert." Tai continued.

"Do you have any internet access?" Izzy asked.

"And last, but not least, this little guy is, uh..."

"TK Takaishi, call me TK and I'm not as small as I look!" he said.

"There now, is that everybody?" Tai asked.

"Um, wasn't there another girl with us?" I asked, looking up shyly.

"Yeah, what happened to the girl with the funny pink hat?" asked Sora.

"Now now, her name is Mimi Tachikawa." Tai said.

Sunmon and Moonmon jumped into my arms and smiled. I smiled back. It's nice to have someone other than my sister worried about me.

"Well, perhaps she's off picking flowers or on a nature hike." Izzy said.

We then heard a girl yell:"AHH! SOMEBODY HELP ME!" We all started heading off in that direction.

"OK, so she's not picking flowers." Izzy muttered.

"Mimi! Where are you?" Tai yelled.

The pink clad girl ran out from behind a tree, a plant creature following her.

"There she is!" Sora said.

"It's OK, you don't have to be afraid." Tai smiled.

"I don't think she's running from the digimon." I said.

"Then what?" Matt asked.

"Well I don't know about you but I would be running too if I was being chased by a GIANT RED BUG!" I yelled, pointing at said bug that came out.

"It's that big bug again!" Tai exclaimed.

It then flew over them, disappearing into the trees.

"Mimi, are you alright?" the plant asked.

"Think so." Mimi panted.

"Don't worry. Tanemon's hear to protect you!" it said.

"It's OK now." Sora said, going over to comfort her.

"Oh, Sora!" she cried.

"Watch it, here he comes!" Tai cried.

We all began running away as the bug came flying after them. I tried to keep up with the others and ran beside TK and Matt.

"Down!" Matt cried, pushing his brother and I down. We all then ducked, as the bug flew over them.

"Will this nightmare never end?" Joe asked. "My mom is gonna want a complete and total refund!"

"Here he comes again!" Yokomon cried.

"OK, that does it! No more running away!" Tai said, annoyed.

"What else can we do?" Sora asked.

"She's right! There's no way we can fight that thing!" Matt said.

"And not win anyway." Izzy chimed in.

We began running again, but stopped and gasped as we saw that we wound up at a cliff.

"Great, anyone bring a helicopter?" Matt asked, sarcastically.

"Be careful, Tai." Sora said.

Tai looked down below and sighed in defeat. "There's no way down. We're going to have to find another way!"

"But where?" I asked. There was only once in my entire life that I have ever been so scared as I have now. I was terrified.

We all screamed and ran to the cliff as the bug burst into the clearing, making everyone duck down as he swooped over them.

"Watch out, Tai!" Sora called.

Koromon saw the bug chasing after Tai, so he jumped in and spat these weird bubbles at him, making the bug fly away.

"Not again!" Tai cried, watching his partner fall.

"Digimon attack!" Yokomon cried.

As a single unite, the digimon all jumped in, attacking the bug with these 'acide bubbles' they spat out, but the bug knocked them out of the way.

"Yokomon!" Sora cried.

"Sunmon! Moonmon!" I yelled, running over to them as the bug crashed into the trees. I scooped them up as the other kids did the same to their partners.

"Are you two alright?" I asked, tearing up.

"I'm okay, take it easy..." Sunmon slurred.

"I'm dizzy..." Moonmon slurred.

"I was worried sick about you guys! What on earth were you two thinking?"

"We just wanted to protect you..." He moaned.

I let a few tears fall and kissed their heads, happy that they were safe.

"Oh no!" Joe cried.

The bug came out of the trees and he was royaly pissed off! He started snapping his pincers together, almost like he was mocking us for having no where else to go.

"Get back!" Matt yelled.

Sora grabbed my arm and forced me to my feet as we ran over to Tai at the edge of the cliff, and pushed me behind him.

"I was hoping we'd seen the last of him!" Sora said, holding Yokomon protectivelly.

"Me too! Guess he had other plans, huh?" Tai said, holding Koromon.

"Ah, I knew I should have brought my bug spray!" Matt said.

"OK, get ready to run!" Tai said, nervously as the bug got closer.

"No we fight!" Koromon said.

"Huh?" Tai asked.

"That's right. It's the only way. Stay and fight!"

"Give it up will ya!"

"No, he's right, we gotta do this!" Sunmon said. Moonmon nodded in agreement.

"Please don't!" I cried.

"No, they're right. It's time that we show what we're made of!" Motimon said.

"No don't!" Izzy said.

"They're right!" Yokomon chimed.

"No way! It's hopeless, you're no match for him Yokomon!" Sora cried.

"We can do it! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!" Tsunomon cried.

All the digimon started struggling, forcing themselves out of their partner's arms.

Sunmon and Moonmon turned to me. I could see the determination in their eyes and the conflict in mine.

"Do you trust us?" he asked. My hidden gold eye and visible amethyst eyes widened at that.

I bit my lip and thought about it. I soon sighed in defeat.

"Yes." I whispered. "Promise me you'll come back."

"We will!" they nodded.

With that, I let them go as all the other digimon broke from the others holds, charging off to fight Kuwagamon, ignoring everyone calling for them to come back.

As everyone went to chase after them, the sky turned dark and nine beams of light shot from the sky, hitting the digimon and made them go through some weird transformation.

"Koromon digivolve to...Agumon!"

"Yokomon digivolve to...Biyomon!"

"Motimon digivolve to...Tentomon!"

"Tsunomon digivolve to...Gabumon!"

"Tokomon digivolve to...Patamon!"

"Sunmon digivolve to...Coronamon!"

"Moonmon digivolve to...Lunamon!"

"Bukamon digivolve to...Gomamon!"

"Tanemon digivolve to...Palmon!"

The light faded and revealed the new forms of our digimon.

"What in the-? Look at them! What's happened to the little guys?" Sora asked.

"They're...bigger." Tai said.

"So cool..." I muttered in complete awe.

Then, the digimon all attacked Kuwagamon, pushing him back, but he knocked them down.

"Alright, then. You asked for it!" Agumon growled.

"Poison Ivy!" growled Palmon, vines coming out of her hands, holding him down.

"Boom Bubble!" cried Patamon, hitting him with a burst of air.

"Corona-knuckle!" growled Coronamon, releasing continuous punches with its fists at the giant bug, making it cry out in pain. He looked like a red lion with a pendent looking thing strapped to his forehead with a flame and a flame at the end of his tail.

"Tear Shot!" Lunamon cried. She concentrated power in her forehead antenna, then fired a ball of water at the large bug. She looked like a large white rabbit with purple ribbons on her four ears? and a pendent similar to Coronamon but with a moon on it and no flame.

"Super Shocker!" Tentomon yelled, electrocuting Kuwagamon.

Kuwagamon flew down to the ground, Gomamon taking his chance and rolled under his leg, tripping him.

"Peper Breath!" Agumon called, shooting a fireball at him.

"Blue Blaster!" Gabumon growled, breathing a stream of blue flames.

"Spiral Twister!" Biyomon growled, letting off some green flames.

"Now, all together!" called Agumon.

They all put their attacks together and blasted Kuwagamon, sending him back into the forest, extreamly wounded and defeated.

All of us kids were too dumbfounded to even say anything. Until Izzy did.

"They made vapour ware out of him!" said Izzy.

"Amazing!" Tai said.

"Tai, I told you we could do it!" Agumon cried.

All of the digimon ran to us to celebrate.

"Koromon! Or Agumon! Whoever you are! You did it! You did it! You did it!" Tai cried, hugging the orange dino.

"Dawn!" Coronamon and Lunamon cried. They ran over to me and Coronamon jumped on me, his weight knocked me down. I just laughed and kissed his head as Lunamon started to fuss over me and scold Coronamon at the same time.

"You two were too awesome!" I said, successfully stopping Lunamon's rant.

"We did it to protect you!" He said. She nodded in agreement.

Everyone's celebration was cut short as we head a familiar roar and saw Kuwagamon burst out of the trees...again!

"Watch out!" Sora yelled.

"Guess we celebrated too soon!" Tai said.

Kuwagamon slammed into the cliff, making it break and we all fell off, crying for help as we fell to our doom.

I held onto Coronamon and Lunamon's hands/paws tightly. 'Don't let this be the end! Not again!' My vision started to darken. '' and I soon blacked out.

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