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Chapter 03: Garurumon

After the fight with Shellmon, the eight of us and our Digimon were standing on a cliff looking at the ocean. I was a good few feet away from the edge. By this time, we had most likely searched the whole Island by now.

"Yo Agumon." Tai call to him.

"What's up Tai?" Agumon asked.

"I like it when you're Greymon. No offense but why don't you just stay that way?" Tai asked him.

"I can't. But even super heros need their rest." he joked.

Tai deadpanned at the joke and nearly fell off the cliff, but Agumon grabbed hold of his shorts, holding him in place as he kicked his legs around, making us laugh at the scene.

Our laughter was cut short by a roar and we turned to see a dinosaur like digimon crash into some boulders, revealing himself.

"Who's that digimon?" asked Izzy.

"It's a Monochromon, but don't worry about him. He's a laid-back digimon." Tentomon assured.

"Well he doesn't look laid-back, in fact he looks pretty angry to me. " I said clinging to Sora as he stared directly at us.

"But it would be wise to be cautious of them." the insect said.

"Yeah, they get pretty cranky when they're hungry!" Coronamon said.

"Then he must be starving, cause he looks really mad!" Tai said.

"And I think he wants to eat us!" cried Mimi.

Monochromon advanced towards us, making me cling to Sora more. We tried to turn to make a break for it but then Monochromon roared at something he saw behind us. That's when we saw another one, glaring at the first one.

"There's two of them!" Joe cried.

"We're stuck between a rock and two sets of teeth!" Matt said.

We yelled and ran behind the boulders behind us, just narrowly missing getting hit fron the charging dinos, as they began to spar.

"Something must have set those Monochromon off!" Tai peered from behind the boulder.

"They're fighting over territory." Tentomon explained.

"They can just have it then!" Palmon ran off.

"Hey, don't leave without me!" Mimi ran after her, all of us following.

"They definitely don't need us hanging around!" Tai panted.

I heard someone yelp and stopped. I looked behind me to see that TK had tripped.

"Oh no, TK!" I ran back and gave him a hand. I pulled him up and we started running again.

"Better hurry up you guys!" Tai called.

"We need to hurry!" I said.

"OK! We're comin'!" TK said.

Matt grabbed my hand and pulled me along side him. "TK, grab my other hand!" He said.

"Okay!" TK let go of my hand and grabbed his brother's.

Hours later, the sun was setting and I was still holding Matt's hand, TK had let go long ago but I felt safer holding on to someone.

"I don't walk this much unless I am at a mall, and as you can see, we're no where near one!" Mimi complained.

"Mimi, stop whining." Tai said.

"No! My feet hurt!" She cried.

"Maybe if you take off your boots and socks, you'd feel better, Mimi, it's much more practical, I think." Agumon offered.

"I'm not walking in dirt in my barefeet!" she exclaimed.

"I love the feel of dirt under my feet, especially between my toes!" Palmon said.


I groaned slightly at the headache I was getting. I was tried too not to mention much younger then Mimi and you don't hear me or TK whining about it. Plus all of the negativity in the air wasn't helping my head ether.

"It appears we may be losing our light sorce." Izzy said, looking at the darkening sky.

"What a weird sunset." Sora said.

"This whole island is weird! And who knows what will come out at night." The boy stated.

"Wait, I detect water! Stay here while I check it out." Tentomon flew off.

"Yes, as usual, I'm right! It's a lake with fresh clean water and a variety of tasty fish! The perfect campsite!" The bug digimon said from the tree above us.

"Maybe I can finally soak my poor, achy feet!" Mimi said.

I winced a bit at my growing headache and stinging right eye. I had a feeling something was going to happen tonight, just not sure what. I think Matt noticed, cuz he squeezed my hand a little. I looked up and he gave me a small smile, which I returned.

"Yay, we get to swim!" Gomamon cheered, but he was held back from going to the lake by Joe grabbing his tail.

"Gomamon, you better wait to make sure it's safe first!" The older boy said.

"That's why I think we should start walking and stop all the complaining!" Matt said, noticing how worn out his brother and I were.

"Everybody's hungry, we have to find some food!" Tai said.

"That is a good plan! I like that plan a lot!" Joe said.

"Me too!" Coronamon cheered.

Lunamon just sighed at him.

We walked on until they came to the lake, the water a golden yellow and blood red color from the sunset.

"It should be safe to rest here tonight." Biyomon said.

"Yeah, I love camping outside!" Sora said.

"If I won't walk in dirt, what makes you think I sleep in it?" Mimi complained.

My headache got worse as I leaned on Matt some more. Thankfully no one but he and our digimon noticed. Lunamon looked at me worriedly. I gave her a tired smile.

"Mimi, do you see a hotel around here?" Tai asked.

"Look!" she gasped.

We turned to look where she was pointing and saw a trolley car light up.

"What's that?" The goggle headed kid asked.

"It looks like a trolley car." TK said.

"That's odd! The lights just...came on!" Izzy said.

"Well, maybe there are some real people in there." Sora said.

"Let's check it out!" Tai ran towards it, Agumon following.

Matt picked me up as everyone ran towards the car.

"Maybe it can take us back home! In air conditioned comfort!" Mimi cried.

"Mimi, wait up!" Tai yelled as the girl ran a head and went in with Palmon.

"Bummer, it's empty!" he said.

"Totally empty." Sora chimed in.

"No trolley car is this clean!" Izzy stated.

"Oh, goody, these cushions are comfy!" Mimi said, seating in one of the seats.

"Something's wrong. Remember those weird phone booths we saw on the beach? Something just as feaky could happen here." Tai said.

"Yeah, like it suddenly moving by itself!" Joe said.

"Possibly, then again, maybe thats our only way of getting home." Tai said.

"So we have nothing to loose by staying here." Sora smiled.

"Can we eat now?" Tentomon groaned.

"I'm famished!" The Lion digimon whined.

"Yes and Dawn isn't looking too good." Lunamon added looking at me.

"That's right, I forgot." Tai said.

Sora rushed to my side and made me rest on the trolley's seats while everyone else went off to complete a different chore to get ready to eat.

Lunamon assured Sora that I would be fine and that she would stay here while the older girl helped the others. She was reluctant at first but agreed none the less.

"Dawn why don't you rest a little. I'll wake you up when it's time to eat." Lunamon said soothingly. I nodded slightly before closing my eyes.

I was out in seconds.

Thankfully I didn't have any nightmares...

3rd POV

Izzy and TK were fishing, or at least trying to with Gomamon swimming in the water.

"Gomamon, stop playing in the water! I can't catch any fish if you keep warning them away!" Izzy complained.

Coronamon went off to help some of the digimon collect berries and other various fruit.

"Yum yum! You can never get too many berries down the hatch!" Tentomon said, picking berries.

Patamon used his boom bubble to knock down some bannanas from a tree, but they fell down on Gabumon.

"Oh boy! You better watch that killer breath of yours, Patamon!" Biyomon laughed, flying away.

Coronamon pulled the bananas carefully off of Gabumon's horn, before going after Biyomon to help her pull a green and purple fruit off the next tree.

"We're all set to cook dinner! Now all we need is the grub!" Matt said.

Gabumon and Coronamon walked over with the friut they gathered to see the others had made a fire pit.

"Great, but how are we suppose to light the fire?" Sora asked.

"Like this!" Agumon breathed out some flames and the fire started.

"Wow, Agumon, you're the man!" Tai exclaimed to the digimon, who blushed at the praise.

"Hey, look-it!" TK called.

"We caught a bunch of fish!" Izzy said.

"Awesome, Izzy, let's eat 'em!" Tai said.

"Thanks, Squirt!" Matt said, taking a fish.

"Hey Lunamon! Dinner's here!" The Lion digimon called out.

The rabbit digimon poked her head out and smiled. "Alright! Thank you for letting me know!" She called back.

Lunamon wheat back inside and gently shook her young partner awake.

"Time to wake up Dawn. Dinner is here." She said.

Dawn's POV

I opened my eyes slowly and sat up. My some of my headache was gone but it was still there.

"How are you feeling?" Lunamon asked.

I cradled my head. "A little better."

"Hmm. Maybe you'll feel better if you eat something."


I hopped off the trolley seat with Lunamon's help and we made our way to the rest of the group.

TK was the first to notice me. "Dawn!" He cried, excitedly.

The rest of them turned to see me and Lunamon coming towards them. The rabbit digimon went to sit by her partner while I sat in between the two blondes.

"Hey, kiddo! Feeling better?" Tai asked.

I gave the group a small smile. "I'm feeling a bit better. I guess I was just tired. Lunamon suggests that I eat something." I said. "I apologize for causing you all so much trouble."

"Hey now! No need to be so formal. You haven't caused us any trouble. If you don't feel well then you have the right to tell us. Same goes for you TK." Matt said. "After all, we're friends aren't we?"

I smiled at them. "Thank you."

"This is where I wish we had a microwave." Tai muttered, dangeling the fish above the fire.

I tilted my head to the side in confusion.

'Wouldn't that be easier with a stick? Hasn't he ever been camping before? He's going to hurt himself.' I thought, remembering the times my adopted father took the us camping as a way to bond.

"Me too, because you're about to loose your fingers! Why don't you use a stick?" Matt said, sticking a stick with a fish on it by the fire to cook.

"How did you come up with that, Matt?" he asked the blond.

"Because I'm the man!" I laughed a little.

That night, we all dug in, enjoying the meal. Matt had handed me and TK a cooked fish.

"This is surprisingly good!" Tentomon said, sharing a large fruit with Biyomon.

"Mm-mm, delicious!" Izzy said, eating a fish.

"Matt, Mom only lets me eat fishsticks!" TK said to his brother.

"I wont tell!" the blond said.

"I never eat with my fingers."

"TK, it's alright!" he was getting frustraded.

"TK, it's alright. Since we don't have any plates or forks to eat with, it's okay to eat with fingers. There's a saying, 'In times of great difficulty, we must work with what we have'. Do you get it?" I said to him.

"Oh! I get it now! TK said and began eating.

I smiled at him. I looked around to see Coronamon stuffing his face, looking vaguely like a chipmunk. Lunamon was eating very elegantly, giving her hyper counterpart a grossed out look.

I chuckled at the sight then resumed eating.

After dinner, I noticed Tai had gone off to talk to Sora. Joe joined them soon afterwards. I couldn't hear much of their conversation since they were far enough from the group for us not to.

I looked over at TK, who I was still sitting next too, when I heard Patamon yawning.

"Hey, look, Patamon's tired!" he said as the hamster with wings curled up to sleep.

Palmon and Gomamon were sleeping against each other further away from us.

Coronamon's head kept bobbing up and down, trying not to fall asleep.

"I'm getting really tired myself!" Tai yawned, stretching.

"Wait a second! I think we should take turns standing guard." Izzy said.

"Alright, who wants to go first?" Joe asked.

"How about if each of us stands guard for an hour?" Tai asked.

"Not TK!" Matt said standing up.

"Aw, come on, me too, Matt!" TK stood up too and grabbed his brother's shirt.

"No you're too young and you need your rest!"

"Of course he'll help." Lunamon said.

Matt looked at her, shocked.

"Really?" TK asked.

"Mm-hm, you'll help by staying with the girls in the trolley to help me and the other digimon protect them from the monster!" she said.

"Yeah, I can do that!" TK cheered, bouncing over to her.

"I'm getting cold, I need a warm blanket to help me sleep!" Mimi said.

I dug through my bag and pulled out my blanket along with my jacket.

"Hey, Gabumon!" Tai said in a weird voice, gaining the digimon attention.

"Watch out! Mimi might sneak up on you and steal your furs! So if you feel a little tug, it might be her about to cut your tail off!" he joked, freaking him out.

"Tai!" Lunamon scolded. I handed the blanket at Mimi before rushing to Gabumon's side.

"Stop, Tai, that's not funny!" he said, hiding behind me.

I hugged him while rubbed his back.

"Quit it!" Matt said, pushing him.

"What are you buggin' about?" Tai asked, angered.

"Gabumon told you to stop, so knock it off!"

"Hey, you can't tell me what to do! You're not the boss of me." Tai yells and they grab each of other by their shirt collar.

"Matt stop it you promised me you wouldn't fight!" T.K. yelled to him.

"Oh yeah, sorry TK." Matt said sadly.

"You'd both make good guards! Who goes first?" Joe asked.

"I will!" Tai spun to him.

"I'm next!" Matt turned to him.

"How about Izzy takes up after that and I finnish the night?" Joe concluded.

Everyone, minus Tai and Agumon, went into the trolley to sleep.

Mimi had thanked me for the blanket. I had told her it was no problem since I would be sleeping with the large fire ball known as Coronamon. I laid in between my digimon, cuddling up to their warm bodies and I tried to ignore the talking as I started to hum a familiar lullaby to fall asleep.

'Ikutsu namida wo nagashitara (How many tears must be shed)

(Every Heart)

Sunao ni nareru darou (Before we can become honest?)

Dare ni omoi wo tsutaetara (To whom must we proclaim our feelings)

(Every Heart)

Kokoro mitasareru no darou (So that we can no longer feel loneliness?)

Nagai nagai yoru ni obieteita (I was frightened by the long, long nights)

Tooi hoshi ni inotteta (I prayed to the distant stars

Meguru meguru toki no naka de (Round and round in looping time)

Bokutachi wa ai wo sagashiteiru (We are searching for love)

Tsuyoku tsuyoku naritai kara (For we want to grow stronger and stronger)

Kyou mo takai sora miageteiru (We still look up to the high skies today)' I sang quietly to my digimon.

The others seemed to have fallen asleep and I was about to drift off, when I saw Gabumon lay down with TK, keeping him warm. The boy opened his eyes and saw the digimon then looked over to see his brother watching them

"Thanks Matt."

Matt turned away, bashfull.

I smiled at the cute sight, then cuddled up to my rabbit, who was fast asleep and the only noise was her breathing, and lion, who was snoring, and fell asleep.

"Kaito watch out!"

The car swerved out of the way and cashed into the gate. The car flew off the bridge, taking the gate along with it.

The little girl could do nothing as she watched the water come towards them at an alarming speed.

I gasped as I slammed my hands over my mouth to keep from screaming. My body had bolted up, thankfully, not waking my digimon.

I panted, raking my hand through my hair as I tried to clam myself down.

'It was just a dream...Just a horrible nightmare...' I chanted.

When I calmed down, I looked around the trolley and noticed Matt was gone. I hissed silently as my right eye started to sting.

Something was going to happen...


I pulled out that strange device out of my bag's side pocket and looked down at it.

Whatever it is that's gonna happen had something to do with this thing. I was sure of it.

I pulled a piece of rope out and clipped the device to the rope. I could ask Tai or Matt if they could tie it around my neck.

"Dawn?" A groggy voice asked.

I jumped in surprise and looked over to where TK was sleeping. Gabumon was sitting up and rubbing his eye.

I'm so glad that they were sleeping to my left...

"What are you doing up?" He asked. "Are you okay?"

"Y-yeah! I'm okay. I just couldn't sleep. You should go back to sleep, I was just going to check on Tai and Agumon." I told him.

"I'll go with you seeing as Matt's disappeared."

I sighed and nodded.

Making sure my bangs were covering my gold eye, I stood up and left the trolley car with Gabumon at my heel.

I saw Matt and Tai talking by the small island's edge. As I got closer, Matt suddenly ran off and Tai called out to him.

"Do you think they got into another fight?" I asked the digimon.

He looked up at me and smiled. "I'm sure it's nothing. Why don't you talk to Tai while I check on Matt."

I nodded. "Okay."

Gabumon ran after Matt as I made my way over to Tai and Agumon.

"Matt's a little weird." I heard the former say.

"Did you two get into another fight?" I asked, surprising them.

"Dawn, what are you doing up?" The digimon asked.

"I couldn't sleep." I told them. "Tai, did you and Matt have another fight?"

"I don't think so. We started talking and he suddenly took off." He said.

"Oh...Tai?" I asked, sitting next to the fire.

"Yeah?" he asked as he and Agumon sat next to me.

"Well...do you have...any um...siblings?"

He gave me a curious glance before looking at the fire. "Yeah. I've got a little sister about yours and TK's age. Her name's Kari."

I perked up at the name. "Kari? As in Kari Kamiya?"

He nodded.

"She's in my class. Ever since I moved here, she's tried talking to me and befriending me." I told him.

She's the only one who's even tried. All the other kids tried on my first day but after I freaked out and bolted, they stopped trying. Kari's the only one who keeps trying.

"Oh... So, you're the Dawn Kari always talks about."

"She...talks about...me?"

He nodded. "She's always talking about you. How you kinda keep to yourself and how you don't really talk to any of the other kids, but you let her talk to you. She really likes you."

"..." I looked down.

She's my seat partner and she's always trying to talk to me. Sometimes I'll answer her questions and she'll get the biggest, brightest smile I've only seen on my childhood friend Davis.

"Why?" I asked.

"Why what?"

"Why does she like me? Why does she want to be my friend? I'm a freak." I said as I felt my eyes start to sting with tears.

"A freak? You're not a freak, Dawn." Augmon said.

"Yes I am. I'd rather sit in a corner and read then talk to other girls my age about clothes and dolls. I'd rather be home then go to a birthday party-not that I've ever been invited to one. I watch the news and crime shows instead of those girly cartoons. To everyone in my class, I'm a freak."

"So?" Tai asked.

I looked at him, waiting for him to elaborate.

"So, you don't like girly stuff. Nether does Sora." He said.


He nodded. "She loves playing sports. And in case you haven't noticed, she isn't exactly like Mimi. Just because you like different things and aren't very sociable, doesn't mean that you're a freak. You're just different, and that's what makes you unique. It's what makes you, you." He said. "Just be yourself."

I looked down.

Being different makes me, me?

Just be myself?

"Just be yourself. If they don't like you for you, then don't try to make them happy by being someone you're not. Remember that Dawnie." My mothers voice rang.

I looked back up at the older boy and smiled a little. "You're right. Thanks Tai."

He grinned. "You're very welcome Dawn."

"Hey Tai?"


I held up the device. "Could you tie this around my neck?"

He smiled. "Sure."

He took the string and put it round my neck, the device lightly pressed against the area above my heart. I lifted my braid and he tied the sting.

I felt him move away from me and I let my hair down.

"There. How does that feel?" He asked.

"It's good. Thanks again." I said.

We sat in silence until it was broken by the sound of a harmonica. Tai, Agumon, and I looked over to see Matt playing it.

"What a wonderful sound." We heard Gabumon say.

"Maybe to a Saint Bernard with a horn on his forehead." The older boy muttered.

I punched him in the arm.

"Ow! What was that for?" He asked rubbing his arm. "Why did you punch me?"

"You told me to be myself and the real me punches people who make fun of my friends even if you are my friend." I said. "I punched you for what you said to Gabumon earlier. Just because Matt can't punch you now doesn't mean I can't. Besides, I like the music too."

"Geez, who knew that to real you was so violent."

I stuck my tongue out at him.

"Hey, Tai?"


"When we get back, do you think Kari would still want to be my friend?"

He grinned. "Definitely!"

I smiled back and Tai poked at the fire a bit causing one of the sticks to fly away. He pulled me close so it wouldn't hit me.

"Whoa! Watch out for the fire sparks."

It landed on this big green veined red thing next to us.

That's when the whole island started to shake.

"Whoa!" Agumon yelled.

"Hey!" Tai said as I held on to him tightly.

A whirlpool formed and out popped this sea dragon looking thing and he did not look happy!

"Oh no, it's Seadramon!" Tentomon cried.

"We're gonna get eaten for sure!" Mimi said as the others came out to see Seadramon pulling our little island away from the mainland, leaving Matt and Gabumon on the other side.

"Hold tight, we're going for a ride!" Agumon said.

"It's like we're on a monster long board!" Tai said, making sure I was still safe.

"He's pulling us along by his tail! I don't even think he realizes we're here!" Izzy said.

"Perhaps not, he is a bit dense. As long as he doesn't see us, we should be safe." Tentomon said.

"Don't be too sure!" Agumon said.

I buried my face in Tai's hip as my right eye started to burn again.

This is what it was warning me about!

"You guys jinxed us! Now he knows we're here!" Tentomon said, jumping on what I assumed was the Seadramon's tail.

No wonder he was so mad! His tail got burned from the fire spark and Tentomon only made it worse.

"What? I didn't do anything!" Agumon and Tai exclaimed.

"I guess he does know we're here!" Izzy said as the red tail flicked the bug digimon off and went down into the water.

"Ah, the big red thing was his tail!" Tai cried.

"It wasn't my fault!" Tentomon cried.

Seadramon slammed his tail into the island making Tai, Izzy, their digimon and I to fall.

The burning sensation in my eye only got worse causing me to whimper in pain.

Tai must have heard because I could feel his grip on me tighten a bit as he looked down at me.

"He's coming back and he's not happy!" Tai exclaimed.

Seadramon hit the underbelly of the island and moved us towards these cell towers in the middle of the lake.

"We're gonna crash into the shore!" Joe yelled.

"This is really gonna mess up my hair!" Mimi cried.

"TK! DAWN!" I turned to see Matt and Gabumon jump into the water from the land and start to swim over to help, but how, I had no clue.

The island stopped moving and Seadramon resurfaced the water and all our digimon went to attack him, but they didn't cause any damage.

Agumon tired to digivolve, but he couldn't find the power to do it.

TK and I heard his brother calling him and ran to the other side of the island, Gomamon, Lunamon, Coronamon and I in tow.

"Matt, becareful or the monster will get y-!" TK fell into the water when Seadramon rammed into the island again.

"TK!" I yelled as Gomanmon dived in after him.

I knelt by the shore, warry of the water, watching as Matt swam over to them as the seal surfaced with the small blond on his back.

"Gomamon, take TK over to Dawn!" Matt said.


He then swam over to the sea serpent.

"Hey, over here, you over grown water lizard!" he called.

"Matt! Are you insane?! You're going to get killed!" I yelled as Lunamon and Coronamon carefully reached out to grab TK.

Gabumon used his blue blaster on Seadramon, but just got the fish mad and was sent flying through the air.

"I HATE FISH!" he yelled as he landed on the island.

I gasped in horror when I saw Matt get dragged down by Seadramon.

"It's all my fault. Matt was only trying to save me. I'll never forgive myself." The smaller blond said.

I wanted to help but I was paralyzed with fear. I looked at the water as memories of the accident haunted me.

"Dawn? What's wrong?" TK asked, taking hold of my arm.

"She's scarred of the water!" Lunamon answered.

"Oh no!" Tai cried as Seadramon came back up with its tail wrapped around Matt.

Matt screamed in pain.

The burning got worse and I sunk to my knees in pain.

"Dawn what's wrong?" I heard Sora ask.

"M-my eye…I-it hurts…" I whimpered, covering it.

"This is not good." Tentomon said. "Seadramon may be a bubble brain, but once he finds his prey he won't let go."

"Matt, hang on!" I heard TK say. "Patamon please help him. Hit him with a bubble boom."

"Seadramon's just too big. I don't have enough power now." The little digimon said. "Gabumon, you're stronger. How 'bout you?"

"You're right. Matt's in trouble and I must help."


I looked up -despite the pain it caused me- and saw Matt still struggling.

"Don't give up! I'll find a way to save you if it's the last thing I do!" The boy said.

"Matt hold on!" Gabumon said.

A bright light shone from the device on Matt's belt as another evolution took place.

"Gabumon digivolve to...GARURUMON!"

A large wolf took Gabumon's place and ran towards Matt. Garurumon slashed his claws at Seadramon's tail and freed Matt, the older boy falling into the water.

The large wolf bit the sea dragon, the latter fighting to be free as Matt swam back to the island. It was only then I realized that the pain in my eye was almost completely gone.

Seadramon swatted Garurumon with his tail making the beast plunge into the water. The dragon threw his tail down to where Garurumon fell.

Matt had thankfully pulled himself onto the island and was currently trying to catch his breath.

"Are you alright Matt?" TK asked as he ran his brother. I shakily stood up, supported by my digimon, and kept my eyes on the battle.

"Yeah but where's Gabumon?" Matt asked.

Garurumon's head burst out of the water. Seadramon tried to chase hime only to be stabbed in the eye by the wolf's tail.

"Garurumon's fur is legendary; it's said to be as strong as steal. He's like a growling torpedo." Tentomon says about the new Digimon.

"That's astonishing! Then he must be invincible!" Izzy said.

"That's what I heard anyway. We'll soon find out." The bug said.

"I hope you're not exaggerating again Tentomon with those fishtails again." Lunamon said in a slightly scolding tone.

"He could be." Coronamon said.

"But I heard about it!" He cried.

Seadramon sent a blast of cold air at Garurumon causing the wolf to freeze to the lake.

"Seadramon's using his lethal ice blast!" Tentomon said.

Snow and ice contined to pile onto the digimon but Garurumon shook it off and counterattacked.

The two blonds and I cheered as Seadramon went down for good.

Garurumon reverted back to Gabumon and swam back to the island.

"Gabumon!" Matt said.

"That's one way to keep my fur dry." Gabumon joked.

"You digivolved into Garurumon just in time!" Matt complimented.

"Aw, Gabumon, thanks for saving my brother!" TK said.

"Anytime, little friend!" he said.

"Matt, you were so awesome against that monster!" the little boy said.

"Think so?" Matt asked.

"You're the man!" Gabumon said.

"And you're the wolfman!" Matt said.

Everyone laughed at that, except Joe and I.

I was a little dizzy from earlier and my digimon we keeping an eye on me.

I could tell that they wanted answers.

"OK, very funny, but how are we suppose to get back?" he asked.

"Just watch!" Gomamon said.

He jumped into the water and summoned up his fish buddies again and they moved the island back to it's place.

Once we were back, everyone was resting in the forest, safe and away from the water, exhausted again.

"Gabumon may I use you for a pillow? I promise I won't take your fur." Mimi says to him.

"Actually there seems to be a pattern here. This time only Gabumon could digivolve." Izzy says sitting in front of Tai's legs.

"Yeah Izzy's right, Agumon was the only one who could do it before." Sora comments, sitting up.

I looked at Tai.

He was probably thinking back to when Agumon had digivolved the other day.

"You're right. It's all beginning to make sense. Agumon digivolved when I was in danger." He said.

"That has to be the answer. Our Digimon digivolv when we're in trouble." I said, sitting next to Joe.

He insisted on checking my eye and I told him that I didn't need it but he wouldn't take no for an answer.

Why are boys so stubborn?

"Wow! That must be it." Sora said, Mimi then falling onto her shoulder.

"Hey watch it!" Sora says to the sleepy girl.

"Is it time to go to the mall?" Mimi asks in her sleep with Palmon resting on her side.

"We've been here one day and I think she's put some muscle on her." Sora comments.

"Yeah maybe if she puts in some effort she'll become a hard fight machine like I am." Agumon said

"I hope she grows pink wings just like my wings." Biyomon says from the tree branch she is on.

"You must be kidding." Mimi says and then falls asleep again.

Joe and Gomamon followed soon after once the older boy realized I wasn't going to let him see my eye any time soon.

Then everyone else falls soon after.

Matt, TK, Gabumon, Lunamon, Coronamon, Patamon and I were all leaning against each other while TK and the Digimon were asleep, with me about to follow them but I wanted to hear his brother play his harmonica.

"Big bro…you're the best." TK said in his sleep causing me to smile.

"You really are Matt…" I whispered, drifting into the dark realm of safety, peace and dreams.

To be continued...

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