Authors Note - yes I have several unfinished stories, but this plot bunny will not leave my head blocking my ability to work on the others.

April 1536 - Hatfield House

Anne sighed as she watched from the carriage, her life as she knew it was coming to a screeching halt. Her husband, the man she loved for so many years had forsaken her for the blonde weakling. Her mind flashed back in time as Katherine looked upon her. He will tire of you, like all the others, the words stung her now more than they ever did back then.

"Your majesty." Anne was shaken from her daydreams by her step-daughter's voice. "Anne." Mary spoke softly as she handed Elizabeth to her mother looking back at the place she had been trapped for almost three long years. Anne held Mary's hand as she climbed into the carriage.

"We are ready to go, Charles." Anne called out to the man whose help was most needed on this fateful day.

"I still can not believe he would be willing to murder you, Anne." Mary spoke softly as not to wake her sleeping sister.

"He has truly been poisoned by his precious Jane and her family."

"Do you think he will still pursue his marriage to her after today?" Mary asked cautiously.

"Yes." Anne's voice betrayed her emotions, her voice quivering with sadness. Henry had planned to have her arrested a long with her friends and brother, to rid himself of her. All to marry that irritating little blonde.

"Mama" Elizabeth yelled out awoken by the screams of the guards, arrows piercing them from unknown attackers. Anne pulled her closer, looking up at Mary they both shared a worried look. They were startled when the door swung open, Charles standing before them.

"Your majesties, we must hurry." He said as he helped Anne out of the carriage, Elizabeth pressed close to her body a blanket covering her so she would not see the bodies of the guards that lay across the road.

The group slowly began walking away from the carnage behind them stopping only as the hooded figure emerged from the woods in front of them. Mary took Anne's hand in hers, squeezing it lightly. The strangers stopped a few yards from them, and removed the hood concealing the identity.

"Mother." Mary called out before running towards the woman who she had been ripped from so many years ago. Katherine looked at Anne, the secret she was hiding had not gone unnoticed by the former Queen.

"You are with child, Anne. Does Henry know?" She asked bluntly, shocking Charles who was still quite confused what was going on. It was hard enough for him to understand how Katherine was alive, much more that she was plotting to save the Queen from a conspiracy to destroy her rival. Only that she had faked her death, and that nobody by Anne and Katherine could understand their bond.

"No, I dared not tell him. If he had known, I do not believe I could leave." Katherine pulled Anne to her hugging her, as Mary helped Elizabeth into the carriage.

"Charles, I heartily thank you for your assistance. Please I ask only one more thing from you."

"Anything your majesty." No matter how many years had passed by them, Katherine was forever his Queen.

"When Henry finds you and demands to know everything, you must tell him you suspect the Queen is with child. Anne, you did have the physicians or midwives confirm your pregnancy?" She asked softly.

"Dr Butts is the only one at court that knows."

"Your majesty?" Charles did not understand why Anne's pregnancy needed to be discovered.

"Henry's need for a heir will drive him to pull from his latest whore, he will need to find his Queen. His pregnant Queen, who in his mind will be carrying his son."

Charles agreed to the request before beginning his task at hand. The carriage was pushed down the small drop off from the road, then he set it ablaze. He had to make it look believable that he had been thrown from the carriage as the attack began. Beating himself up against at tree was painful and a bit hard to do, but he knew that his charges needed Henry to believe the story being told.

Hampton Court

Henry had spent the previous day with his whore, Jane Seymour, not realizing that as he walked into his wife's chambers it would be as cold and empty as their marriage had become. He was so enamored with her, that he did not remember that it was a few days since he saw his wife.

"Your majesty, the Queen left for Hatfield early yesterday morning but I am afraid she has not yet returned." Madge spoke softly, trying to mask her worries. Anne should have been back hours ago. Henry looked at Madge and finally begin to realize the implications of her words.

"Come with me, he shouted to Edward Seymour."

"Your majesty." Within minutes Henry had his most trusted friends along with more than a dozen guards heading off to the Hatfield. He prayed Anne had just decided to stay longer with their daughter, as much as he was beginning to dislike being married to her he still loved her.

"Halt" Henry bellowed as he looked at the scene before the company of men. Guards, his guards, dead across the road, then he noticed the carriage still smoldering a little.

"Charles" He cried out as he saw his friend lying a few hundred feet from the carriage. Poor Charles had been waiting for almost half the day to be found. He was thankful that Anne and Katherine thought out this little plan enough to prevent him for being there much longer.

"Henry." Charles said weakly. Well as weakly as he could fake.

"Anne, she was with you when this happened." He motioned to the carnage of bodies along the road.

"Yes, with the Princess Elizabeth and Lady Mary." Henry ordered all to search for his family, while Charles was taken up to Hatfield where he would rest before Henry would question him further.

"Thomas this does not bode well for our plans." Edward spoke quietly to his brother, unaware that George was close by. George knew the Seymours were vying for Jane to become the King's official mistress but were they plotting something even more drastic hew wondered.

Katherine and her men had been thorough, no trail was left to follow. The Queen and Princess of England were missing, and Henry was about to get the most unnerving report of events from the one survivor of the attack.


"Charles." Henry stared at his friend as he entered the room.

"Your majesty." Charles began to rise from the bed before being told stay put. "Have you found the Queen?"

"No, and there is no trace of the of the attackers." Charles described the events of the day as started off pleasant enough, Anne had insisted Mary join them for a picnic with the Princess. Before he knew what was happening the guards were dead, and the royal family was beginng drug from the carriage.

"Henry, I believe the Queen is with child." Charles stated bluntly. Henry's expression was blank, as if he had not heard what Charles had told him. "When I saw them pull her from the carriage, she placed her hands on her stomach protectively." Henry left Charles more confused than ever, he loved Jane but his wife was missing and possibly pregnant with his son. He had to figure out what to do next.

North England - Brittany Manor (yes I made that up)

Katherine and Anne never thought this would be the way their lives would end up. For almost three years they hated each other all because of Henry's game. He wanted Anne, she just wanted to be free to marry Henry Percy. Katherine can still remember the pain in Anne's voice as she begged Henry to let me go. She remembers talking to Anne that day, learning that her own father and uncle pushed her in front of the King. She had no feelings for Henry, but her family threatened her and told her that it was her duty to have them promoted in court with the spreading of her legs. An odd friendship began that day, and an even stranger pact of loyalty.

"Anne, you must get your rest." Katherine stated as she watched the younger woman pacing back in forth in the room set up for her. Elizabeth had an adjoining room to her mother's.

"Katherine, do you think I did the right thing?"

"Anne, we discussed this long ago. If Henry ever turned on you, like he had me we would make sure you were safe. He left me to wither and die in the moors, but you were not born royalty and killing you was an option. Anne, you have your child growing inside of you to protect, do not let Henry cause you undue stress."