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This story is my NaNoWriMo novel for 2012. It's the first time I have ever won so I hope it's not too bad! As I edit the chapters I will be uploading them here. I hope you all enjoy! Feed back always appreciated. ~markaleen

I'd also like to say this this story is 100% dedicated to my friend Rachel (Chagrins). Thank you so much Rachel for supporting me through NaNoWriMo and for reading my work as I wrote it. I had so much fun and enjoyed reading your work. Even though NaNo is over for the both of us, I hope we can both continue to write! Even if it's just about Mary Poppins ;) Love you!

Chapter 1

Arnie Ross and Elaine Nardo had been going out for nearly a year. Their relationship had certainly been very interesting so far. Let's start with how they met: Simka Gravas, the wife of Latka Gravas who is a mechanic at the garage where Elaine works (as well as a friend of Elaine's), threw what they call in their native country a Shloogal. A Shloogal is a party at which a newly married couple (who were Latka and Simka) sets all of their friends up with 'their perfect match'. Simka claims to have a special gift of finding a person's perfect partner. She had set Arnie up with Elaine. Arnie knew instantly that he liked Elaine. What's not to like? She's smart, kind hearted, and not to mention gorgeous. Elaine knew that she liked Arnie, but in a different way. It wasn't one of those instant things like, "I love this man. I love this man." It was more like, "Now here's someone worth getting to know." She found Arnie's shyness and nervousness very endearing. Also the way he expressed it. One of the first things he has said to her was, "I'm just sitting here… picturing you… uh naked." At first she was shocked but once he explained himself she laughed. He had said that because his history with women wasn't great. Let's face it, he isn't such a looker, he's not the smartest, and according to him it mattered that he wasn't rich.

After the Shloogal, Arnie and Elaine continued to see each other on and off. It wasn't too serious. Elaine was very unsure of where she saw the relationship going. One day after they had spent the day at a gallery opening they attended, Arnie dropped Elaine off at the garage. He said hello to everyone, made some jokes (though, the content of the jokes embarrassed Elaine), and then he went on his way. After he had gone, Elaine asked Alex if he could watch her kids, Jennifer and Jason, while she and Arnie had dinner at her place. Alex asked why the kids couldn't be there and Elaine confessed that she had been avoiding introducing them. Alex was shocked, in a way. This led him to asking questions about her and Arnie's relationship. Elaine admitted that she wasn't sure, and that she didn't want the kids to get attached in case she wanted to break up with Arnie or vice versa. Alex said she was just being silly and paranoid. So he convinced Elaine to introduce her kids and Arnie. Jennifer and Jason instantly loved Arnie. But the reason was because he came with gifts and was pretty much putting on a show. What really got Elaine mad was when Arnie gave the kids twenty dollars each- and against her objections. Elaine made the kids give the money back which caused a scene of course. Despite the scenes and the acts, the night ended wonderfully. Jennifer and Jason both loved Arnie even though he said he wouldn't be bringing any more gifts, and Elaine learned how much she liked Arnie… How much she loved Arnie.

"Well, it looks like you may be stuck with me." Arnie said.

"Yeah, I guess I am… and you know what? I love it." Elaine replied.

Since that night, both Arnie and Elaine were as happy as could be.