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Raven's POV

I woke up to find my senses overwhelmed with the metallic smell of blood. I opened my eyes slightly. I was in a small room with no windows but one door. There was shattered glass all over the floor, and to what it looked like a dead body in the corner. I bolted up and saw that my pale skin was decorated with large purple bruises. My eyes were sore, my back hurt, and well… the list could go on.

"Well good morning Raven." A voice said from a speaker…a voice similar to-

"Slade!" My voice cracked.

"Wow aren't you getting good at this!" He laughed "Well… today, I thought…I'd present you with a little challenge, do you see that door to your left, it's locked, the key is in that dead man's head."

My eyes wondered over to the dead body in the corner.

"Now your probably wondering, where are your other team mates? Well there here nice and safe with me, watching your every move, now all you have to do is get through all the rooms in order to get your friends back…but the question is… will you make it?"

The voice stopped and I looked around again. Slade's voice boomed in my head "…all you have to do is get through all the rooms in order to get your friends back…" I paused… dead man's head? I walked over to the dead body in the corner. I took a step-

"Gah!" I shouted watched as my foot began to bleed from the broken glass.

"This is going to be harder than I thought." I murmured to my self.

One step at a time I reminded myself. I eventually made it over the body, my feet leaving a trail of thick red blood and with sharp jagged glass in my foot. I examined the body, the man's head was completely blown off, the inside that is. It was a completely hollow head. I gingerly stuck my hand in the top of his hollow head and felt around for a key. It was disgusting. It was completely disgusting. I found the key and hunched over. I felt the need to vomit. I coughed violently, until I could feel hot tears running down my face. I ran to the door and stuck the key in the lock. I heard a "click" and opened the door slightly and took a peek inside. All I could see was darkness.

"Turn on the light." said Slade

I skim my fingers on the wall till I find a light switch, and I turn on the light.

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