This was a challenge by one of my IRL friends and she goes to this site quite a bit. She issued me a challenge to write something for her. This will probably be a one shot and that's it but knowing me it will become a long term project. In this challenge she told me Harry had to be with Ginny and Ginny would have to be a slave to Harry. It was to be set during the goblet of fire and there was to be no other women involved. I am a survivor and a veteran of what I call "War against the admins" that started June 4th 2012 on .

Ginny knew that she had been knocked out for a while and did not know where she was at all. She tried to move her arms but she found that her arms were crossed and bound. As her eyes got use to the darkness she noticed torch light illuminating the chamber of secrets. Her eyes widened as she saw the dead basaltic and the chamber itself supported a rather large statue of Salazar Slytherin. It was much bigger than she remembered but she never saw it under the head. She found that she was gagged when she tried to scream in horror and all that came out was a muffled groan that echoed threw the chamber. She looked down and realized that she was in a strait jacket and all she was wearing underneath was a bright red pair of panties. She heard footsteps coming towards her and she knew either this was a person coming to rescue her of her captor.

Her eyes widened as Harry stepped out of the shadows looking much stronger than she would have thought and he had a rather large penis that was fully erected. When he bent down next to her he whispered in her ear "I know that you planed to conspire with Hermione to give me a love potion geared to yourself and her. You planned to use me for sex and now you see where that landed you. Hermione has already gotten her punishment and is another slave."

Her eyes widened as she realized that it was Harry who made Hermione disappeared the day prior but she could not help but to feel aroused by what was to come. Harry looked down at Ginny's panties as they seemed to be getting a little wetter and damper. Harry stood up to his full height and smiled at her with an almost sadistic grin. Ginny had no idea that she had to pee till it started to come out when her fear took to an all time high. Harry looked down at the girl and laughed to further her humiliation. Ginny tried to back away from this person and it was not till Harry said "Ginniva molly Weasely I hereby call on the life dept that you own me to be my slave. You mind will remain intact till I break it but your body will belong till me till I decide. So I say it so mote it be."

A bright light engulfed both of them as her body responded to her master but her mind hated the situation she found herself in. Harry crouched down to her level and started to rub her piss soaked panties right by her pussy and asked "You know that if you were caught with such a love potion that you would have received life in Azakaban along with Hermione and your wands snapped. Of course that did not cross your minds you were thinking about how to get into the 'Boy-Who-Lived' pants. Well now you two have what you wanted but only on one end of the extreme. Doesn't this suck for you and your mother is ashamed of both of you. I recommended that you two receive a spanking in the great hall at dinner."

Ginny's eyes widened in fear and trepidation as she knew that she would be dead if this ever got out but hopefully Harry would not be that mean. Harry looked back at Ginny's face as she looked back to him in terror. Harry gave Ginny a little laugh and said "Did you know that Salazar meant for this chamber to be used as his get away from the castle. It seems as if he was into bondage and he loved every minute of torturing students or teachers that he invited down here. Most notably he loved to bring Rowanda down here and it seems as if the brainy birds are the naughtiest. Hermione has just proven this fact with all the erotic lititure that she had with her."

Ginny tried to struggle against her bonds even more and Harry just picked up the squirming girl and placed her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Ginny could not see where Harry was going but she knew that he was carrying her into a secret chamber deep within the chamber of secrets. Eventually she gave up on her struggles and knew that it would be hopeless to try to break free only to be put in Azkaban. Her eyes needed to get use to the darkness that the chamber was in but she heard moans and squeaks from a young woman obviously enjoying sex. Light peeked thru a door and Harry opened it wide open. Ginny's eyes needed to get use to it but she saw a shadowy figure with a rather large vibrator moving up and down her vagina. It took her a little bit to relies that this was indeed Hermione that was tied up and bound by ropes. She noticed her facial features as her eyes got use to the brightness. A light pink ball gag was on her mouth and she was drooling and moaning in constant orgasm. Harry smiled as he removed the vibrator away from her wet pussy and Hermione's brown eyes shot up to meet Harry's green. Her eyes were filled with hope as Harry said "Will you be a good girl now or do you need more of this."

Knowing Hermione could not answer with her mouth gagged and he removed it much to her pleasure. It was only then that Ginny noticed that she had her own pair of panties soaked by her own saliva and he removed them "Yes master your slave will behave."

Ginny's eyes widened in fear as Hermione was untied and unbound. Gently Harry brought her down from her position and Hermione lie down and spread her legs. Harry smiled at her and Ginny knew that this will be happening to her. In her fear and thoughts Ginny did not relies that she herself was being tied by magic and it was not till she snapped in place where Hermione just was did she relies that she was caught. Banishing the strait jacket Harry removed the piss soaked panties and Ginny tried to refuse getting them placed in her mouth. Ginny could not spit them out as she had a different ball gag place into her mouth and Ginny watched helplessly as the same vibrator was placed on her pussy moving in the same way as it was with Hermione.

Hermione smiled as Harry mounted her and thrust himself inside of her. Ginny watched as Hermione was fucked in front of her and she seemed to love every second of it. Her back arched back in pure pleasure and she loved the feeling of being full. As Ginny continued to watch she felt her pussy start to heat up to unimagined portions. Never before had she been this horny and never with any of her times with Hermione or any of the girls had gotten her this aroused. Ginny could not help but moan as the vibrator did its magic as well with watching this erotic scene. Ginny bowed her head as the urine taste assaulted her mouth and she knew that she might grow to like it. Ginny continued to watch Harry fuck Hermione and after several orgasms from the submissive girl she finally passed out all awhile saying master over and over again.

Ginny knew what was to be expected of her as her new station in life as her sex drive started to take over her body. Unknown to Ginny Harry put a potion inside of her that made her into another one of his perfect submissive and slaves.

Here is the end of the first chapter and I hope you enjoyed it.