Chapter 18 Third task and Resurrection

sorry about the delay but I was feeling so depressed that I could not begin to start writing so here is the next installment of the Salves of Harry otter.

Harry Potter looked out from the tower and knew that he had the third task in the next few days and with untold horrors that the magical world could place on anyone. Hopefully there would not be any dementors in the so called maze but he could use a find me and look for the cup. Harry knew that the resurrection of Voldimort on the summer solstice from his soul containers but he would be weak and nearly powerless. It would have been better to do it on Halloween night with the vale between the spirit world and the physical world was the weakest. The summer solstice is the worst time for anyone to be resurrected and how little their power would be. Doing some quick math Harry found that the Dark Lords power would only be a thousandth of what it normally would be if he would be resurrected on the winter solstice then he would be a thousand times more powerful than what he normally would be.

Harry smiled and looked down at the ring and last one he had retrieved for the upcoming ritual and knew that he could destroy them at any time but also knew why bother when you can get the head of your most hated enemy instead. After doing a quick tempest spell Harry found that he needed to go to bed with his slaves and sleep with them for another night of pure pleasure on all of their parts. Harry laid down in bed and knew that he needed a restful night sleep and the fun was going to begin the next week.

Taking his slaves to bed was a relative easy thing but pleasing them all took great skill and practice as well as patience. Harry slapped Padma's ass and she raised it up to meet his cock with her ass just as she liked it. Gently Harry started to stick his dick into her already stretched ass and started to hump her. Padma moaned in pleasure and moaned his name as he pushed deeper and deeper inside of her. Pavati not one to be left out started to lick at her slave sisters pussy causing her untold pleasure.

While Harry was fucking the Twins Mindy was with Pansy and Susan and Ginny were tag teaming with Hermione who was writhing in pleasure. Ginny soon stopped what she was going and went down to her pussy. Ginny started to gently lick at her labia causing Hermione to meow with pleasure from the foreign tongue. Hermione opened and closed her mouth in pleasure as Ginny started to insert her tongue inside of her vagina. Taking with opportunity Susan squatted her pussy on Hermione's open mouth. Hermione could taste Susan's arousal inside her mouth as she ran her tongue along the slit. Hermione gasped as Susan pinched her nipple causing Hermione to stick her tongue as deep as it possibly could go inside of Susan.

Ginny soon stopped her manual pleasure and removed her mouth from the girls pussy and said "Hermione, I would like it if you shaved your pubic hair." To further get it ingrained into her head Ginny slowly started to stoke her thick bush and rub her slit.

It was not long till Susan came into Hermione's mouth and weakly stood up and placed her hand next to Ginny's while placing her finger in her pussy. Susan whispered in Hermione;s other ear and said "There is a reason on why I am shaved and that is for the partners pleasure."

Ginny leaned over and kissed Hermione and could taste Susan's cum in her mouth and moaned into the kiss and Hermione started to grope the red heads breasts.

Pansy and Mindy were eagerly licking at each other's folds and enjoying every second of it.

The sexual enjoyment soon was over with seven nude females surrounding an equally nude Harry. Hermione could smell the mustiness of the twins pussy juices on his cock and seemed to start to crave both male and female juices. In the pre-dawn of consciousness Hermione put her mouth on his hardening cock and started to suck it. Hermione loved the taste of tasting both Harry and one of the Pavil twins in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the cock head and made sure that she was hitting the most sensitive nerves on the cock. Harry grunted and slowly woke due to Hermione's ministration and soon came directly into the mouth that was sucking him off.

Harry looked at the girl between his legs and said "Now that was a great way to wake up." After petting Hermione on the head for a few minutes Harry got up and he heard his joints crack in protest. Stretching up for a little bit the sex twins were horny once again. After a strong look to the both of them they started to eat at each other's pussies. It seemed as if the twins did not care who was their partner and would have sex with just about anyone. Harry was the one to come up with the idea and said "Ok girls get your plugs inside of you as well as your collars you will be walking around in the nude today."

The girls seemed to get excited as there was a mad shuffle as the girls got ready. Harry attached a ring at the bottom of each one of their plugs and tied their hands behind their backs. Attaching Ropes to the bound hands to the other girl's rings and a rope around Hermione's collar. Taking a look back he needed a little slack but not too much and he led them to the great hall like dogs.

For some reason the day passed by without incident and it was soon time for the third and final task and like the cannon Harry made it through the maze with one Cedric Diggory and were teleported to the graveyard.

The two young men walked around the grave site and found a grave with an immage od the grim reaper with the name of Tomas Riddle on it. Harry looked at Cedric and yelled "You have to get out of here."

Cedric looked back at Harry and said "There is nothing here, you scared."

Harry's scar lit up with a fresh pain and he passed out when he came to Harry immediately recognized the ritual and knew just how to screw it up. Moved over to Harry and said "And Blood of the enemy forcefully taken to resurrect your foe."

Knowing that this was one of his only chances at weakening and right before the tradoris rat Harry whispered "Take as much as you want."

Wormtail froze for a second and thought out the ritual and just placed the drop of blood into the cauldron and did the final part of the ritual by saying "Flesh of the servant willing given to resurrect your master." Peter cur his hand off with a fleshy chunk and the form of a very sickly Vodomort rose from the grave. This Dark Lord had a sickly look to him and he looked a bit green and weak as he hobbled around on his feet.

The weak figure said to the rat "Wormtail cloth me and give me your hand."

With a wave of his wand a dark clock clothed the dark Lord said "You are to kind master" as he presented the stump and the Dark Lord gave the rat a hard look and said "Your other hand."

Whimpering in pain Wormtail presented the dark mark and the Dark Lord called his servants.