Chapter 1: Meet Your New Tamer

It was a normal day in the Real World. Well, it was a normal as it could get. The humans were busying themselves going to their jobs or returning home to their families after a long day of hard labor. They traveled the streets, scurrying like ants, to get to some intended destination, completely oblivious to the outside world they live in.

Feh, they were bugs to the crimson eyes watching them.

A dark figure perched himself on a large motorcycle and stared with malicious intent at the humans walking the streets. Those streets were his territory and his alone, he decided. Without a second thought, he revved up his motorcycle, popped a wheelie, and raced towards the city below the lookout he was occupying.

The humans were completely unaware of the mayhem that was about to unfold. One, a businessman, just happened to look up from his Blackberry to see a motorcycle-riding maniac heading right for him. He let out a shriek and barely managed to get out of the way and the motorcycle whizzed right by his feet. All of the other humans, who were occupied with their iPhones and such, saw the turmoil unfolding and started into a frenzied panic. The motorcycle demon laughed and pulled out two long-barreled guns that he pointed towards the sky.

"Yeah, that's right! Feast yer eyes on the King of the Streets! Pray fer mercy from the mighty Beelzemon!"

"As if that's going to happen." A voice called out.

Beelzemon turned his head to lock his crimson eyes on a petite female human. She had short brown hair, some of it covering one of her eyes, that was hidden by a black dress cap. She had on a black dress shirt with white folded-up sleeves and black pants with black shoes. A yellow girl's tie rested on the center of her torso. She stared at him with teal eyes that radiated no fear. Beelzemon smirked and pointed his guns directly at her forehead.

"Aw, isn't this cute? A kid's gonna try and stop me!" He paused and leaned his face in closer to where their noses almost touched. "What're ya gonna do, huh?"

The female shrugged and pulled out two guns of her own. One was interlaced with red flame decals and the other was interlaced with blue lightning decals. He also took notice that her eyes changed to the same shade of crimson as his. All he did was unleash a devilish grin.

"I'm impressed, but let's see if yer as good of a sharpshooter as me!"

Beelzemon fired a shot, causing the girl's cap to blow off. The girl retaliated by firing a few shots that exploded on his motorcycle's frame. The demon growled and shouted, "Watch the bike!"

The girl just stuck out her tongue and fired more shots, one managing to graze Beelzemon's shoulder. Beelzemon groaned and managed to fire back while holding his bleeding shoulder. His shot hit the girl in the leg, but the look on her face radiated that gunshots didn't bother her so much. Instead, even with her leg leaking blood, she stood up and smirked, "You're good…"

"Yeah?" Beelzemon breathed out. "You too."

"So…you said you're name's Beelzemon? That's a strange name, but I like strange things." The girl held out her hand. "My name is Caitlyn Cheyenne "The Derringer" Durham, but please call me Cheyenne."

Beelzemon grunted and smacked her hand away. "I can get up myself, ya know."

Cheyenne didn't get mad; she just deadpanned. "My, aren't you pleasant? Say, what are you? You're obviously not human."

The demon scowled. "I'm a Digimon, and THE most powerful! I came here because you humans are on my turf! I'm the King of the Streets, and no one has a right to run 'em except me!"

"FYI, everyone has a right to be on these streets, not just you. And what's a Digimon? Some type of alien?"

"No, ya idiot! Digimon are digital monsters that come from the Digital World! We come from stuff like computers and all that crap!"

"Could you stop yelling at me? I need to bandage my leg and you need a bandage on your shoulder. Why not use that bandana on your arm?"

Beelzemon growled until a bright light distracted them both. Cheyenne took notice that the light was levitating towards her hand. She reached her hand out and took the light, which formed into a strange device. It was white with a purple, almost black, color surrounding a center screen. A deck of cards also appeared in her other hand. Beelzemon stared at them and his face went white.

"No, no, no, no, NO! This can't be happenin' ta me!"

Cheyenne raised her eyebrow. "Uh…what are these for?"

Beelzemon lowered his head and dropped his shoulders. "…Congratulations, yer now my Tamer. What a frickin' good day fer me."

"Tamer? You mean…I get to keep you as a pet?"

"I'm not your frickin' pet! Being a Tamer just means you let me battle and you give me upgrades and make me stronger!"

The human placed the cards in her backpack and clipped the device on her belt. Beelzemon got up and hopped on his motorcycle and was prepared to leave but the device kept him from severing contact with the human. The device, what he knew as a D-Power, stopped his beloved motorcycle Behemoth in its tracks. No matter how much he revved the engine, the motorcycle wouldn't move. Beelzemon screamed and slammed his fists on the bike.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!" He paused and grasped his wounded shoulder. "I didn't sign up to be a human's weapon! I want my freedom!"

Cheyenne crossed her arms and stared at his wound. "Something tells me that this is the pain talking. I need to get you somewhere to bandage that wound."

Beelzemon couldn't believe the words that came out of his mouth. "What about you? Yer still bleedin' like crazy."

"I'm used to getting shot and stabbed; it's part of my job. I'm more concerned about you. Come on, don't beat yourself up." She paused and patted him on the back. "We're gonna have a lot of fun together, believe me!"

Beelzemon shuddered, which caused more blood to come out. His crimson eyes locked back on the human and muttered, "…Don't test me…"