I do not own SWAT Kats,

Shade and Shadow are my own characters

This is something born from an idle day in calculus class

First time writting something like this so please remain calm

If i get away from the main characteristics of the cammeo characters shoot me a warning

Enjoy the story.

"A storm is coming," Chance Furlong commented to his friend and partner, Jake, who was working under one of the vehicles that came their way.

"What makes you say that?"Jake Clawson asked reaching vainly for a wench that was out of his reach.

"my fur is standing on end," he admitted nudging the wench in to Jake's reach, "And and uneasy feeling buddy."

Jake grasped the wench and continued working, "A storm is just a storm," he grunted, "Don't worry about it."

"Wish I could share your confidence," Chance muttered to himself as thunder rumbled in the distance of Megakat City.

"This is the perfect place to play,"

A sleek black kat dressed in a black vest and shorts with a strip of cloth around her eyes masking her face. Her amber eyes viewed the city from her perch mimicking a nearby gargoyle as her bare feet gripped the stone and her tail waved back and forth in amusement.

"Shade to Shadow, come in Shadow."

The contacts activated causing her eyes to glow as she responded to the transmission.

"This is Shadow, what's the news Shade?"

"A storm is rolling in," the voice reported calmly, "It should be perfect cover for your mission."

Shadow hummed her agreement as she played with her short cropped hair. "This seems like a fun place, how are you settled?"

"Very comfortably," Shade responded with a hint of a smile in her voice, "A very nice view of the city."

"I'll call back when I'm ready to make entry, Shadow out."

She blinked and her eyes returned to normal before she leapt from her perch into the gloom as the fog rolled in before the storm. The black kat twisted skillfully at the last moment to land neatly on her feet before bounding off as it began to rain.