"Nobody is here," T-bone growled on the radio as they flew over the museum again. "Nothing is coming up on the x-ray Ms. Briggs."

"The person that broke in is long gone." Razor agreed "We are coming down now."

T-bone and Razor picked their way thought he cluttered room trying not to knock anything over to where Dr. Sinian and Callie Briggs were waiting.

Shadow crept closer to the Turbokat but knew better than to touch it. She examined it with her eyes, prowling around it drenched in rain with the can still strapped to her back. The SWAT Kats would make interesting opponents. She would love to stay but she had to get back to Shade with her prize. The shadows swallowed the black kat while the explanations were finished.

"Cane of Mr. Merlon Dowen?" T-bon growled "You called us out for a walking stick?"

"This particular "Walking stick" as you kindly put it, belonged to the infamous thief, Merlon Dowen. He was a major player in the development in the city and gained his wealth by stealing the most secured items and selling or collecting them. In fact his collection is what started the museum in the first place." Dr. Sinian said pacing and rubbing her arm where it began to bruise. "But who would want to take it? It wasn't even catalogued yet."

"Frankly I think the Past Master might be the only one who knew about it." Razor said examine the area carefully "But he signals his return with a time vortex."

He picked up the envelope and opened it to scan it.

"In fact I believe we have somebody totally different." Razor handed the letter to Callie who read it aloud to the others in a puzzled voice.

"Thank you for the gift. My partner and Io thank you for the consideration and we will no doubt work out a buissness deal in the near future will all the gifts you seem to have. Pleasant hunting, signed Shade and Shadow."

"Shade and Shadow?" T-bone said doubtfully "Sounds like some want to be villains."

"I don't know T-bone." Razor said thoughtfully "To steal something that wasn't even listed in the museum is kind of crafty to me."

"They are only kats," T-bone argued "Nothing we haven't be up against."

"I belive one of them might be a black kat." Dr. Sinian said quietly. "That is why Ms. Briggs called you here.'

"They were declared outlaws after Merlon Dowen was found and captured, it seems that the black kats were master thieves and chased out of the city, why would one of them return?"

"I think it might be a descendent from Mr. Dowen. Records show that the black kats were very protective of heirlooms. Melon Dowen admitted to taking it form the strong hold of the black kats before they were driven out to the north."

"That is why we didn't want to bring the enforcers into this." Callie said "He would hunt this kat down and most likely make him or her give up the location of the rest of her family. We just need that cane back."

"What is so important about the cane anyway?" T-bone asked leaning against the cage. "If it belonged to the black kats then maybe it belongs with them."

"When what do I show Ms. Lait." Dr. Sinian asked flustered as she looked around the room. "She is coming tomorrow!"

"Ms. Lait?" Razor asked turning to Callie. "Who is Ms. Lait?"

"A prosperous business kat from the far north," Callie sighed "She is coming to think about investing on some recreational areas in the city including the museum."

"That's it?" T-bone yawned stretching. "Come on Razor let's get out of here."

They left hearing Callie trying to comfort the distraught doctor.

"Don't worry, I heard she has a deep interest in the steam punk era."

"Some night this is" Razor said as the jumped into the Turbokat.

"Hopefully that will be the end of our troubles for the night." T-bone grumbled "I'm wet though and though."

"Well at least you know how to swim now." Razor chuckled as they lifted off. "So I don't have to bail you out any longer."

"Oh shut up." T-bone grumbled as they banked and headed to the hangar cutting thought the storm watched by a pair of amber eyes.