A/N: This chapter is pretty much just a prologue. I'm sorry if this sucks, but this is the first thing I've wrote in almost a year, so my writing skills are a bit dull. Oh, and just a heads up, the rating might go to M. It probably won't though, but just in case.

The original story idea belongs to Russell Scottie!

Warning: Mentions of sex, mpreg, language, M/M, JackRabbit paring (JackXBunnymund)

Despite what Tooth said, Jack Frost was not stalking the Easter Bunny. No. He was just... watching from a distance. Yeah, that's it. He was watching from a distance, making sure his friend was safe. After all, you never know when Pitch might decide to return. At least, that was the excuse he gave Tooth and Sandy when they found him "watching" Bunnymund from behind the woods in the Pooka's warren.

He wasn't surprised when they didn't believe him and he also wasn't surprised when Tooth told him North needed help back at the North Pole (there was some kind of stomach flu going around between the yetis and the elves, leaving the old man short handed). He was surprised however, when Sandy threatened via dream-sand images to tell Bunnymund that Jack was stalking him.

"For the last time, I'm not stalking him!" Jack snapped.

Sandy raised an eyebrow as if to say, Oh, then what were you doing? It sure looked like stalking to me.

Jack flushed slightly, but managed to keep a straight face. "I told you, Kangaroo's been acting weird lately. I was just watching him to make sure he wasn't sick or something."

Tooth frowned and fluttered closer to the edge of the forest. "Weird?" she asked. "What do you mean? Bunny looks fine to me. Are you sure he's just not thinking? He tends to do that a lot when he's alone. Or at least, when he thinks he's alone." She glared at Jack, who shifted awkwardly and glanced down at the moss beneath him.

True, Bunnymund did seem fine at the moment. He was sitting at the edge of a small cliff, gazing out over a clear blue lake. With his knees pulled up to his chest and long ears resting on his back, the Pooka looked less like a fearsome warrior and more like a lost child. He actually looked pretty cute.

Jack mentally kicked himself and cursed his own thoughts. Bunnymund was not cute. Why did he keep thinking things like that? Whether it was thoughts like, What does his fur feel like? or Aww, he's so cute right now!,Bunnymund was pretty much the only thing Jack thought about. And to be honest, it kind of pissed the Winter spirit off. He wasn't supposed to think about his friend. He was supposed to think about fun and winter and when Jamie's next snow day would be, not what a rabbit's fur felt like!

A sharp poke in the side snapped Jack out of his thoughts. Suddenly, he realized Tooth's face was extremely close to his. A little to close.

"Eh, personal bubble being invaded!" He said awkwardly and gently pushed his friend back. Seriously, that woman had no idea what personal space was.

Tooth giggled softly and apologized. "Sorry! You zoned out there for a minute!"

Jack forced a smile and nodded slightly. "Right... so what were you saying?"

"Just that I don't think he's been weird. He seems normal enough to me. What's he doing that's so weird?"

"He seems depressed. Every time I try to talk to him, he just ignores me or he makes some excuse to leave! And I've caught him staring at me (usually when I'm taking to you) with this really sad look." With a frustrated cry, Jack snapped, "I don't know what I did to make him so mad at me!"

Tooth's smile faded. "Oh, I thought... I mean I didn't realize that he was acting like that." She glanced over her shoulder at the Pooka, who was still sitting at the edge of the cliff. Slowly, she turned back to Jack and Sandy. "You know, now that I think about it, Bunny hasn't been talking to any of us lately."

Jack sighed softly and asked, "Do you know what's wrong with him? Has he said anything about me or something I did?" The thought of Bunnymund being mad at him did something to his stomach, something he didn't like.

"Not that I know of," Tooth said slowly. "What about you Sandy? Has Bunny said anything to you?"

The mute shook his head and turned towards were Bunnymund was sitting. Jack followed his gaze and felt his stomach twist at what he saw. Bunnymund was still sitting with his back turned towards them, but he was hunched over now. Every few seconds, his shoulders would shake slightly and he would release a small sob.

"Oh! Bunny's crying!" Tooth wailed, her wings fluttering rapidly. "We have to go see what's wrong! He might be hurt or sick!"

Sandy shook his head slowly and pulled her back. "Sandy! Let me go!" Sandy pointed at Jack and then back at Bunnymund. "What? You think Jack should talk to him?" Sandy nodded and let her go. "But Bunny's mad at him, right?" Tooth asked, obviously confused.

Sandy let out a silent sigh and began to form a picture. It showed Bunny laying in bed, curled up next to a pillow. The picture shifted slightly, so now the Pooka wasn't holding a pillow, but Jack.

A blush crept across the teen's face. "Sandy! W-what's up with that picture! That never happened!"

Sandy pointed at Bunnymund and then at the picture. "Come on Sandy, stop with games!" Jack snapped. "I don't have time for this and I don't understand-" He suddenly stopped as the picture shifted slightly, a heart forming over the pair. "W-wait, are you trying to tell me that Bunny was d-dreaming about sleeping with me?"

Sandy clapped happily, causing the picture to crumble away into golden dust. Tooth let out a loud and almost obnoxious, "Aww!"

Jack just stood there, frozen in place. His face suddenly felt like it was on fire as his heart began beating rapidly. Bunnymund was dreaming about him, more specifically, dreaming about sleeping with him. That was wrong on so many levels, but at the same time, it felt.. weird. Nice almost. "T-this doesn't make sense! I don't get it! Why is he ignoring me if he wants to... you know?" Jack muttered softly, scratching the back of his neck, willing his blush to fade away. It did, but not much.

Tooth rolled her eyes, though her grin didn't fade. "Oh come on, Jack! I know you're not that stupid! Isn't it obvious? He's ignoring you because he's shy! He likes you, but he doesn't think you feel the same way about him, so he's distancing himself from you so he won't get hurt!"

Sandy and Jack stared at her. "How did you get that?" Jack flushed again.

"Well, I am a women," Tooth answered simply, as if that explained everything.

Sandy rolled his eyes, but turned back to Jack. He grabbed on to the teen's sleeve and pulled it roughly. "Whoa!" Jack yelped, pulling back. "W-what are you doing?" Sandy pointed at Bunny before pulling Jack forward again. "Y-you want me to talk to him? W-why?" A picture formed showing Jack hugging Bunny from behind. "H-hey! Not cool man! I didn't give you permission to eavesdrop on my dreams!" He suddenly realized that if Sandy had seen that dream, he had probably seen some of Jack's other dreams, including some of the, ahem, less cuddly ones. Snowflakes began to fall around them as Jack grew more flustered.

"Wait, so you like Bunny too? Ohh, that's so great! You two would be so cute together!" Tooth squealed.

Jack scowled and yanked his arm out of Sandy's grip. "What makes you think I'm going to go talk to him? I mean, what if you guys are wrong? What if he doesn't actually like me?"

Rolling her eyes, Tooth flew behind him and began pushing him towards Bunnymund. "Oh come on, Jack! Look at him! He's probably crying because he doesn't think you love him! Just go talk to him already!" When Jack dug his staff into the ground and refused to budge, she whimpered and put on her best puppy dog face. "Please Jack?" She begged, sniffling a bit. "Please? Look at Bunny. He looks so sad. Just talk to him. Please?" Jack made the mistake of glancing back at her. Tooth sniffled a bit and blinked back tears. "Please? For me?"

Jack's resolve broke and with a loud huff, he growled, "Fine! I'll go talk to him." He pulled his staff out of the ground and began to float over to Bunnymund.

Tooth squealed happily. "Oh, thank you, Jack!" She called, smirking proudly. Noticing Sandy's confused face, she added, "Fake tears, get's 'im every time."

"Yeah, yeah. God, I can't believe I feel for that face again," He muttered, not catching Tooth's comment.

Nervously, he floated up behind Bunnymund. Alright, alright. You can do this. Just tell him you might have a small crush on him. That's it. He took a deep breath and braced himself. "Umm, hey, Kangaroo!" Jack smiled widely, trying to act like he wasn't about to have a nervous break-down.

The poor Pooka must have jumped ten feet in the air, letting out a very high-pitched shriek as he did so. "Bloody hell, Frostbite! Don't scare me like that! I could have hurt ya'!" Bunnymund snapped, willing his racing heart to calm down.

Jack laughed and smiled brightly. Bunny was so cute when he was terrified. "Aww, don't be such a sour sport. I was just messing with you."

The Pooka glanced away, his ears twitching slightly. "Yeah, well, what are you even doing here? Shouldn't you be off making a snow-storm or something?" He snapped, trying to sound angry and failing.

"Nah, already made one." Jack shrugged nonchalantly. Actually, he was probably making one at that very moment. "Besides, you looked sad. I thought you might want to talk or something."

Bunnymund frowned and shook his head. "Look, Jack, I'm not in a very good mood right now. Can you just go away?"

The teen frowned. "No."

"What?" Bunnymund's head snapped up, his green eyes widening in surprise.

"I said, no, Bunny. I'm not leaving," Jack growled, feeling the air around them grow colder. He took a deep breath to calm himself down. "We need to talk."

Shivering slightly, Bunnymund snapped, "No, we don't, Jack! There's nothing to talk about! Just go away, alright?"

With a huff, Jack shook his head. "We need to talk," he repeated. "Something's wrong with you, Bunny. You're ignoring me and the others! All you do is mope around and when you do talk to someone, you sound like a compleat asshole!"

"I do not!"

"You were just acting like one and you're acting like one now!"

"You scared me! How was I supposed to act? And I am not being an asshole!"

"Yes, you are! And I wasn't even talking about when I scared you! I was talking about afterwards when you told me to go away!"

"Am I not allowed to have some privacy?"

"I think you've had enough privacy!" Jack yelled, trying to ignore the snow flying around them. "You've bearly talked to anyone since we defeated Pitch! What's wrong with you? What happened to my kangaroo? What did I do?"

Bunnymund jumped up. "I'm not a bloody kangaroo! I am a bunny! And another thing, I don't think it's any of your damn business why I'm distancing myself from everyone! Why are you suddenly so curious, huh? You've never shown interest in me before, unless it was to make fun of me or prank me! You don't even care about me! If anything, you're the one who's being a bloody asshole! Now if you would kindly leave before I have to hurt you, that would just fan-"

Jack wasn't sure why he did it (probably just to get Bunnymund to shut up), but he grabbed the Pooka's neck and hauled him forward until they were face to face. "Don't ever say I don't care about you, you stupid rabbit," Jack huffed loudly, cutting the other male off mid-sentence.

"J-Jack, w-what are you do-mmph!"

Suddenly, Jack couldn't take the sound of the Pooka's voice anymore. He pulled the other's head down the last few inches, before covering Bunnymund's furry lips with his own, electing a loud squeak from his friend. Without thinking, Jack slipped his tongue the other's mouth. Bunnymund finally registered what was happening. He reached up and grabbed the smaller man's hoodie, but instead of pushing him away, he pulled him closer. Jack moaned softly and wrapped his arms around the taller Guardian's neck, thankful for his ability to float. He suddenly realized how soft Bunnymund's fur was. Well, there's one thought I won't have to deal with again, he mused silently.

After what felt like hours, they finally pulled away, gasping for air. Jack smiled softly. "And you say I need to shut up," he teased gently, his anger fading away.

Bunnymund glanced away shyly, muttering, "Yeah, well I guess we both need to every once in a while, huh?"

Jack chuckled softly and planted a gentle kiss on the other's nose, smiling as it twitched slightly. "So I guess this means Sandy was right?"

Bunnymund's ears perked up. "Right about what?"

"He said that you liked me. As in, like liked me," Jack smirked and pressed his face to Bunnymund's.

"Yeah, well, to say I like ya' is a bit of and understatement," the Pooka admitted softly.

"Would 'love' be a better word to use then?"

"... Yeah, I guess it would."

Jack's expression softened from teasing to loving. "Good." He leaned upwards, kissing the Guardian gently. "'Cause I love you, too."