"Spike would you come here please?" The voice of the princess of the sun calls me to her side.

"Yes Princess?" I ask graciously, her and I have worked together for going on two centuries now and I still bow to her highness. She giggles at the gesture, giving up telling me it was unnecessary.

"Can you go to the Starswirl the Bearded wing of the library and fetch me my book on Equestria flora? We're going to get a new landscaper soon and he wants to know the different plants we keep." Princess Celestia says to me.

"Absolutely princess!" I smile, showing all of my pointy teeth. I happily jaunt away, passing the royal guard on the way out and I flick my tongue out at them.

This scares them a little bit and it always makes me laugh. I am the only dragon in Canterlot and have been for the past several centuries. I am the scribe of Equestria. A title given to me by the princess herself and boy did it make me proud. Like the princesses themselves, dragons live for centuries. So it was a good fit for me to do as I grew older.

I make my way down the corridors of the palace and get to the Starswirl the Bearded wing. The mountains and towers of books would easily scare anypony away but not me. I was trained by the best.

I easily climb on the shelves and down the isles of books passing numerous titles and letters before stopping at E.

"E for Equestrian Flora" I smile, my teeth glowing as I climb the shelves. As I do, my huge feet prove to be clumsy and I slip.

"Uh-oh…" I mutter and before I know it a whole shelf of books has fallen under my weight and collapsed on top of me. "Ouch…" I mumble as I rise up from the fallen pile. "I'll…clean that later…" I say to no one in particular and rub the back of my neck. I look down at the books around me. "Great…" I pout, they are scattered everywhere. I start to shuffle through them, searching title by title.

"Equine Diseases" Nope.

"Electric Storms For Foals" Nada.

"Elevator Repair" What is that doing here?

"Elements of Harmony" Now there's a phrase that I haven't heard in a long time.

The book is old and bound with twine. It's falling apart and the pages are yellowed. It is very thick and heavy. I run a purple-scaled hand down the dirt-brown cover and as I do, memories from centuries ago flooded my mind. My claws start to quake. I need this book.

I set it aside and search for my original target. "Equestrian Flora: A Guide" was buried under a few others but not too hard to find. I picked it up along with my special prize and race down the corridor back to the princess.

"If there's a storm at night on Thursday that will ruin the view of the nearly full moon sister" Luna, the princess of the night was currently in a discussion with her sister over the events of the weather when I barge into the grand hall.

"Ah Spike, I see you found the book" Celestia smiles at me. Luna does too, the younger princess still a bit irked about the night storm, but happy to see me. Celestia uses her magic to float the book out of my claws.

"Yeah, though we might need a clean up in isle E" I blush a bit and Celestia laughs.

"I'll get someone on it" She states as her pristine eyes float to the other book still in my claws. "And what's that?" She motions to the book.

"Oh this?" I hold it out. "Well it fell on top of me. It's so old and I couldn't just let it sit there…" I sigh, looking at the worn out title on the front. "I'd like to look through it if you don't mind" I ask.

"I don't see why not, since you were very close to the Elements of Harmony I think it's a great idea." Celestia says. Luna looks at the book closer.

"What exactly is it sister?" Luna asks.

"Well, as you know Luna, the elements of Harmony were embodied by six brave ponies centuries ago. They helped keep our world at peace for a long time. But they were merely mortal ponies. Their times were ending. Before each of them passed we recorded their history in that book. It's been so long since I've seen it I've nearly forgotten about it." Celestia looks off into space, her mind wondering like mine is.

My eyes are glued to the disheveled book. Inside this book are the memories of my friends from my childhood when I lived in Ponyville. I can feel the stinging of tears as they well up behind my eyes. Not now Spike.

"Is it ok if I retire early? I would really like to read this" I state.

"Of course Spike" Princess Celestia comes back down to earth at the sound of my voice. I feel bad for pulling her out of her daydreams. She smiles softly towards me.

"Thank you" I take the book and saunter back to my quarters. The entire time my mind is filled with the wonders that this book holds. I can't believe that I have never known about this. I quicken my stride, as I grow excited to see what this wonderful book has to hold. My friends, my gone but not forgotten friends are in this book. I can feel a pang grow from the pit of my stomach. For once it is not the pang of hunger but that of excitement and fear. They've been gone for so many years and I finally get to see them again! Albeit in pictures, but it's more than my memory can serve.

I make it to my chambers and quickly lock the door behind me. I have a nice room in the palace, and a wonderful view of Canterlot. I set the book on my end table and peer out into the evening sky.

There it is, off in the distance there, in the shadow of Canterlot lies Ponyville. I smile with glee, I haven't been this happy in years. I turn back to the book. Its dilapidated cover beckoning me to open it and peer inside.