Luna's moon is so beautiful tonight. It is almost full and the light that shines off of it is enough to drape all of Equestria in a light blanket of warm peace. The glow of my lamp is filling my room with an artificial essence. I flip the page.


I can't help but smile as I read that word and memories of that wonderful, ever-happy pink mare dance in my head. Pinkie Pie was something else. The parties she would throw! They were known all throughout Equestria. I especially remember her last party. It was at her deathbed.

I rip my head out of my memories and start to read the page.

"After I got my cutie mark I wanted to throw parties all the time. But my family would have none of it…"

"Pinkamena Diane Pie!" Her father roars. "What did I say about parties?" He growls, opening the door to her room, letting a balloon fly out.

Standing in the middle of the commotion is a small pink filly. Her mane, also pink, is corkscrewed and chaotic. She smiles up at her father, the sturdy rock farmer with a stone-gray mane that was tattered from years of work.

"Hi daddy!" She smiles, sitting in the middle of balloons, streamers, party hats, and festive decorations littering her room. He sighs.

"We've had this discussion before Pinkamena…" He sighs. "Remember what I said?" With that the filly's smile fades.

"I'm in here to keep me away from the other ponies…" She recites.

"Exactly." He states. "And you've got to stop doing that to your mane." He takes a hoof and flattens it out. "There, just like your mother and sisters." He turns to leave, taking the door with him. But before he can completely close it a small voice stops him.

"Daddy?" wavers the small filly's voice. He turns and looks over his shoulder.

"When can I come out?" She asks. He sighs.

"I don't know Pinkamena. Whenever this silly phase is over I guess…" And with that he closes and locks the door. Keeping his filly locked inside.

Pinkamina stares at the door. Her blue eyes tremor before the tears start to burst through. She sobs and as if on cue the balloons start to deflate and the party favors start to fall.

Her cries are not uncommon within the Pie household. She cries day and night, often sobbing herself to sleep. She knows of nothing outside of the rock farm. She was never able to leave the confines of her room after she saw that beautiful rainbow. The constant parties got to be too much for her family, they couldn't handle the ever-rambunctious filly, and they locked her up in her room with nothing but her own mind as company.

I have to stop reading. I rub my temples with my claws. There is no way that this is true. None whatsoever. But, why did it make so much sense? Why had this not been brought up before? Pinkie's inability to stay in one place for more than a few minutes, her need to be with her friends and not alone, it all hits me like a brick, it has to be true.

"My father never really liked me. After all, I was a constant reminder to whom my mother slept with that one night. My father would look for any possible moment to get rid of me. And I remember the day like it was yesterday…"

Clyde Pie storms into Pinkamena's room. He is furious.

"I have had ENOUGH!" He yells, staring at his daughter, who was sitting on the floor, her mane flat against her tear-stained face. "I cannot take your crying anymore!" He opens her closet door.

A few springy worms pop out at him and he yells, stumbling over his own hoofs. Pinkamina giggles a bit, a few strands of hair curling as she does so. However this only fuels her father's rage.

"That's it!" He finds a suitcase at the bottom of the closet. "You're leaving this place! You are no good here." He snaps. PInkamena stares at him with frightened eyes. Her father picks up the suitcase and drops it at her feet. "I have arranged for a couple in Ponyville to take you in. You will work there. Maybe you'll be good to them there." He states, looking at his daughter who only stares at the suitcase in front of her. "Are you going to pack anything?" She looks up to her father.

"No." Is all she states.

"Fine. Then get going." He moves aside from the door and the pink filly trots down the stairs. She ignores her mothers sobbing from the kitchen. She looks away from her sisters' stares as she walks out the front door of the farmhouse. She walks towards what she thinks is Ponyville. She leaves the confines of the farm. All she's ever known is disappearing behind her as she enters Ponyville city limits.

At that moment all of Equestria unfolds before her like it was made anew just for her. She looks at all the buildings in wonder, slowly her mane starts to curl and unfurl. She stops in front of a bright cupcake looking building. She smiles widely, she could Pinkie swear that she got her cutie mark that day.

"I knew in my heart that I belonged at Sugarcube Corner. The Cake's were so nice to me, they gave me a home and food and I worked for them however I could. I knew that I had nothing left for me on the rock farm. There are days where I wonder how my family is doing but I try not to think about it. Instead I try to make the rest of Equestria smile and laugh with me."

I lean back in bed and stare at the far wall. All this time and I never knew. I never thought to ask. Everything behind what Pinkie has ever done is explained in this book.

I make a mental note to remind Celestia that this book should be taken better care of before flipping the page.