Runs with Wolves

Chapter One:

I had been traveling now for what seemed like days, almost doubting that I'll ever make it. No food, no water, and it was beginning to take its toll on me. I sighed, crouching down bedside the small stream for a drink. Maybe I'm just not meant to find them; it shouldn't be this hard to find a tribe of wolf demons. Unless the old monk lied to me, but he wouldn't, would he? Now that I look back on it, he was very hesitant to talk to me to start with. What is it about humans that make them hate us so much? Then again demons don't really like my company either. I guess it has to do with the whole half demon thing. Something I still had yet to accept.

I stared at my reflection for a moment; I didn't see anything wrong with me. So what if my ears were pointed? They were hidden mostly by my long, curly, brown hair. My eyes were mostly normal too, just a light shade of blue. I guess the only thing that anyone could spot first hand was my long brown tail. They all knew I was a wolf by that aspect I suppose, or maybe it was my mother's armor I wore? She wasn't famous though; only in the village I grew up in did anyone know her. I rubbed the fur that covered my arms. This was all I really knew of my mother. The light brown fur top that covered my small breasts, the matching fur skirt with a small red bow on the side that matched the one that held back some of my hair, and the fur on my arms and legs.

I shook my head and stood up; I'm getting too much into my own thoughts. I need to find the wolf demon tribe and beg Koga, the leader, to take me in by sun down. Tonight is the night of the full moon, when I lose my demon powers and return human. Sad really, what kind of wolf fears the full moon. Lucky for me though there was still a bit of time before the sun sets. Maybe I'm being too hard on the situation. I took a deep breath and stretched my arms up over my head. Yeah, that's it, I'm sure when I get there Koga will welcome me with open arms, and we'll have a huge feast for no reason. With boar and fish, maybe even some chicken. Oh how I love chicken and what I would do for some, but trying to picture all this food was making my stomach turn flips.

My keen ears then picked up a very pleasing sound, it was wolves. So I wasn't far off after all. Picking up some extra hidden strength I hurried towards them. I was right, my face lit up with joy. Through the trees there was a tall waterfall surrounded with wolf demons, dressed just as I am. What luck, to find them even before the sun started set. Before I could get any closer, though, I was approached by two men. One with silver hair and a blue splotch in the front, he had burgundy leather around his chest and arms, and tan fur around his back, bottom, and legs. The other only had a strip of white hair that stuck up in the middle of his head; he had dark blue leather around his chest, shoulders and arms, and brown fur for his bottoms and legs as well. "Who are you?" The one with the blue splotch spoke first. His voice was soft, but a little demanding.

"My name is Mizune, and I'm here to speak with Koga." I was more than eager to tell them anything they wanted to know.

"Do you think we should?" He looked over to the other one in confusion.

"I don't know, he's not in the best mood today" The other spoke, his voice was a bit deeper, though slightly raspy.

"Yeah, I know, I don't want to be the one to deal with him if he gets angry."

"Well me either!"

"You guys don't have to take me, just point the way." I was afraid if I didn't interrupt them then they would carry on the conversation and ignore that I was even here. They both just looked at me, scowling a little. Was is something I said? "O-or you both could just take me.."

"Sounds fine to me." They both replied without any hesitation this time.

"Just follow us.. uhh… What did you say your name was again?"

"Mizune" I smiled brightly, although these guys are strange, I like them. "And you guys?"

"Were the right and left hand men of Koga!" The one with the white hair stripe announced. "I'm Hakkaku, the shroud one!"

"And I'm Ginta, I got dimples!" He pointed to his cheeks. I couldn't help but laugh a little, these guys are idiots; very adorable idiots. The rest of the way up to the waterfall was more or less silent. All the other wolves seemed to just look at me strange, although I was use to it; it still made me feel uncomfortable. Could they tell I was only a half demon? Hakkaku and Ginta didn't seem to have a problem with me, or did they? Well once Koga lets me into the tribe, then maybe I'll stop getting all these looks. Oh, to be accepted by someone finally, I couldn't wait.

All the other wolves were hidden behind the large waterfall. A clever hideout if you ask me, but annoying. Who wants to get wet every time they come in and leave? Not me that's for sure. This place was very large for the amount of wolves that were hidden in it. At the very end of the cave, sitting on a large rock covered in fur, was what I assumed was Koga. No one else had a fancy place to sit like that. He was sitting cross legged with his cheek resting in his hand. He had long black hair that was pulled back into a tie, and fur smashing down some of his bangs. Though his bright blue eyes caught most of my attention, almost like mine, only a bit darker in color. He was really handsome, rough around the edges, but handsome none the less.

"This girl insisted we bring her to talk to you, Koga." Hakkaku started

"Yeah she said it was real important" Ginta joined in. Funny how that's not exactly how I remember that conversation going. They stood aside and I walked closer to Koga.

"What do you want?" He sighed; his voice was sharp, and deeper than the others. It seemed as though he would rather be doing everything else on the face of the earth, than talk to me.

"I wish for you to accept me into you tribe..." I stammered over the words a little as they came out, and was sure to bow my head in respect to him. He was the tribe leader after all.

"No" was all I heard as a reply. My head shot up to look at him, a dumbfounded expression on my face. Of all the ways I thought that this would happen, I never expected him to just flat out tell me no.

"B-but why?"

"Because, there is no room in my tribe for a half-breed." That title, it cut my ears upon entering. How I loathe that title, half breed.

"My mother was in this tribe long ago, can't you just.."

"No, half breed, get lost. Your stench is already bothering my nose." I didn't know what else to say to that.

"Harsh, Koga" Hakkaku chimed in, but it was too late. My human emotion, mixed with everything I've gone through the past few days, just started to slip out. No matter how hard I tried to keep the tears back, they came out anyway.

"Aw, Koga you didn't have to go and make her cry!" Ginta jumped in too.

"You two have a problem with my decision?" He snapped, the side of his face curled up to show his fang.

"N-not at all" Ginta stuttered.

"Well, you didn't have to.." Hakkaku started, but before he could finish, Koga got up and approached us. Ginta hid behind Hakkaku and buried his face into his shoulder.

"If you think I'm too harsh, and that I'm making the wrong decision, then you two take her!" He snapped, grabbing my shoulder and pushing me into Hakkaku. Luckily he caught me, and we weren't all sent to the ground. "She's your problem now, keep an eye on her and don't ever let her get in my way."

"Y-yes sir" Hakkaku grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the cave, with Ginta following promptly behind us. We stopped on a rock outside the waterfall that hung to the cliff side.

"That was scary; I told you he was in a bad mood!" Ginta snapped

"Don't make this out to be my fault, Ginta! You insisted we take the girl."

"Did not!" After that their attention was then turned on me, and their expressions changed when they noticed I was still crying. "Don't cry, Mizune"

"Yeah, it's not all bad! Koga might not like it, but technically you are in the tribe now."

"And you have us to look after you, what could be better than that!" They were right, and I couldn't help but smile yet again at them.

"Thank you, Ginta, Hakkaku" I wrapped my arms around them, Ginta on my left, Hakkaku on my right. "Thank you for standing up for me, and for changing his mind, and for being kind to me even though I'm only a half breed."

"You don't have to thank us." Hakkaku's cheeks were slightly pink at the embrace.

"I promise I won't let you guys down!" I smiled and wiped the tears from my eyes with the back of my hand.

"As long as you do what Koga tells you, he shouldn't have any more problems with you." Ginta smiled back at me

"Yeah, and right now Ginta and I are on guard duty for the night, so I guess that means that you are too."

"Wait, overnight?"

"Yeah, is something wrong with that?"Hakkaku's expression grew confused.

"Tonight is the night of the full moon.." My gaze lowered to the ground.

"Yeah, so?" Ginta sounded confused too. I couldn't tell them could I? Maybe I should, they're my family now aren't they? Will they understand though? This is the first time I've really been accepted by anyone; I don't want to ruin it.

"The night of the full moon is when…" I sighed, with one last debate to myself on whether or not I would tell them. "It's when I become human.." I flinched slightly, afraid with what their reaction would be.

"Then we will just have to be more vigilant!" Hakkaku chuckled a little.

"Yeah, don't worry sister; we won't let any get you!" Ginta smiled, and I returned the favor. Sister, the word rang around in my head a few times and I could feel my heart light up inside my chest. I can't remember a time where anyone other than my father had ever made me this happy.

This is the first time that I have let anyone read the stories I wrote, not a big fan of criticism. Though I have always wanted to know what people thought of my stories. So I threw on my big girl panties and put up the newest story im writing. This is my second fan fiction and depending how this one goes over I may put up the first one I wrote too. I write most if not all of my stories in first person, it's what im most comfortable with when writing. Makes me feel a part of my stories, as I so wish I was. I hope people like it! and if not, then Im sorry.