"It is with a great sense of honor that I accept Professor Snape's offer as his apprentice. I look forward to staying here at Hogwarts to learn about the subject I have grown greatly fond of this year," Harry said to a large group of wizards, all scribbling furiously with their quills.

It was June. Harry had passed all of his NEWTS with flying colors, only Hermione beating him overall. He and Severus had been relatively inseparable since the night in the dungeons. He had told the rest of his friends about his relationship with Severus. Several of his friends, including Seamus, seemed unfazed by the news – they congratulated him on finding someone and moved on. Ginny had been a little angry, mostly hurt that she hadn't been told before. That was just Ginny's way though; she was always a little dramatic. Thank Merlin that Harry didn't have to deal with girls anymore. Terry had finally forgiven Harry for the betrayal. In fact, he had even taken Harry shopping to buy clothes for this press conference. He was in a pair of dark jeans and a black and white argyle jumper. Terry insisted that he keep his Muggle roots, as Muggle fashion was in this season.

"Mr. Potter, what gave you the inspiration to become a Potions Master? You have always indicated that you wanted to be an Auror, as cited in dozens of interviews and articles," a journalist asked, staring at Harry expectantly.

Harry smiled at the crowd. "I am done with hunting dark wizards. Do I enjoy Defense Against the Dark Arts? Yes. Do I want to make that my life? No, it brings up so many bad memories. I want my future to have good memories, to start a new life. Potions will allow me to do that. In fact -" Harry stopped and glanced at Severus, who was sitting in the front row. He nodded at him and gave a small smile. Severus rose and joined Harry on the stage. He looked smugly at the mass of reporters and rested his hand on Harry's shoulder. Harry joined hands with Severus. "In fact, I will be working with the man I love. I would like to announce here and now that I am currently romantically involved with Professor Snape."

Shouts of surprise echoed through the room. "What did he just say?" was heard several times, along with, "What kind of drugs are you on, Mr. Potter?"

"Settle down, settle down!" cried another journalist. "Mr. Potter, do you care to elaborate at all?"

"I love him, he loves me, and there is nothing that anyone can do about it," Harry smiled. "I will be happy to learn from him."

"Do you anticipate any problems in the future, dealing with his demanding nature, as both apprentice and lover?" another journalist called.

"I don't expect Severus to change overnight, if that's what you meant to ask," Harry joked. "I know exactly what I am getting myself into. Yes, we will fight, and yes, we have different views on the world, but isn't that what love is all about? Challenging each other, finding new ways to see things? We will always find each other, and that is what is really important, no matter how unpleasant our beginning was. It is most definitely a pleasant ending."

-The End-

I'd like to give a huge thanks to those of you who took the time to read this! This was the first long fic I wrote in nearly eight years! It was originally written for NaNoWriMo in 2011, went through multiple re-writes through the summer of 2012, and was finally submitted to the Snape Potter Comm on LiveJournal for Snarry Big Bang. You can find accompanying artwork for this fic by daisygirl_080 on the Snape Potter Comm (either LJ, IJ, or DW).