A/N: Harley calls Joker "daddy." It's canon. I can't help but really love that little quirk about them. So.

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Harley liked sweets. In fact, she was told, and rather teasingly—by Mistah J that her sweet tooth was positively ravenous. She had giggled at him, tongue swirling suggestively around the lollipop in her hand. It was delicious, and she reveled in his smirk as he watched her lick her lips. What could he possibly be thinking? Harley always did wonder how one man could have so many wicked little thoughts held so tightly in his brain.

"Whatcha lookin' at, Mistah J?" she tilted her head to the side, licking the loli and sucking it, eyes rolling back in her head at the taste. Cherry, her favorite. J merely smiled, leaning back in his chair, whatever plan he was working on forgotten. That wasn't like him. Usually, he never stopped working, regardless of what mundane activity his little Harley girl was engaged in while she waited for him to finish.

"Oh, my little pumpkin pie. You do seem to be enjoying your...treat." He sneered, eying her nastily, lustfully, his hand mingling over the crotch of his trousers. She let her eyes roam his body, stopping where his hand was and—oh.

Naughty Joker.

She giggled, nodding enthusiastically and leaning forward, the skimpy little low cut t shirt she wore leaving herself bare to his hungry gaze. When he wanted her, he always wanted her bad. Naughty and positively filthy. After all, it was only to be expected of him. And really, she couldn't complain.

"Tell me something, Harley. Would you like...another treat?" He unzipped his fly, never one for prolonged teasing. Harley had done enough of that for the both of them. Her lollipop seemed incredibly dull now, and with a little coquettish smile, she crossed the room, and he eagerly pulled her into his lap, his excitement had slipped from his pants, and was now brushing against her. She bit her lip, and he bit at her neck, ripping the lollipop from her hands, and tossing it to the corner of the room. Oh. She sighed happily, letting her head fall back as his red lips devoured her neck, his teeth clashing against skin and probably leaving as many marks as possible.

Before she knew it, Harley was on the floor, having been roughly pushed from his lap. He was over her now, pants down round his ankles, and with a smirk, he grabbed her by the hair and she squeaked.

"Open up for daddy."

He tasted better than any lolipop.