A/N This is dedicated to the wonderful Ai Chiyo! Without her pestering me to write what happened in one of my smutty dreams so that she could read it, you wouldn't be presented with the yaoi PWP fic I have worked the hardest and longest on to make absolutely perfect!

The thing with Ai is that whenever I'm talking to her, I let myself go and can actually feel like a normal person and is not held back by a past trauma, so she's the one and only person in my life who knows just how much of a pervert I am, so thanks a lot for helping me come out of my shell, even if it's only when I'm talking to you, Ai~

Warnings: The the first chapter is relatively mellow, just implied situations. However, the second chapter contains EXTREMELY GRAPHIC THREESOME AND LOSS OF VIRGINITY. If you don't like this, please do not read.

Nanao was pretty sure that she had already had her hands on every single thing that could possibly have to do with gay porn countless times already. It was time to step things up in her opinion, but just where was she going to find some willing participants…?

The black-haired woman sighed as she thought over her plight. There wasn't just the problem of finding people to enact her fantasies for her, but the dilemma of finding people sexy enough to pull it off.

As Nanao sat at her desk, thinking about how to overcome this particular road-block, she heard voices passing her office. She looked up, finding Shunsui and the Thirteenth Division Captain walking by, talking happily.

Ukitake was… perfect, in Nanao's opinion. His long, straight white hair framed his beauty and his personality made him a wonderful partaker for what Nanao wanted. He was far too kind for his own good; he could be easily pressured if the right points were pushed and he hated saying no to people. Especially to his precious Shunsui, and everyone knew that man was a whore.

If there was someone who would be willing to help push Ukitake into playing out someone's sexual fantasies, Shunsui would be the first to do it – whether he was asked to or not.

A smirk crossed Nanao's face as she watched the two friends continue into Shunsui's office to do whatever it was that they did when they were alone.

Now that she had at least one member for her plot, all that was left was to find a few more 'volunteers'.


There were so many eligible men in Soul Society, but Nanao wanted only the best. In fact, including Ukitake – who had yet to find out about his 'job' – there were only three that Nanao would settle for. She was on her way now to one of the divisions, ready to try and coerce the Sixth Division Captain into helping make her fantasies become reality.

Nanao knew that Byakuya was going to be a hard one to force because – well, let's face it; Byakuya was a bit of an ass who had a ten foot pole stuck up there. No matter the consequences, Nanao was going to persevere because what was a life without guys fucking each other? Rhetorical question and all, but the answer was none!

"What are you doing here?" Renji asked as he narrowly avoided a daydreaming Nanao that was about to walk into him.

"Hmm?" Nanao snapped out of her fictions at the Abarai's voice. "Oh. Just here to see Kuchiki-taicho about something."

"He's in the office." Renji pointed to a door a bit further down from where they were standing. "Probably should leave him alone; he's in a worse mood than usual for some reason."

Nanao smirked; oh, how this was going to be fun. "It's fine, Abarai-fukutaicho. I'm here on demand orders from Kyōraku-taicho, so it's best I get this over with." Oh, yes… Blame that man-whore of a captain if word gets out. No one will question it because it's 'Shunsui's' orders.

"I see."

Nanao smiled and bowed politely to the red-head before she continued on her way to Byakuya's office. She knocked politely, entering only when Byakuya called her in.

"Can I help you?" Byakuya looked indifferent to her – as cold as always – but there was something off in his voice. He sounded… lonely…? Could that be right? Kuchiki Byakuya, feeling lonely…? The man with a ten foot pole up his ass and considered himself better than everyone? Did he ever look at himself and take into account that his personality may be the reason for his loneliness? Probably not. Egocentric asshole.

"Are you feeling okay, Kuchiki-taicho?" Nanao asked in concern. She may have been focused on getting solely what she wanted, but if something was wrong with Byakuya, she wasn't going to be that cruel and bully him into participating like she had originally planned to do lest he decline – no; if her begs and pleads were still not enough to make him say yes, she would accept the fact and move on to someone else.

Byakuya nodded. "I am fine. Why do you ask?"

Nanao sighed. "You seem kind of… lonely, to be honest."

Byakuya's cold gaze observed the woman standing before him in curiosity. Why was it that Renji – someone who shared the same office as him – was never able to pick up on this fact, whereas Nanao – a woman he had barely spoken to – knew straight off the bat?

"Whether I am lonely or not is not your business," Byakuya all but snarled. "If you have only come here to interrogate me about my personal life, leave."

Fuck Shunsui and his man-whoreishness, Nanao thought as she took a deep breath. It was now or never.

"You're really lonely, Kuchiki-taicho, but I know just how to fix that," Nanao said quickly, knowing that Byakuya was one man you didn't piss off.

Byakuya raised an eyebrow as his reiatsu lashed out unconsciously. It was stormy, just like his emotions were. "…What are you talking about…?"

"I've heard about Hisana," Nanao continued on, taking the raging reiatsu as a good sign – because honestly, she could have been cut up by fucking cherry blossom petals by now if Byakuya had released Senbonzakura. "It must be hard on you, having lost her like that. But that's why I am here. See, I'm going to be honest with you, Kuchiki-taicho…"

Byakuya nibbled at his lips. It was an unspoken rule for people to avoid talking about Hisana, but he had to admit that this woman was gutsy. But maybe… Nanao would be able to help him out. Too long had he been mourning his late wife, and too long had he denied himself the physical pleasure that his body so craved. Hisana had been the only one for him, but maybe… It was time to move on.

"…" Nanao sighed before she continued. "I'm actually appalled by the lack of gay porn that I haven't already come into contact with. There used to be an abundance, but now it's like… I've already read it, you know? So I've decided that to make up for this, I'm going to make my own live-action gay porn, and… I want you to be in it."

Byakuya's eyes widened at these words. Nanao… wants him to be gay… W-wait… Byakuya and gay in the same sentence…? The man's mouth opened and closed like a fish trying to breathe, but nothing was coming out.

"I was going to intimidate you and force you to do it," Nanao started to explain, "but after seeing you look so lonely, I thought I would rather beg and plead you than coerce you."

Byakuya was still trying to come to terms with what was being said. However, despite the things he had seen and done in his long lifetime, nothing was as horrible as this.

Nanao raised an eyebrow and watched as the raven-haired man fell backwards off his chair, his white scarf the last thing she saw before he disappeared behind his desk.

"Oh, dear…" Nanao walked to the desk, peeking over it and finding Byakuya passed out on the ground, a look of terror on his face. "It seems my request was far too shocking for him…"


The Third division's Captain's office. Just the place Nanao wanted to be.

Nanao didn't bother with formalities this time and just barged her way into the office. What she saw was surprising. Ichimaru Gin and his lieutenant Kira Izuru were both seated on the couch, staring intently at what appeared to be a TV. On the screen was gay porn – but not just any gay porn; it was gay porn that Nanao had already watched and deemed unworthy to be seen again.

"What the hell are you doing watching this shit?!" Nanao shouted as she pulled out her book and whacked the silver-haired man on the back of the head. "This is poor-quality porn! And another thing! Why have you got Kira-fukutaicho here watching it with you?! You evil son-of-a-bitch! Corrupting this poor child's mind with the worst porn you can find! He deserves high-quality porn he can actually get off to!"

Gin and Izuru stared at each other in confusion. Just what the hell was going on? They yelped as Nanao hit them again with her heavy book. Hey; that thing was more deadly than anyone except Shunsui gave it credit for – but Shunsui was used to his daily slap across the head with it. Hell, sometimes he even got hit two dozen times in one day!

"Is this all you two do?!" Nanao continued on in a rage as she switched the TV off. "Watching porn?! You're as bad as Kyōraku-taicho – and that's saying something! Ichimaru-taicho, I can't believe you would watch this shit! Kira-fukutaicho, leave this room and never come back!"

Izuru didn't need to be told twice – he was gone before anyone could blink. This left just Nanao and Gin, the latter now being beaten by the woman's book as said woman yelled and screamed about acceptable porn and unacceptable porn and that she would have thought the Third Division Captain would have had better taste.

"It was Aizen-taicho's!" Gin cried as he ducked underneath his arms. It wasn't every day the self-proclaimed snake cowered in fear at anything, much less a woman bearing a book. He really needed to re-evaluate where he was going with his life… "I swear! He gave it ta me!"

"None of that matters now!" Nanao snapped as she grabbed a fistful of silver hair along with his precious ear and begun to drag the man towards the exit. Despite the rage that had been present, a large grin was now unnerving the third squad captain. "I don't even have to ask you!"

Gin swallowed a lump in his throat. This woman was up to something evil – even by his standards.


Gin blinked, for once opening his eyes as he was thrown unceremoniously on the floor of Nanao's office. He looked up, confused to find Byakuya sitting on the couch, reading calmly. The door slammed closed, leaving the Kuchiki and Ichimaru alone.

"What're ya readin'?" Gin asked as he got to his feet, confused more than he could ever remember being in his life. "And why are ya here?"

"Nanao gave it to me to study," Byakuya replied as he carefully turned the page of a manga that Gin couldn't see the cover of. "She said it will help me because I've never done this before."

"Huh?" Gin tilted his head in confusion. "What are ya on about?"

"I assume Ise-fukutaicho has chosen you as well." Byakuya's eyes didn't leave the page he was on.

Gin laughed in uneasiness as he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "Ya makin' it sound as if Ise-fukutaicho is plannin' an orgy or somethin'."

"She is." Byakuya remained as passive as ever as he spoke those words. "She didn't tell you?"

The colour drained from Gin's already pale face as he took everything in. An orgy… A gay orgy… With Byakuya… And God knows who else!

Byakuya raised his eyes to look at Gin as a loud thump sounded. He returned back to the picture he was looking at once he realised that the bang was just Gin collapsing to the ground in a dead faint.

"That was my reaction, too." Byakuya spoke as if nothing in the world was wrong before he ignored the man who was passed out just before him.


Nanao's grin could not have been any larger as she pushed open the door to her Captain's office and found Shunsui and Ukitake sitting at the desk together. She rubbed her hands together, her happy grin now resembling the grin of what could be considered belonging to a devil.

"This is perfect!" Nanao kicked the door shut behind her as she approached the Eighth and Thirteenth squad captains. "Kyōraku-taicho, you remember how I was complaining to you about the lack of porn?"

Shunsui chuckled as he nodded. "My dear Nanao-chan, how could I not?"

"Well…!" Nanao bounded up to the brunet and whispered something into his ear. Jūshirō watched in curiosity as a scheming smirk curled onto the super-deviant's face. When Nanao pulled back, she shot a glance at Ukitake. "So you'll help me?"

"Anything for my dear Nanao-chan." Shunsui said up and grabbed his best friend's hand. Jūshirō was rather confused as he was pulled along behind the elder. "Come, Juu-chan; you're going to go make yaoi for Nanao-chan."

"W-what?" Ukitake felt his heart drop at these words. "Make… yaoi…?"

"You do know what yaoi is, right?" Nanao asked as she followed behind the two Captains.

"I-I… I believe I've heard of it…" Jūshirō's eyes were wide with panic. When they stopped at Nanao's office seconds later, he was horrified to hear two familiar male voices coming from inside. Oh, dear god… Had Nanao already started the gay sex session without him…? "Shun, no! Don't do this to me! Shun!"

Shunsui laughed as he pushed the door open and then shoved the white-haired man inside. He closed the door and held it in place, laughing even harder as Ukitake yelled and screamed and pounded on the door for him to let him out.

"Relax, Juu!" Shunsui called as he winked at Nanao. "Just lie down and let it all happen! You make a great uke! Make good yaoi for Nanao-chan!"

Jūshirō knew it was no good; neither Eighth Division Squad Member was going to let him out. He turned to see just who he was supposed to be messing around with. That was when he felt as if he could die.

Kuchiki Byakuya; someone whom was capable of overpowering him in physical strength any day. There was no doubt about it that if this were to happen, Byakuya would be topping him.

And Ichimaru Gin... Ukitake had never really felt comfortable around the young Shinigami despite having always acted in a polite and respectful manner towards him.

Please, Ukitake thought as he curled up in the foetal position and rocked back and forth. He soon placed his thumb in his mouth, his eyes wide. Please, if there is a higher power out there, then please… Tuberculosis, I know you've always attacked me at the wrong places and at the wrong times, but now, there is no better time or place than right now. Kill me, Tuberculosis!

But, as Ukitake knew, his Tuberculosis only enjoyed attacking him when he was having the time of his life. There was no way he could get out of this one.